Injustices In Front Of Your Eyes English Literature Essay

Despite technological and cultural alterations, the human experience has non truly changed in 100s of old ages. In fact, it could be stated that the same jobs have been impacting human existences through the class of history. Issues such as societal unfairnesss, inequalities, treacheries, unfaithfulnesss, robberies, slayings, among others are still every bit contingent as they were so many old ages ago. Since distant times, even scriptural times treacheries, disloyalties, robberies and all sorts of hideous attitudes have been easy to happen within the societies. Such black behaviors have been present non merely in developed societies, but besides in autochthonal societies. It is rather common to inquire why that sort of issues are still present in our yearss if there are so many old ages which separate that world from current world. Equally good as those issues have been present in human existent lives, they have besides been present in literature. During this semester, I have read two chef-d’oeuvres of literature ; “ The Great Gatsby ” and “ Motorcycle Diaries ” , and I have compared both books in footings of the issues which surrounded the narratives. “ The Great Gatsby ” a North American novel which is a review of the American dream. “ Motorcycle Diaries ” a book that traces the early travels of radical Ernesto Che Guevara. Even though the two books deal with different issues, the two of them shared one common feature. There was a character in each book who witnessed jobs but, merely one of them decided to make something about those jobs. Bing clear about the ageless being of these sort of human attitudes, the inquiry that emerges is: When holding unfairnesss in forepart of your eyes, is it worth making something about it?

One of the books that I read was “ The Great Gatsby ” , a North American novel published in 1925, which was written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald and it is considered to be his greatest novel. This novel is chiefly based on the fallibility of the American dream in which Jay Gatsby, the chief character, ne’er halt the chase of his dream ; to be portion of the societal elite in order to win Daisy ‘s love. This novel is considered to be a masterpiece worldwide ; really it has became a basic of the canon of American literature. “ The Great Gatsby ” is still taught at many high schools and universities across the United States and the full universe. Even though this novel was written over 80 old ages ago, it continues to be popular due to the same ground many books and dramas written 100s of old ages ago are still popular. Great literature is truly about what it is like to be human. This book touches on subjects that are still in today ‘s headlines. Subjects such as honestness, decay, gender functions, force, category and faith are the chief topics of the novel.

Nick Carraway, the character who narrates the narrative is a immature adult male who comes from a comfortable household of Minnesota, he arrived to New York so as to work at that place and got involved with Jay Gatsby and the Buchanans, the household of his cousin Daisy composed of her hubby Tom Buchanan, her girl Pam Buchanan and Daisy herself. Even though Nick was honest and responsible, he shared some of the defects of the surroundings of his yearss. He strived at all times to be nonsubjective and to do appropriate remarks merely as he said in the beginning of the book

“ ” Whenever you feel like knocking any one, ” he told me, “ merely retrieve that all the people in this universe have n’t had the advantages that you ‘ve had. “ He did n’t state any more, but we ‘ve ever been remarkably communicative in a reserved manner, and I understood that he meant a great trade more than that. In effect, I ‘m inclined to reserve all judgements ( Fitzgerald 1925:9 ” .

Equally good as this of import character lived several escapades during the class of the narrative, he witnessed some relevant facts which were determiner in the development of the book. There were some fly-by-night things within Daisy and Tom ‘s relationship, Tom had an matter with Myrtle Wilson, a critical and juicy adult female who had a loveless relationship with his existent hubby. Even though they were non truly in love, Tom had no involvement in discontinuing his matrimony in order to get married Myrtle. But, Tom continued holding this matter with Myrtle anyhow. Apart from this disloyalty, Nick witnessed possibly the most of import unfairness who triggered the concluding of the narrative ; the scene when Gatsby was below the belt accused of Myrtle ‘s decease and besides he was murdered by Myrtle ‘s hubby George Wilson. But, there was something who characterised Nick ‘s personality, it was the fact that Nick ne’er did anything about the unfairnesss he had in forepart of his eyes. Nick was merely an apathetic perceiver alternatively of being an active perceiver which would hold done something to halt all those hideous state of affairss. He could hold carried out so many actions which could hold likely changed the class of the narrative of “ The Great Gatsby ” . For illustration, he could hold told his cousin that Tom was holding an matter with other adult female, and he could hold helped Jay Gatsby when he was below the belt accused of Myrtle ‘s decease, since he knew that Myrtle was run over by Gatsby ‘s auto ; but, it was Daisy who was driving the auto in that minute. In fact, Nick was the lone informant in this novel and at the same clip he was who did nil about the unfairnesss that he had in forepart of his eyes.

