Madame Bovary And House Of Spirits English Literature Essay

The House of Sprits by Isabel Allende, is set in Tres Marias and the capital of Latin American state that goes nameless while Gustave Flaubert ‘s Madame Bovary was set in France during mid-1800s. In both The House of Spirits and Madame Bovary, work forces see adult females chiefly as sex objects and repress them to their mental, physical and sexual domination. Both novels are set in a clip where the rights of adult females were highly limited, if existent at all, as they were merely seen as waiters of work forces, as girls and married womans.

In the House of Sprits, Esteban Trueba evidently sees adult females as sex objects as he subjects adult females to sexual domination and ferociousness.

“ He attacked her viciously, thrusting himself into her without preamble, with unneeded ferociousness ” ( 57 )

Shows the deficiency of a scruples

Its accepted in society because he did it without worrying about its morality

“ Unnecessary ferociousness ” suggest adult male ‘s mentality on adult females as if they were nonhuman and could be treated like animate beings

Besides seems that he is unleashing his defeats and choler towards adult females onto this adult female


“ Before her, her female parent — and before herm her grandma — had suffered the same carnal destiny ” ( 57 )

All work forces at that clip saw adult females as strictly sex objects

Rape was platitude

3 coevalss in a row of asshole kids

“ His wonts of colza and whoring ( were ) really profoundly ingrained ” ( 96 )

Esteban Trueba- His upbringing would hold led him to believe the manner he does


“ He liked her because she was non dainty about new thoughts and the ferociousness of love ” ( 69 )


In the House of Spirits, work forces besides enforce their dominancy through physical ferociousness.

After girl had been out all dark ; “ Esteban Trueba was unable to keep his evil character and he charged her with his Equus caballus, whip in the air, crushing her pitilessly, lash upon cilium, until the miss fell level and stiff to the land ” ( 199 )

Shows how Esteban is unable to keep himself

Maltreatment of even his girl is even accepted by household

Even his closest household, if adult females, are capable to his physical maltreatment


“ he lost control and struck her in the face, strike harding her against the wall. Clara fell to the floor without a sound. Esteban seemed to rouse from a enchantment ” ( 200 )

Work forces take out their defeat in adult females

He sees Claras rebelliousness of his beliefs of adult females existences subservient to adult females causes him to crush his love in a fury in order to restore the order and to implement his domination

Reestablished adult male ‘s domination of adult females


“ Ferocious fingers fastened themselves to her chests, oppressing her mammillas. She was wholly overcome by fearaˆ¦ and kept reiterating a monumental no while they beat her, manhandled her, pulled off her blouseaˆ¦ ” ( 407 )

The boy of one of the Estaban Trueba ‘s colza victims, Esteban Garcia, ends up in charge of Esteban Trueba ‘s his girl in the terminal of the book as an ground forces general. He ends up ravishing and ruling Esteban Trueba ‘s girl with utmost viciously.

It is the circle of ferociousness towards adult females


“ If I could see you, at least I have gazed long on all that surrounds you.

At dark, every dark, I arose ; I came here ; I watched your houseaˆ¦Ah! You

ne’er knew that at that place, so near you, so far from you a hapless wretchaˆ¦ ”

She turned toward him with a shortness of breath.

“ Oh, you are sort! ” she said.

“ No, I love you, that is allaˆ¦

But I can non populate without you! I need your eyes, your voice, your idea!

Be my friend, my sister, my angel! ( Madame Bovary 112-115 )


In Flaubert ‘s Madame Bovary, Emma Bovary is subjected to profound mental, physical and sexual domination in the signifier of her relationship with Rodolphe.

Rodolphe, being rich and a man-about-town, gives him the particular traits that makes him a successful seducer for Emma

First, he is a rich unmarried man, holding “ an income of at least 15 francs a twelvemonth ” ( 91 )

As he is a man-about-town and has much of what a adult female looks for in a adult male, he knows which buttons to force seduce adult females

Because of these Sweets words and her present state of affairs of weakness


“ I am your retainer and your kept woman. You ‘re my male monarch, my graven image. You are god. You are fine-looking. You are intelligent. You are strong ”


Rodolphe has he at his will

Rodolphe is replacing Leon

He is wholly dominant over her

She is dominated by him now in all facets: mental, physical, and sexual

Emma sees Rodolphe as a tryant like character

Controls the game of love and is playing Emma like a pawn

Emma is seeking his regard and want to be all his

Emma seems to be seeking Rodolphe ‘s verification of her feminity through him

He has played her so that she about seems to bask being his subsidiary in their relationship


Emma: ” we would travel and populate elsewhereaˆ¦anywhere ” ( 134 ) Rodolphe so replies to Emma request, “ Are you out of your head? ”

Rodolphe shows that he merely wants to command her and dominated her but does non desire to perpetrate himself to her as he pretends to desire

Rodolphe forces Emma into a province of anxiousness which allows him to dominated her

Rodolphe employs world and moral rule in order to floor Emma off one time she gets excessively close

Rodolphe sees the love as an episode so when he is non attracted to the adult female or is bored he merely deserts her





For work forces love is merely an episode but for adult females in both, Madame Bovary and the House of Spirits love for a adult male is the rule and cardinal focal point of their lives because they do are restricted in a male dominated society to hold alternate aspirations. Therefore, in order to obtain and have love from a adult male, a adult female must give herself wholly to a adult male and do any forfeits for his felicity. This is how adult females are of course subjected to male domination ; mental, physical and sexual.