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It is important for a business to set marketing objectives because managers can then have targets for their work. They can then measure more effectively the success or failure of their marketing strategies to achieve these objectives. In this article the author presents about the marketing strategy of P&G Company and also about the success story the company.
P&G is an international company that was formed in 1837. P&G company was first launched a Candles and Soap. William Procter had emerged from European nation in 1832 once his woollens search in London was destroyed by hearth and felony. The suggestion for the partnership apparently came from their mutual father- in- law. Alexander Benjamin Franklin Norris Jr., World Health Organization known that Gamble’s trade, soap creating, and Procter’s trade, candle creating, each needed use of caustic that was made up of animal material and wood ashes. P&G is one among the world’s leading suppliers of fast-paced client product. P;G may be a well acknowledged company all round the world that is satisfying its customers by proving fast-paced commodity.
P;G is public Ltd. and additionally listed on the stock exchange. P;G has operation nearly regarding eighty countries round the world and its market is almost three hundred brands in additional than one hundred sixty countries everywhere the globe. They deal all told varieties of merchandise from animal foodstuff to foods and detergents and alternative personal and client merchandise, to that it spreads its large information and resource. P;G invest tons of cash on the promotion for his product however the comeback isn’t enough from the merchandise and that they do not capture the big a part of the market. that the management of the P&G decides that they solely target their core brands and it all over the twentieth century with a strategic set up, later referred to as the “Path to Growth “that enclosed a spotlight on the highest brands inside core sectors and a stress on growth inside developing countries. P&G direct the cash it saved from trade promotion for marketing efforts that helped bring coupon and sample programs to targeted teams for brands with slender client bases like Pampers, Clearasil, and Oil of Olay. P&G launched a shampoo (Pantene Pro V) in 1992 in the United States, this product capture the huge market in the US.
In addition, In 1902 P&G to expand its business in the cleaning industry in the market, for this purpose P&G opened a new plant in 1904 in New York. After this P&G also introduce a beauty soap in 1920, company started to expand its product lines and also the market capacities. In 1946 it had made a synthetic detergent. The P&G business strategy also include the acquiring the small firms within the geographical areas, and in the mid 1950 P&G also acquired a Kentucky food company. The 1950 is highly profitable for the company because in this year company make a lot of acquiring small companies and also establish new business like detergent through which company earn a huge profit and also entered in the cosmetics business. They opened different market throughout the European market. (November 2013).
Lastly, P&G knows that when operating globally the company needs to market its products and this means to you have to have a clear understanding of the market of people that will be using the product. This means understanding the people and their different cultures. International companies understand that success is not just creating an appealing marketing campaign. To be successful companies have to plan extensively and have a good understanding of the global market. To market a product intentionally companies must examine and plan for the environmental factors and influence how effective their global marketing efforts are.
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