Leaders I Have Choose Are Paikea Apirana English Literature Essay

LEADERSHIP STYLE. Pais gramps is an bossy leader he wants everything to be his manner or no manner. Leaderships like this are really pushful and dont like to take sentiment from others.

Koro had an absolute autocratic be in charge of over all the people around him.

Pai was a servant leader. The phrase servant leader describes a individual or leader who is non officially acknowledged. As you can see Pai she was n’t recognized as a leader. Reason been she was a immature miss and her gramps did n’t believe that a female can be a leader. Pai besides showed trait leader ship which is clear to as included forms of personal features that reveal a scope of personality differences and cultivate dependable leader efficiency transversally a assortment of crowd and organizational state of affairss ( zaccaro, kemp and bader’2004 ) she is an illustration of how a individual can be made a leader.

Effectiveness of a leader

Koro is a immensely effectual leader ; he is followed and listened to he knows his people and he has a improbably extended informations of his people and their civilization which is really of import to the Maori milieus of the film. The one ruin that Koro had was he was a highly stiff individual as a consequence at times he makes determinations that are ruled by this rigidness and refusal to alter instead than what is good for everyone.

On the other manus Paikea was a tough willed miss who was born a leader but her gramps could non see that rite from the start. Pai possesses a natural leading ability and brave spirit that draws her to the rhenium strengthening of her hesitation folk. She is besides rather an effectual individual that all the small town people are willing to listen to when she speaks.

Type of power

Pai ‘s koro, Apirana, or instead the old Paka as his married woman Nanny Flowers calls him, the head of the folk, Paka was really disquieted that his grandson did non do it. And being left with a “ valueless ” female. Although he does subsequently on form an affectionate he attachment with his granddaughter, he carried on the bike to school although he still resents her for several of the trouble that the folk is confronting.there came a point at one time were Pai took the determination to go forth with her male parent for the ground that her gramps was maltreating her. Some what she ca n’t happen it in her bosom to go forth and while the auto was traveling asks her pa to halt the auto and return back to the small town. Pai ‘s pa refuses to assume customary leading ; in its topographic point he moves to Germany to prosecute a calling as an creative person. Pai herself is attracted into making leading, larning traditional vocals and dances, nevertheless is given really small back-up by her gramps. Pai feels there is a opportunity of her going the following leader ; therefore there is no function theoretical account for a adult female to go a leader. But Pai is determined to win in going one.

Koro decides to construction a cultural school for the community boys, in the hope of happening the right leader. He teaches the boys how to utilize the taiaha ( contending stick ) . In the Maori civilization the taiaha is merely to be used by the male. One twenty-four hours while siting in the canoe nanny Tells Pai that her younger boy who is uncle Rawari, had won a taiaha tourney in his formative old ages while he was still slender, Pai in secret goes and asks her uncle to learn her how to utilize the taiaha.Pai besides in secret tickers and learns how her gramps gives lessons to the pupils. One of the pupils, who is sympathetic towards Pai is Hemi. , Koro finds out that he has been learning Pai how to contend and loses the conflict with her he becomes ferocious at them. Koro ‘s relationship with Pai deters rates farther when he realises that none of the pupils are non good plenty to go the following leader..Koro threw the necklace that he wore with the whale tooth on into the H2O with the hope that one of his pupils will recover it and convey it but to him would be worthy of going the hereafter.

Pai, attempt to repair the rift between her gramps and herself she invites Koro to be her invitee of honor at a concert that is held by the school which is all about the Maori chants. No 1 was cognizant that she had won the school address competition with a touching dedication to Koro and the imposts of the small town. Koro was late, for the competition and Pai was really disquieted but she cried and poured her bosom out with the love she has for him. As Koro was on his manner to the school he notices that there was a group of giants that washed up on to the surface of the ocean near Pai ‘s place. The whole small town efforts to carry and drag them back into the H2O, but all difficult work prove unsuccessful ; they even use a tractor to hale the giants back but it was non a success.Koro gets even more hard-pressed of his failure and despairs more. He bands Pai from traveling any were near the largest whale ground been “ she has done adequate harm ” with her given, T he largest giant traditionally belongs to the legendary Paikea. When Koro walks off, she climbs onto the dorsum of the largest giant and wheedle it to re-enter the ocean. The whale returns his place into the ocean and all the other giants follow Paikea about drowns in the procedure but the ascendants were watching over her and she survived. When nanny flowers turn about and look for Pai and does non happen her she starts shouting where is my mocko and the she sees Pai on the dorsum of the giant, Its so that Nanny Flowers takes out the necklace of the whale tooth and shows it to Koro. He so asks who the male child that brought back the tooth is and she tells him that it was Pai. He so realized that she was one chosen one to the leader When Pai is found and brought to the infirmary ; Koro declares her the leader and asks her forgiveness. When Pai recovers her gramps holds a ceremonial with the villagers and her household doing her the leader there was Maori chants and dancing to observe her leading and the waka was hauled into the sea. Everyone took portion in the jubilations including Pai ; s male parent, uncle new ma to be and the remainder of the villagers.

