Maslow’s sleep 2- Safety needs: – such

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs explains that human beings have hierarchy of needs. Every human act in a way which will address basic needs before moving on to satisfy other needs (higher level needs). That is, basic needs must be met before one climbs the hierarchy, to address higher needs. For example, first one must meet the basic, Physiological needs for food, water and warmth. After that the focus should be on the need to be safe, then the need belongs to social groups, and so on up the hierarchy. The five important needs that must be met are as follows-

1- Physiological need: – such as hunger, thirst and sleep

2- Safety needs: – such as security, protection from danger.

3- Social needs: – such as friendship, engaging in social activities.

4- Esteem needs: – include both self-respect and esteem of others.

5- Self-actualization: – the desire to develop and realize your full potential.

These needs were not met for the employees so there wasn’t a chance of improvement at all. Employees gave their best but still they felt undervalued. Also, Maslow was being way too strict with the employees. And employees were not enjoying their work anymore. they felt trapped there. Eventually, many of the employees felt like giving up their job for the sake of their self-respect.