Kangar, the past 10 years. Even though

Kangar, is where I have lived for the past 10 years. Even though I do not originate from here, it is like my second village. Being a lover of this city, like everyone else, I also have big dreams for this city.

Kangar, now is popularly known as an after-retirement city mainly because of its greenery and undeveloped rural areas. In another 30 years, I would love to see Kangar as the same harmonious and peaceful city but added with the latest technology and facilities for the citizens here as a Smart City.

Firstly, What is a Smart City?
Definition can vary, but the term smart city generally refers to the combination of urban innovation, human networks, and the environment. The smart city concept recognizes the value of collaboration across various groups, such as academia, business, city government and citizen. Smart cities are green cities. Smart cities should achieve smart, sustainable economic growth while minimizing their impact on the environment. When these networks work well, they enable reduced energy consumption, optimal use of space and improved quality of life.

Realization of smart cities concept should be absorbed into the minds of Kangar citizens. In practice, there are many initiatives that leads to smarter cities. They can involve construction, building management, urban planning, mass transportation and city administration and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Renewable energies from wind, solar and thermal resources play a key role, because, among other things, public health depends on healthy environment. Renewable energies support reduced fuel consumption and cleaner air, but cities will also have to learn to use energy more efficiently to really go green.

Furthermore, Smart Technology can also improve city living at the personal level. E-Governance programs offer a direct link between citizens and public administrators. Smartphone apps may address public health, help people improve their energy efficiently or just provide ride sharing opportunities.

Simply put, smart cities make the most efficient use of the space and resource to provide an attractive and clean place to live. I wish Kangar becomes a smarter city for the enhancement of its people’s lives.