Type of administration degree of senior status and its effects

This leading fortunes in the whale rider is a portion of the Ngati konohi ‘residents of the little New Zealand fishing small town of Whangara.a ngati is a Maori folk and ngati porou is a Maori iwi traditionally located in the East ness and Gisborne of the north island of new Zealand ‘paikea the whale rider ‘is said to be an ascendant of the people.

Pai ; s strict gramps Koro is the small town head the latest in a ancestral line that stretches back to paikea the tribes primogenitor ; who legend has it arrived on the island centuries earlier siting on a giant.

As the head Koro has the ultimate degree of senior status in the colony and since he is the individual responsible for his traditional folk he believes in the ancestral line that stretches back to paikea the folks primogenitor who legend has it arrived on the island centuries earlier siting on a giant.

As a main Koro has the ultimate degree of senior status in the colony and since he is the individual responsible for his traditional folk, he believes in the ancestral line in the chiefdom i.e. his belief that Pai can ne’er go a leader and /or the much anticipated whale rider.

Transactional leading can still be found in Maori leading in this movie because it was in Koros involvement to solidify his leading place in his tribal society by keeping their chiefly /Tohunga power entwined with leading cognition an trust ( zand,1997 ) .He needed to be bossy and transactional since he had a deceasing tradition and small town to believe of.

Pai is at the start nowhere in the hierarchy of the folk. She is seen as the indicant of bad luck by her gramps who believed that his grandson should hold survived but Pai does n’t allow this deficiency of senior status or existent power get in the manner. She is out spoken and what she believes in ‘she goes after it giving it her best.

The grade of leading success for Pai as a Maori was to present leading to her people and establish it on traditional rules ( whale equitation ; larning the taiaha ; linguistic communication etc ) while pull offing the new ( Mead ; 2006, p.14 ) .

Individual civilization and its effects

As noted above civilization and tradition played a cardinal function in the leading manners and lives of both our characters.Koro and Pais lives are full of their civilization ( Maori ) and tradition ( whale siting ‘taiaha, intoning, linguistic communication ) Their civilization is what moulds each of them to be the individual and the leader that they are discussed above

Other leading constructs

This film has illustrated the trait theory to a big extent as it is basically the narrative of the whale rider ; Paikea who was born to be a leader and displayed many leading traits in her that would enable her to be a great head if merely her gramps did non keep so firm to the ancestral line of sequence of the old yearss. Some traits that Pai displayed were continuity ( towards Koro ) , regard ( towards tradition ) , and the ability to do welcome alteration ( siting the giant ) .Koro Paikea, s grandfather leader of the folk ) did non believe that paikea could be a leader because she was a female. Despite Koro ‘s incredulity and rejection of Paikea

She proved to him that she was capable of being a leader and much more ( demonstrated when Paikea brought Koro back the giant tooth and the spiny lobster ) although Koro may ot hold straight seen it, Paikea had all the accomplishments and possible she needed to be a leader.

As discussed antecedently Koro was an bossy leader at most times which places him in the ( 1.9 ) place on Blake and Moutons leading grid ; he had 9/9 concern for the undertaking at manus but because his civilization and tradition were in danger of being wiped out, his concern for people was a 1/9.

In the terminal koro accepts that Pai is the leader that everyone had been waiting for.he addresses her as ( Wise leader ) there was a jubilation in the small town with all the villagers and Pais household and the canoe was hauled into the ocean with traditional melodies and singing. Bottom of Form