Opportunities the threats that might affect the

Gardenia is continuously e&panding and stri$ing to ma&imize the opportunities such as rapid market growth# changing customer needs?preferences# economic boom?downturn# new technology# sales decline for substitute products# and e$ol$ing business models in the industry to remain competiti$e and meet the needs?preferences of its customers. “ew technology will help Gardenia produce more fresh and high %uality products to offer to its se$eral customers. ?ifferent social media sites will also help Gardenia reach and ser$e other customers easily and con$eniently.
/conomic boom?downturn# bargaining power of buyers?suppliers# changing customer needs?tastes# newtechnology# increase in go$ernment regulation# and introduction of new substitute products are some of the threats that might affect the market demand and sales of Gardenia if not monitored and controlled properly. !ffordability among 0ilipino customers is also one of the threats faced by Gardenia because they cannot price its products in the Philippines as they should be. ?ifferent economic issues and go$ernment malpractices could affect Gardenia?s operations and strategies and could make the businessuncompetiti$e. /$en a small change can affect the position of the brand.