Malcolm X Attitude In Prison English Literature Essay

The Ten in Malcolms name base for his last name. Little is his last name. However, it comes from a white adult male. This is because when slaves were sent to America the last name of the American proprietor became the last name of the slave. Malcolm learnt from Brother Baines that he should non digest this so he merely put it as ‘X ‘ because ‘X ‘ in math is anything.

Malcolm was born May 19th 1925 in Omaha. His ma ‘s name is Louise Norton Little and his pa ‘s name is Earl Little.

As a small kid Malcolm really different from how he was as an grownup. He was a stealer. He went around to sugarcoat stores and stole confect and stole nutrient to last. He was besides a really alone kid and all the white kids saw him as being unseeable and in 1941 his male parent was officially because he committed suicide but Malcolm ‘s ma thinks it was a slaying. His ma was besides mentally badly. He was subsequently adopted by a white household.

Subsequently in his life, Malcolm goes to prison for armed robbery and larceny. He was sentenced to 8-10 old ages but merely served 6 ? . When he arrives to the prison he refuses to state his figure to the guards so he gets put in lone parturiency ( a dark room ) .

Malcolm ‘s attitude in prison was n’t really polite. He was chesty and so he ended up in lone parturiency. In the room he refused to eat and imbibe. When he was let out of the room he was confused and much politer. He now told the guard his figure.

In prison he meets Brother Baines. He meets him in the showers as he was repairing his hair and Baines gives him some Myristica fragrans. He besides tells him that he should halt utilizing chemicals in his hair to do him look whiter. Baines tells him that he should be proud for being white. After a batch of clip with Brother Baines he learns that Islam was a great faith and after he was released from prison he becomes a Muslim.

After going a Muslim and larning Elijah ‘s instructions he notices that black people should non populate together with white people because of all the bad things white people have done to black people. He thinks they should be every bit treated but they should populate individually.

After the pilgrim’s journey to Mecca he has learned so much. He saw a black and white people imbibing from the same glass and eating from the same nutrient. They walked together for stat mis and did n’t get down contending. Malcolm has now changed his sentiment of that black and white people should populate individually and now he thinks that they should populate together.

In the movie Malcolm explains that Christianity is incorrect. He says that Christianity is ‘The white adult male ‘s faith ‘ and that the faith of Islam is ‘The white adult male ‘s faith ‘ . He inquiries the instructor about how they know that Jesus was white and non black. Malcolm explains that they can non cognize for certain.

These faiths are really rather similar. They both have a individual that all people in the faith believe in. Islam has The Prophet Muhammad and Christianity has Jesus. These are really powerful symbols that mean a batch to Muslims and Christians. They besides think that there is merely one God. There are some differences excessively. One is that both faiths think otherwise about Jesus and The Prophet Muhammad. This is because they do non hold on that there are 3 figures that represent God or Allah.

I agree with this a small spot because no 1 knows if Jesus was white. His point of position is besides non merely explicating if Jesus was white or non but besides that black people had less importance and everything powerful in the universe was white. An illustration is God. He besides looks up black in the lexicon and he merely finds negative words but when he looks up white he merely finds positive words.

I do n’t hold with this because he besides says that Islam is the lone manner to believe in a faith but there are many others such as Christianity.

Malcolm X has made many addresss about the faith of Islam and because of this many people follow him. He merely talks about these topics because he genuinely believes in them and he risks his life to state people about Islam and how inkinesss should be proud to be inkinesss. He is really of import to the people who followed him. These people were largely inkinesss but besides white. They lived in wretchedness. They hated all the bad things that were go oning and so they listened to Malcolm and heard that Islam was the right manner to travel to populate a better and more peaceable life.

Some people believe that he is non a good function theoretical account because he thought that you are allowed to utilize force if you need it. He says that you should be allowed to protect yourself. Some people that do non like Malcolm and believe that he was an extremist for advancing force to work out jobs in the universe. This is why a batch of people think that Martin Luther King is a much better function theoretical account. Mr King thinks force is ne’er the reply and ne’er used force in his Marches. Malcolm was besides an proprietor of an automatic arm which he used in his house. A image was taken when he was keeping it in forepart of his window.

The type of people that would hold these sentiments would be people who follow Martin Luther King. This is because of what I said before which is that Martin Luther King did n’t utilize force but Malcolm threatened to.

Malcolm helped alter society in the U.S.A. by adverting how African-Americans were treated. He did this by allowing white people know, from his addresss, that inkinesss were being treated really severely. They were non acquiring good nutrient and they got really small money for working for the white. Malcolm let the white people know that they were non detecting what was go oning. I personally think that it was like a school. If the male childs want to hold 30 infinitesimal interruption and the misss merely get 20 proceedingss. The boys think it is great but the misss think that it is non all right. However, the male childs still acquire 30 proceedingss of interruption because they have more power in the category. This is like democracy at that clip. The white had more power than the black so they could command what was go oning. Democracy is when every individual gets to vote for what they want.

My personal sentiments on Malcolm are rather good. This is because he tried to do so that every individual whether they were black or white, be treated every bit and he really made a alteration. I do n’t wish him because he was ready to utilize force. He should merely utilize for ego defence and non to acquire your sentiment across. This is non good since you should non travel around killing people because of what other people have done to you. In some protests force has led to guiltless bystanders being killed by angry protestors. This is really bad and it can non go on because it truly does n’t assist.

My sentiments on the movie are all right. However, it seems like it is a small prejudice. I think this because it shows that Malcolm was a really good individual that was truly great and ne’er did the incorrect thing. He did do errors and he was n’t ever a nice cat. They need to demo a little more world. However, I learnt a batch from watching this movie and it was an accurate beginning of information to a certain point. This point is when the movie starts to explicate why Malcolm was such a good adult male and why he was so of import.