It has been said that “Cowper’s life

It has been said that “Cowper’s life was tormented by a set of symptoms, habits, and fears which his poetry in many places reflects…we consider that Cowper turned to poetry for reasons intimately connected with the torment of his life at times became for him. ” (Feingold Para. ) William Cowper utilizes setting in his poem “The Poplar Field” to represent his reflections on the passage of time; we go on a journey with Cowper to visit the past, present, and future of the speaker and the journey is warped around different landmarks in speaker’s life and represented by the effects of aging, not only of the speaker, but on the poplar field as well. In lines 5-6, we walk with the speaker as he reminisces twelve years in the past, where he first had the opportunity to gather a glimpse of the poplar field.