It role profile outlines what I need

It has been a challenge to balance all the areas of my life since I become an online student. Each day, I struggle to balance my full-time job, my personal life, and my schoolwork. I work as an examining officer in the customs department with Zambia revenue authority. Monday through Friday, I leave home at 05:30 and drive to work place 10km away from my home, it about fifteen minutes’ drive from home to my work place. The nature of my job is complex. I role profile outlines what I need to do before the close of the business every day. I collect revenue on behalf of the authority, conduct clearance of passenger’s baggage, export of goods permits, traveller’s motor vehicles ensuring that customs procedures and regulations are followed and correct revenues is collected. Apart from been a public figure, I also focused on other administrative duties, such as to assist in supervising of the passenger terminal, so that operation conducted are according to rule and procedures, no loiters in the operational areas, no official transaction with third parties unless authorized and approved by the supervisor, preparing sectional reports, managing of motor vehicle carries and abnormal loads imports trucks. All these responsibilities, my work day is haziness, and I often have time for lunch it is 10:00pm and begin my commute home. Even though my workday responsibilities seen to be done, my other responsibilities awaits me home which make me feel as if am still at work. I am married with three kids one son and two daughters, Crony,Miracle,and Destiny, my kids need my attention as well spend time with them, monitor them, dispensing advices to my wife, helping my kids with their school home works, and occasionally providing a shoulder to cry on. We have three dogs ,Bruno,Rannol and April. Everyday day I have to clean in their house to make sure that it is clean at all times. After dinner, it is my responsibility to prepare food for the dogs open for them in order for them to have their food. As if this not enough, I am responsible for looking after my brothers, sisters,father,mother and father ,since I am the first born in the family of seven, my brother Kingsley he is still at school doing his first year in health and safety management. Second sister she is also studying and I am responsible for their tuition fees. I pay house bills and help to support my parents and other siblings. I am also a student who is looking forward to make sure that I complete my course for the end of this year.