It’s tribe. Don’t be afraid to blunder.

It’s the message. Dream. Live. Find your tribe. Don’t be afraid to blunder. Rise up. Fall in love. Show the world who you are.
• It celebrates outcasts-At some point everyone feels like an outsider. A tribute to humanity. Every song is sing able and every song has a positive message. Add to that the element that many of the characters are outcasts and freaks of their day. This is a film for this moment in time where issues of equality are no longer discussed on the fringes but are being confronted head-on.
• It Offers an Escape-this movie was the release I needed to rid my mind of the social and political garbage our country is stewing in. They are angry, sad, frustrated and feeling helpless when they watch the news. “The Greatest Showman” is 105 minutes of pure heart stopping, toe tapping entertainment. It allows us to escape.
• Everyone Can Enjoy the Music-the songs are golden.
• You Experience a Range of Emotions- you can almost relate to the feelings of all the characters. Each act, scene moment is so beautifully done. From the costumes used, to the words said, the props at the back. And since each character has a different story to tell, throughout the story it plays with ur emotions. Its not a stereo typical where the start is sad then it gets worse and then a happily evef after. It has high points and low points throughout. There are scenes which are meant to be happy but still some charcters feel differently.
• This movie has suvh a strong message- for everyone to be treate like an equal. We are all different. That’s what makes us unique. What wd the world be if everyone was the same. Yes ther will be some people who one hasn’t come across. But that doesn’t mean we shut them out. All these strong messages are so beautifully woven into an entertaining musical. Even though this message is not explicit, it is always at the back of ur mind.
• drama, social commentary about classism, racism, and prejudice, as well as themes of love, pursuance of happiness and passion over financial success, and infidelity;