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In the poem “America” by Tony Hoagland, by using specific metaphors, similes, and diction he expresses how people are suffocating in their luxuries. On the same point When Hoagland writes “one of the students with blue hair and a tongue stud says America is a maximum security prison whose walls are made of radio shacks, and Burger Kings, and MTV episodes” he shows that even students are caught up with the tvs the money, and aren’t able to be free and do other things. In addition in the persona’s dream when he had killed his father “it was not blood but money that gushed out of him, bright green three hundred dollar bills”. The his father gasped “Thank god those Ben Franklin’s were clogging up my heart”. This shows how americans are corrupted by money trying to keep it in not letting it go. They are not able to keep true to theirs hearts as their bodies are filled with technologies in society. When marx (an economist) says” I was listening to the cries of the past when I should have been listening to the cries of the future” he means that instead of worrying about what went wrong back then try to fix the problems that are occuring now. Hoagland writes “When each day you watch rivers of bright merchandise run past you and your are floating in your pleasure boat upon this river…and yet it seems to be your own hand that turns the volume higher”. People while living are focused only on the screens and toys that surround them that they don’t notice the others that need help. They turn the volume higher in their headphones or their tv’s wishing to ignore the others drowning and struggling to keep up with society..