Municipal Solid Waste Policies In Hong Kong Environmental Sciences Essay

The landfill in Tseung Kwan O is expected to be full in three old ages. To spread out it, the authorities is be aftering to requisition 15 hectares of land in the locality, including 5-hectare of state park country. What we concern is if the annual rate of addition of rubbish remains unchanged, all the three landfills in Hong Kong will be full to brim in merely six old ages.

Besides, landfilling faces turning public resistance voice and the siting of new landfills has become progressively hard. The land value of Hong Kong is higher together with the lifting costs of landfills, this is an appropriate clip to happen out other possibilities to work out the municipal waste disposal job. Obviously, it is imperative to work out and execution of the long-run policy.

3. Background of Hong Kong MSW

In Hong Kong, Municipal Solid Waste ( MSW ) can spliting into three beginnings, these are domestic, commercial and industrial. Waste chiefly collected by authorities and private waste aggregators. In 2009, 8,963 metric tons MSW per twenty-four hours ( figure 1 ) were disposal at landfills, there is 67 % of the entire sum of waste.

In 1989, Hong Kong authorities decided to abandon 3 incinerators and 13 little landfills, those are out-dated system. After that, MSW direction system chiefly relies on three big landfills and these are located in distant parts of the New Territories. Almost the full municipal waste was disposal in landfills. It is the most common and lower-cost solution to disposal waste in most states.

4. In Hong Kong, sustainable development on MSW Management is a complex and hard undertaking. This undertaking should be discuss to public and seeking for nonsubjective advice to equilibrate all parties involvements, reach a consensus in society besides have good to the community.

With a alteration in Hong Kong people ‘s life style and an addition in mass ingestion, there has been an addition in the production and attendant wastage on MSW. We will analyze the solid waste disposal countries, landfill life, and research on develop other waste disposal methods, so, make suggestions on long-run policy to authorities execution.

5. Current Policy in Hong Kong

a ) The Three Landfills

Presently, Hong Kong need to manage around 13,300 metric tons of entire waste a twenty-four hours, half of which will be recycled and another half disposal of in landfills, which means most of municipal waste disposal is chiefly relies on landfills. Government is predicted to enduring these three landfills until 2020 in initial plan, but the volume of municipal waste generated is rapid growing, it is exceed to authorities expected sum. The bing landfills will be filled up, one by one if waste degrees continue to increase at current degrees.

B ) Incineration

In 1997, the last of incinerators in Hong Kong was shut down because of its deficiency of a mechanism to command gas emanations and that is excessively closer with residential countries. During fictile stuffs firing, it will let go of some of toxic substances such as sulfur dioxide and dioxin, those of these can be impact on people wellness. Nowadays, merely chemical waste will be transported to the Tsing Yi Chemical Waste Treatment Centre ( such as disinfection or incineration before being sent to landfills. )

degree Celsius ) Waste Reduction and Recycling

Avoid and understate waste, collect and recycle suited stuffs are promoted straight in Hong Kong many old ages, the overall rate of recycling can be reached the authorities ‘s end in front of the agenda set in 2005 Policy Framework. Nevertheless, recycling is still really much in demand of publicity in Hong Kong because populace ‘s deficiency of enthusiasm in recycling, some types of waste are hard to roll up such as Sns, which poses great hygienic jobs, people are instead throw Sns off.

6 Options of the Policy

a ) Develop of incineration engineering in Hong Kong

In Hamburg, Germany, they have complete incineration engineering to be learnt by Hong Kong. Currently, Germany merely relied on incinerators because they closed all landfills in 2005. Harmonizing to the Germany ‘s experience, dumping waste in landfills is dearly-won because they spent 100s of 1000s of Euros every twelvemonth to care of the closed landfill. Germany ‘s incineration installation is advanced, modern equipment for gas filtering and a new computing machine system enables the governments to do certain that emanations of risky gases such as sulfur dioxide and dioxin comply with the latest safety criterions in Germany. Furthermore, the heat generated by incineration is being turned into constructive energy to adequately fulfill the annual demand of 12,000 households. Then, the residue of the waste incineration can be cut downing by 90 % of volume.

B ) Expand the range of the levy on plastic shopping bags

Misuse of plastic shopping bags is a serious job of environmental in Hong Kong. Since July 2009, authorities has implemented the Environmental Levy Scheme. Some specify shops are required to impose on 50 cents on each plastic shopping bag. The strategy is effectual to cut down 90 % of the figure of fictile shopping bags before the strategy was in force. Therefore, authorities can be following the policy of Taiwan Environment levy at the retail degree, except for supermarkets and convenience shops, they besides expand the levy on fast nutrient ironss, shopping promenades and eating houses with shopfronts. It can be cut downing the sum of plastic bags in farther but we can foretell that it should be some troubles when the policy is execution.

degree Celsius ) Garbage bear downing system

In Japan, they implement “ payment per unit weight system ” to work out the job of family garbage and municipal waste. The system have been considered into three types: first type is fixes the cost by measure, 2nd type is charges merely for big measures, and the last type is levis a fixed charge, irrespective of the sum of refuse to be disposal of. First type need to pay more cost on purchase a decently designed refuse bag and spine label. Second type should be sing the definition of the big measures of waste. And the 3rd type may move as an inducement to illegal dumping and come into struggle. If the system is efficaciously, there will be some effects such as decrease of waste, publicity of recycling, the elevation of fiscal income and waking up of the public consciousness.

vitamin D ) Prevention of waste – packaging strategy

It will bring forth less packaging waste and introduce signifier of packaging which are less dearly-won to recycle.

vitamin E ) Government support private waste aggregators

Issue to be Considered

Relieve the force per unit area on landfill

Keeping rigorous control over risky gas emanations and converting the populace that modern incineration installations are safe are both of import. In former times, such installations were really severely equipped with filter system, so it emitted a batch of substances, even risky substances like dioxin and heavy metals. When people get cognizant of this, of class they do n’t wish it, That ‘s rather for certain. It ‘s besides of import that we need some informants to state people “ I have checked this and I have found this is a good solution ” . And one of such informants was one of our curates at that timeaˆ¦ He announced publically that this is a good solution to our state, he has convinced many people. Will be good to the community.

Legislation on waste charging by 2007 as a direct economic inducement to avoid and cut down waste.

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Paper and plastics make up important proportions of domestic waste, and this is a contemplation of our peculiar life style picks that place a premium on convenience and attach inappropriate and unequal costs to the impacts of these stuffs.

Germany ‘ s Hamburg, which late won the honor of being the Green Capital of the European Union.

Waste job in Hong Kong was at hand.