Land half of America is in the

Land of the free, and home of the brave, taken directly from the United States National Anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner remains to this day to be one of the most powerful anthems to date. However, how exactly free was the land? Or, how was America the home of the brave? The story of Carlos Bulosan and his escape from the poverty, hatred, and inequality of the Philippines in the search for a better life, presents the deceitful foundation that people mistake America to be in the early twentieth century. In Bulosan’s case, he willingly left his motherland behind with rumors he had heard about the opportunities and equality commonly found in America. However, once arrived and settled in America, Bulosan is greeted by a similar kind of hatred, exploitation, and prejudice that he and his family were confronted with back at home.
Problems for the Filipino natives started to rise during which the United States annexed Philippines in 1913 , the year in which Bulosan was born. The first half of America is in the Heart, depicts the na├»ve yet optimistic Bulosan, who constantly works with his father and assists his mother to provide enough money to aid his family. From selling boggoong and salt, to accompanying his mother in selling beans to the town of Puzzorobio, even if it meant earning ten cents for a days’ worth of pay.