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The film was about the battles of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, to uncover the absolute truth behind the administration of Spaniards in the Philippines. Dr. Jose Rizal is likely an educated adult male ; he is non merely a author, but besides a physician, a sawbones, a painter, a sculpturer and many more professions. Indeed, our national hero is gifted with endowments and cognition. Aside from this, Dr. Jose Rizal is a great traveller, for he had travelled many topographic points around the universe largely Asia and Europe. And from these geographic expeditions, this is why likely he can talk more than 20 linguistic communications.

It all began when Dr. Jose Rizal revealed the truth through his Hagiographas. The Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo are the cardinal ways through which it had revealed the existent scenario behind the colonial regulation of authorities and church of Spain in the Philippines. In his novels, it had showed that the accusals of Spain to the Philippines are merely false accusals ; alternatively it had showed the existent state of affairs of Filipinos. And because of these novels, Filipinos feeling of choler was strengthened and they even wanted a revolution for them to hold their ain freedom. And because the novel was written by Dr. Jose Rizal, he was accused to be the caput of rebellion. Even his brother Paciano was arrested and acquire him endure and for him to acknowledge that Dr. Jose Rizal is portion of the rebellion motion.

November 1896, Dr. Jose Rizal was arrested and was brought to Fort Santiago, where at that place they forced him to acknowledge that he is a member of the rebellion. During his stay at that place, he remembered when his brother Paciano told him the priests GOMBURZA was executed. He besides reminisced when his female parent Teodora Alonzo was arrested for the accusal that she has poisoned her “ hipag ” . There he besides remembered many more things, some of which are: the narrative of the moth which was told by her Mother, when he left for Binan to analyze, his life in Ateneo Municipal. Just like any other captive, he was given the opportunity to take his ain attorney to support him, among all names in the list he chose Luis Taviel de Andrade, brother of Jose Taviel, who happens to be Dr. Jose Rizal ‘s guard before. There are so many things that Dr. Jose Rizal and Taviel had talked to. Some of this are: those Rizal had fought with. Harmonizing to Taviel, the noles of Dr. Jose Rizal attacks all of the Spaniards including the church and authorities with the manner they rule the Philippines but Dr. Jose Rizal said that what he writes was merely the truth and that everything he writhe the truth is the root. He besides said that what Spaniards did to the Filipinos was like what Padre Damaso did to Wear Rafael Ibarra. Despite the fact that Padre Damaso was treated good by the Ibarra Family, Padre Damaso did nil but offend Rafael Ibarra even though he is already dead. Another subject they had talked approximately is that Filipinos merely wanted equality. That we, Filipinos will be known as equal of Spaniards. The last subject they had talked approximately is the content of El Filibusterismo. Taviel asked if it is truly true that the author ‘s point of position had changed. And that Dr. Jose Rizal cheated himself? His ain poesy? That Dr. Jose Rizal used his novel to avenge because he lost his loved on, his household and his profession. That he ne’er saw the existent truth, but alternatively what he sees is his ain aspiration.

December 26, 1896, the twenty-four hours of Dr. Jose Rizal ‘s test. The twenty-four hours where it can reply the existent root of the rebellion. As usual, Dr. Jose Rizal was accused as the caput of the rebellion motion. And because of his composing like the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, and any other more manuscript that attacks the administration of the Spain both of the authorities and the Church. And the consequence of all of what Dr. Jose Rizal had written, decease is what the Spain wants. The test was short. It was rushed. And they described that this test as a gag.

December 30, 1896, twenty-four hours of Dr. Jose Rizal ‘s executing, while he is on his manner to the topographic point where he will be executed, he had remembered all happy memories he had. His last want is that Dr. Jose Rizal will confront the fire squad. But so this petition is non permitted. So alternatively, he asks for them non to hit his caput. Because of Dr. Jose Rizal ‘s decease, rebellion of Filipinos became more intense. Old ages after Dr. Jose Rizal ‘s decease, he was proclaimed as the national hero of the Filipinos.

It feels so good that this film was shown. For it had revealed how Dr. Jose Rizal conquered Spaniards non by agencies of war and blood, but by agencies of paper and pencil utilizing his ain head and cognition. The film was great. Effectss were good. Actors and actresses did move nicely and good. The film did portray good the scenario during the Spanish colonial here in the Philippines. What so nice about this film is that it had shown the existent Filipinos during the Spaniards regulation. Some scenes were so barbarous but that is what truly happened in our yesteryear. Some scenes were so amusing, this gives more turn in the film and that it made me more interested to it. What I think that made me baffled from watching and understanding it, that it has flashbacks, which someway made me baffled. But if you will watch once more the film you will understand it really good and that it helped in the overall construction of the film and it will give a assortment of gustatory sensation. Cesar Montano who portrayed Dr. Jose Rizal did move good and he had truly captured my attending for he is suited to be the Dr. Jose Rizal in the film. Actors and actress who portrayed different function besides were so great. Some histrions and actresses that gaining control my attending were listed below.

Actor/Actress Role

Cesar Montano – Jose Rizal

Joel Torre – Crisostomo Ibarra/Simoun

Gloria Diaz – Teodora Alonso

Jaime Fabregas – Luis Taviel de Andrade

Gardo Versoza – Andres Bonifacio

Pen Medina – Paciano Rizal