Making Arguments About Literature English Literature Essay

This subdivision of the book “ A good adult male is difficult to happen ” represents one of the narratives that one will ever take to read. It is one of singular narratives that will invariably preoccupy 1s mind after reading it. It is concentrating and really humourous and leaves the reader with a flashback of every episode in the narrative. Throughout the book it is based on originative authorship or what we can see as fiction in better footings to convey the point place. Therefore the author is portrayed as a lover of fiction besides as an discoverer who aligns episodes in the narrative to go existent. As a consequence this ensnares the reader and becomes fixed to the point of being under suspense what is following. Therefore the undermentioned treatment effort to explicate or reason why one can mention this book to another reader and brings out the fiction of the narrative.

The grandma or female parent of Bailey is our chief character in this subdivision, she is portrayed as critic and she observes all all right inside informations that occur throughout the narrative. She is manipulated by the author to picture a batch of creativity and wit for case, “ She wheeled about so and faced the kids ‘s female parent, a immature adult female in slacks, whose face was as wide and guiltless as a chou and was tied around with a green hankie that had two points at the top like coneies ears. ” In this subdivision the author uses simile to enrich her narrative and construct up fiction, she compares the adult female ‘s artlessness and wideness with a chou. This is really humourous and amusing it leaves the reader with imaginativeness how the adult female looked like in add-on, she says that the adult female wore slacks, the two points of the hankie on her caput appeared like ears of coney. This is really amusive and appears really amusing how this adult female is described by the author the reader clearly builds up the image of this adult female in the head. In add-on the author uses metaphorical linguistic communication “ like coneies ear ” , this enriches the linguistic communication and describes the amusing effects perceptibly ( O’Brien 1 ) .

“ The following forenoon the grandma was the first 1 in the auto, ready to travel. She had her large black valise that looked like the caput of a river horse in one corneraˆ¦ . “ The author in this instance depicts the character of grandma as unpredictable ; being the chief character once more we observe how the author uses her to show fiction by pull stringsing her. Earlier in the narrative we observed how she had criticized the visit to Florida, she even wanted to convert Bailey, his boy to set off the visit. She says “ I would non take my kids in any way with a condemnable like that aloose in it. ” However, the grandma alterations allover and we understand that she was the first one to come in the auto. This farther expresses amusing effects bearing in head the manner she had condemned the trip. In add-on we can conceive of how she appeared “ like the caput of a river horse ” ; the author farther uses metaphorical linguistic communication to bring forth amusing effects. This is emphasized farther when we learn that she had brought her basket along with Pitty Sing, which is her cat. She argues that she could non go forth the cat for three yearss because he will lose her. This is humourous when we imagine it ; it stresses originative authorship as applied by the writer ( O’Brien 1 ) .

On another case, as the journey progresses, the grandma narrates a narrative to the childs and Tells of a adult male from Georgia who had courted her whose name was Mr. Edgar Atkins Teagarden. She proceeds to state how he bought her Citrullus vulgaris each Saturday afternoon bearing his initials inscribed in it E.A.T.She adds, one specific Saturday, as usual he brought the Citrullus vulgaris unluckily there was cipher in the house therefore he left it in the frontage of the house and left. Unfortunately when she returned she did non happen the Citrullus vulgaris, a nigga male child had passed by and saw the initials E.A.T therefore the male child ate the Citrullus vulgaris. This narrative depicts the manner the author uses creativeness to entrap the head of the reader and this makes the narrative singular and interesting. The author brings out wit as the grandma narrates this narrative to the kids. The whole thought of the narrative symbolic and describes nonliteral authorship, the writer uses the name “ Mr. Edgar Atkins Teagarden ” symbolically to convey out its significance that is EAT. This enriches the linguistic communication and enhances the flow of the narrative which makes really exciting and traveling. This is one of the ground that makes this book a must read narrative for everyone due to its appealing nature ( O’Brien 3 ) .

“ His khaki pants reached merely to his hip castanetss and his tummy hung over them like a poke of repast rocking under his shirt. ” The author describes Red Sam in an outstanding mode, the reader can non keep on but giggle because of the words used to show this adult male. One can visualise this image of a immense adult male with hanging belly and the manner his pant fitted him throughout the hip castanetss. In add-on, he besides uses metaphorical linguistic communication to show and besides overstate how his tummy was hanging out. The author besides uses this phrase symbolically that is “ poke of repast ” she wanted to show the copiousness or handiness of nutrient in this Tower, everyone who entered this topographic point could no longer experience hungriness. She exaggerates the visual aspect of this adult male to picture satisfaction in footings of nutrient and plentifulness of assorted dishes in the Tower ( O’Brien 4 ) .

As they proceed with the journey, the grandma tells a narrative of a house with secret panel where she had visited when she was a immature lady. She triggers this thought to the kids who so go a nuisance to the male parent that they want to see the house. Finally, the male parent agrees to drive them ; nevertheless the route was so unsmooth and appeared like no 1 had trespassed through that path. To fulfill the kids ‘s desire the male parent drives farther through the soiled route merely hankering to make the house. The author creates suspense to the reader to cognize more on their escapade in hunt of a house with a secret panel. Unfortunately they have an accident, the author uses sarcasm to show how the kids behaved. “ We ‘ve had an Accident! The kids screamed in a craze delectation. ” It is really ironical that the kids screamed in delectation after holding an accident. As we learn subsequently, the grandma realizes that the house was non in Georgia but in Tennessee nevertheless she decided non to state anyone. The author uses irony through this incident to make suspense. It is really ironical after driving such a soiled route, which was so unsmooth, in add-on holding an accident, and so the grandma notices the house was in Tennessee. The author enhances the flow of this narrative by making such suspense and besides utilizing ironical state of affairss to do the narrative interesting. In add-on the writer supports fiction as portion of the subject throughout the narrative ( O’Brien 7 ) .

As they are in the procedure of retrieving from the daze, we learn that the grandma notices another vehicle from a distance. It ne’er occurred in their head about the misfit they had read in the documents could be so close to them. They all sit down in a trench seeking to retrieve and every one was agitating in hurting and fright. Their female parent merely thought the auto could come along and deliver them. Steadily the auto attacks and comes to a arrest merely following to them. The world unravels as we notice subsequently here was the misfit. As this calamity unravels, we observe how the author accurately makes the narrative appear existent. The whole narrative is portrayed as ironical ; at the beginning we learn how the grandma had condemned the trip. She says, “ I would n’t take my kids in any way with a condemnable like that aloose in it. I could n’t reply to my scruples if I did. ” However at the terminal we find they faced the misfit who at the terminal mistreated Bailey and the male child. ( O’Brien 12 ) This book therefore remains to be one of the outstanding books that the writer expresses fiction really clearly.

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