Marriage – Cause and Effect Essay

Turning up kids are surrounded with a fairy tale life. the ‘happily of all time after. ’ As misss we are supposed to wait for our prince charming and he will love us everlastingly ; and for male childs it is happening and delivering a beautiful princess who can cook. clean. and is loved by all animals. That is what matrimony is based away of as a kid. but that perspective alterations one time we get a little appreciation of the construct of love and we truly see what matrimony is. Marriage is non something anyone goes into lightly and possibly our outlooks of the faery tale life are why divorce is so normally sought.

There are many ground wherefore people get married ; for love. money. position or because it is the ‘right’ thing to make. For those who marry for love. it is because you portion common land with the other individual. They will go your other half as they will hold the same beliefs. passions and values as you. After dating and being together for a piece we learn that matrimony and kids are following on the cheque list. So the matrimony is set and a ceremonial held and they live ‘happily of all time after’ . but what most twosomes do non hold on after they are married is that there is non a sense of pure individuality any more.

When married what is mine is yours and yours is mine. There are no longer ‘his’ or ‘her’ jobs ; they evolve into ‘us’ jobs. Hence these single jobs root into a bigger problem- communicating. When twosomes are able to speak they are likely to work out their jobs. but dissensions due to the deficiency of communicating can frequently take to statements. Not being able to pass on can be merely caused by the differences of being a male and female. but if the twosome wants to travel frontward in their lives together and be able to associate to each other. than larning how to discourse is of import.

When we do non experience understood. we react. whether it is mutely. verbally. or with action ; but non one time does it happen to us that the other individual is besides seeking to be understood. Thus the relationship will go on in a rhythm of hapless communicating taking in most probably a divorce. Communication is of import in all relationships irrespective if the relationship is intended for love or other personal additions. Some males and females try to hard currency in by being greedy and taking to acquire married for money ; when they choose a spouse that they can depend on for life.

Most of victims are vocalists. freelance businessmen/women. actresses. or elder rich singles. Although they may non be forced into the matrimony. these affluent individuals are incognizant of the subterranean motivations of their spouse. The consequence of get marrieding merely for love is the eventual unfold of the prevarications and fraudulences of the peculiar spouse. Another consequence is if that rich individual loses their wealth. the result is all the same. Depending if the individual lost wealth or the ‘victim’ finds out the true motivation of the relationship they will most likely divorce this individual and go on on their hunt for true love or money.

Another ground why a twosome would acquire married is because it is ‘the right thing to do’ . which normally means that there is a kid out of marriage. The intent of acquiring married for a kid is so that the kid will acquire the right thought ; autumn in love. acquire married. hold a kid. Another aim is that the twosome who is non needfully in love is seeking to construct love from this child/union. The result of this method is that the kid ends up driving the couple apart. because of the demand and demands.

The primary attention taker can non be entirely committed to their lover because the kid needs attending and attention for their ain wellbeing. If one individual feels there is non adequate attending they might be unfaithful and/or merely go forth. Trying to construct love in a relationship where clip is cherished and can non be spent merely between the two people is highly difficult and most of those relationships fall through because there will be a deficiency of committedness. There are many grounds why people choose to acquire married and the result of those grounds depends entirely on the degree of committedness and how good the twosome interacts with each other.

Turning up with the ideal that there is a Prince charming or a beautiful demoiselle in hurt and populating ‘happily of all time after’ is non a realistic attack to a matrimony. for matrimonies take more work than what appears. There is a degree of trust. honestness. and most significantly communicating that needs to be met in order for it to be successful. but unluckily in these times where people have been accustomed to shotgun nuptialss. the divorce happens merely as fast.