The other book that I read was “ Motorcycle Diaries ” a novel published for the really first clip in 1993 in its Spanish version so, its English version was published in 2003. This book was written by Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, but is has been edited and translated by other authors through the old ages. In fact, it was edited and translated by Alexandra Keeble in 2003, being this version the first published in English. Ernesto, besides known as “ Che Guevara ” was an upper-middle category pupil of medical specialty who enrolled in a journey through South America with his friend Alberto Granado on Granado ‘s bike called “ La Poderosa ” , a 500cc Norton. This escapade took topographic point during an drawn-out sabbatical from Ernesto ‘s medical surveies at the University of Buenos Aires between 1951 and 1952. This journey broadened Ernesto ‘s head and political point of view since he felt so hideous by all the troubles endured by the people he met along the manner. This book besides shows unfairnesss, societal issues which have affected human existences throughout the old ages. Che Guevara non merely lived tonss of escapades but besides witnessed tonss of unfairnesss experienced by local people during the journey. He could detect so closely how difficult was life for most of the people that he met along the manner, the predicament of the Chilean labor, the difficult world of the excavation workers that he met in Chuquicamata, how autochthonal people were dispossessed of their districts, the favoritism suffered by autochthonal people in Peru, the differences established among lazars in the Leper Colony of San Pablo.

The fact of witnessing all those societal unfairnesss were the get downing point for Ernesto to get down thought of making something to seek to work out all those jobs. In fact, Ernesto felt so touched holding such alarming world in forepart of his eyes. His beloved Latin America and his beloved people were disintegrating. This state of affairs could non go on being held any longer. He admitted that as a traveler he can merely see things at surface degree, nevertheless, he attempted to dig beneath the shininess of the topographic points that he visited. Ernesto realised what was truly go oning in his beloved continent, and even his medical calling was of small importance compared to the societal issues bing in his yearss. There was merely one twelvemonth left to complete his medical specialty surveies, he was approximately to graduate, but ; his beloved Latin America needed his aid. “ Che Guevara ” did understood that he has to assist his beloved Latin American people

“ The ladino conservator was really knowing with a breathtaking enthusiasm for the race whose blood flowed in his venas. He spoke to us of the splendid yesteryear and the present wretchedness, of the pressing demand to educate the Indians… . The semi-indigenous characteristics of the conservator, his eyes reflecting with enthusiasm and his religion in the hereafter, constituted one more hoarded wealth of the museum, but a life museum, cogent evidence of a race still contending for its individuality. ( Guevara:2003:78 ) ”

Actually, Guevara left Argentina as a male child on a lark and returned eight months subsequently as a adult male at the beginning of a mission. Ernesto demonstrated that finding an strong belief can be adequate to alter non merely one ‘ s head but besides others. He really changed his ain head, Ernesto felt that he was non the adult male he one time was. These are some of the contemplations of Ernesto

“ Rolling about our America has changed me more than I thought. I am non me any more. At least I ‘m non the same adult male I was ” , ” Me, I ‘m non the same me, at least non the same religious me ” . ( Guevara,2003:79 ) ” .

So, Ernesto Guevara unlike Nick Carraway did make up one’s mind to make something about the unfairnesss that he was witnessing at that clip. Disgusted whith what he saw during this journey he decided to fall in Cuban radical Fidel Castro. Actually, experiencing that he had some life to make before obtaining his medical grade Ernesto waged guerilla warfare and became Cuban Minister of Industry. He wanted the release of Cuba from a corrupt military absolutism and resist to United States intervention in Cuban political personal businesss. As clip went by, “ Che Guevara ” continued contending so as to carry through his ideals.

After reading such two interesting and of import books, I merely have to reason with what in my sentiment was the most of import and noticeable difference between both books ; the attitudes of two of import characters of the books and how different they are. On the one manus, Nick Carraway was a right but arbitrarily wrong adult male ; in fact, he was ever seeking to be every bit right as possible seeking to avoid knocking people. But if the facts of concealing hideous behaviors and what is worse non making anything about those state of affairss mean that a individual is right I do non believe that Nick was such a right adult male. A right adult male could hold done so many things in order to alter the class of the narrative of “ The Great Gatsby ” , things which were neither done nor even intended to make by Nick Carraway. On the other manus, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna besides known as “ Che Guevara ” was a earthy adult male in every sense ; really, since he realised how Latin American people was enduring all sorts of unfairnesss he woke up and decided to make something about it. If every individual individual have some human modules such as the capacity of being amazed as Ernesto did I think that Nick Carraway did non hold that capacity ; in fact, he was beyond astonishment. Not even the unjust accusal of slaying that Jay Gatsby had against him could alter Nick Carraway ‘s head. Personally, I can non stand attitudes like the 1s showed by Nick, I can non understand how a adult male can be so incognizant of what is go oning around himself. Even holding hideous attitudes in forepart of his eyes, Nick merely ignored them and continued with his life as if no bad things happened. On the contrary, Ernesto reacted in forepart of these issues and made a really good pick, possibly the best pick of his full life. He decided to assist all those enduring Latin American people, and this fact positioned Ernesto “ Che Guevara ” as one of the 20th century ‘s most abiding icons. That is the ground why I strongly believe that it is deserving making something about when such unjust state of affairss are in forepart of your eyes. There is nil more rewarding than giving a manus to person who needs it, this is no uncertainty one feature which make us more human ; specifying us as human existences decently.