Miller uses the word ‘watched’ to once

Miller constantly gives the sense of helplessness and inevitability, and that no matter how hard Eddie tries to overcome fate, he is doomed. By using Alfieri to emphasise the idea of the inevitable outcome and how Miller uses ‘powerless’ words to elucidate the inevitability of fate shows how nothing can be done to stop it.

When Alfieri says his speech in the beginning, the word ‘powerless’ indicates that even a man with the power of justice and law can’t even do anything to prevent Eddie’s tragic outcome, which suggests that fate has been sealed within. Miller even uses the word ‘watched’ to once again emphasise how helpless and inevitable it is, thus alluding it to fate. The word ‘bloody’ foreshadow the violent outcome Eddie will face. In addition, y using Alfieri to emphasise the idea of the inevitable outcome and that Eddie is fated to die gives the sense of how powerless it is to stop things running ‘their bloody course’ and this sense of helplessness heightens Eddie’s suffering and the overall sense of tragedy.

Next, when Eddie is first introduced by Alfieri, with the line ‘this one’s name was Eddie¬†Carbone’. Miller has used past tense to indicate that Eddie is no more. Miller does this in order to show that Eddie’s destiny is laid out before him, meaning that fate may be the reason behind his tragic death. Furthermore, In Act 1, Eddie says ‘you can quicker get a million dollars you stole than a word you gave away’ to Catherine, which displays the irony as it were to foreshadow what happens later. It was ironic in a way as he was talking about someone snitching on his own uncle, showing that Eddies is aware of the outcome, however stills decides to go with his inappropriate feelings, which once again indicate that fate was the cause of his death.

At the end of Act 1, Eddie’s death is once again foreshadowed from the hands of Marco. Miller shows a complete shift in power from one another, as Marco can be seen to be threatening Eddie with ‘ the chair raised like a weapon over Eddie’s head’, indicating that fate is already on its course. Moreover, Alfieri says ‘ I’m powerless to stop it’. The word powerless is once again repeated. Miller does this not just to again foreshadows Eddie’s death, but to reflect to the reader that they are powerless to stop it as well, thus making Eddie’s death much more tragic.