It´s carefully and maintain the calm and

It´s important that we adapt our communication in all the contexts that we are in. In a formal meeting we should have a formal vocabulary and try to dress properly, but when you are treathing with kids or young people you should use simple words, trying to act more childish and creative to gain their attencion and trust, or being in a religios context you have to dress decently and not to use swearwords.

In proffessional communication we should not use inappropriate jokes, but listening carefully and maintain the calm and the respect at all time.

We also have to be carefully with the cultural contexts in our communication because depending on where we come from, we could misunderstand people actions or behaviors. For instance, in muslim cultures a women can not be seen without the scarf on her head in front of a man, because that would tagget her as an unrespectful women, or the way you dress in differents cultures could make people accepting you or not.