Oprah And Harpo Prodcutions English Literature Essay

Oprah Winfrey had a difficult life turning up. She lived with her individual female parent, who was invariably working seeking to supply for her childs, for a figure of old ages and struggled with adversities such as being raped and abused by her care-takers. She subsequently moved to populate with her male parent who focused to a great extent on her being studious, being spiritual, and working hard. Oprah was of course a great public talker and loved books as good because they offered her positions of the outside universe and that she did n’t hold to be stuck in the adversities she faced. This love of books helped give her the thrust to win in life. Furthermore, her joy and aptitude for public speech production, her thrust to do something of herself, along with the diligence instilled in her by her male parent allowed her to go successful subsequently on in life and helped her overcome her inauspicious childhood. She used her crucible experience in determining herself as a talk show host by keeping to the values she believed in and demoing the adversities of people, coupled with herself, as a agency of assisting others overcome their battles. It gave her a alone attitude as a talk show host and a character that people could trust on and trust.

Oprah is motivated by her beliefs and her desire to assist people. This is rather different than the motive of other enterprisers. Most enterprisers are driven by money but Oprah has a alone quality. She wants to be successful, but she has an overpowering love of people and their demands and is motivated by the battles of others. This does non intend that she would work for free. Oprah has been quoted to stating, “ My focal point has ne’er been on money. ” This could easy be seen as a true statement, but the money that comes along with her huge success is of import to her ability to assist others. The more money she makes, the more good she can make for others, whether that be donating money to charities or even get downing her ain foundations. Besides, that money keeps her show and all her other ventures traveling so that she can go on to assist people by demoing her audiences and the universe the ability to get the better of any adversity. Oprah has besides been quoted stating, “ You are entirely responsible for your life. ” What she means by this is that no 1 is traveling to do you get the better of your adversities. Help from others is ever encouraged, but when it comes down to it, you have to take the reins and have the thrust and finding to get the better of what is afflicting you, whether that be dependence, debt, etc. These remarks that she makes have helped transform her from “ I ” to “ We ” intending that by constructing her endeavor and gaining success, she is now able to assist 1000000s of people worldwide. This transmutation has impacted her success through her work because her values have become values of her audience. She has become a individual that 1000000s of people put their trust in and believe in her sentiments because of her solid ethical motives and theoretical account character. Her success in her work has garnered her success as a altruist every bit good.

As an enterpriser, Oprah found a hole in the market place and filled it. Before her, there truly were no talk shows hosts that people could swear and happen counsel from. She provided people with aid for any jobs they faced. Audiences could take what was shown on Oprah ‘ shows and use the instructions to their ain lives, and with her lovingness and empathic personality, they could swear in her and in what she said. Other shows of the clip focused on touchy or risque topics such as incest and etc. but offered small counsel to their audiences. This is where Oprah ‘s value proposition lies. She offered sound advice in a heating atmosphere that people could believe every bit good as be entertained by. Simply put, her personality, character, and beliefs gave her an border over others in the market because she was more trusty and people could place with her.

Oprah ‘s concern theoretical account and the manner she makes most of her money is through selling advertizements. The tremendous success of her talk show, her magazine, her web site, and her wireless plan drove the monetary values of ad slots manner up. Advertisers are willing to pay large money for their ads to look during Winfrey ‘s disseminations, in her magazine, and on her web site. Harpo besides makes money by bear downing licensing fees to local Stationss around the state. Furthermore, Oprah has ventured into studio production of films and the acquisition of overseas telegram Stationss, every bit good as legion investings in other countries.

Oprah has a relationship with the company King World in that King World syndicates and distributes the plan to Stationss and works out trades with Oprah and with the Stationss. Winfrey was able to derive control of her show from the web and so she could cover with dialogues with King World herself. She was so able to derive more purchase with King World but was besides able to roll up licensing fees every bit good. Over the old ages, King World ‘s per centum of net income from the show declined because of the purchase Oprah had due to her success.

There is a definite paradox of corporate entrepreneurship nowadays in Harpo Productions. The company encourages new thoughts and advancement but at certain bounds. Even an thought for the company or the show will doubtless supply involvement from the audience or guaranteed success and evaluations, if the thought does n’t suit Oprah ‘s nucleus values, it is discarded. This has happened legion times in the history of Harpo. Oprah is really rigorous on her beliefs and anything with her name attached to it must adhere to these beliefs. So there is a paradox in that excessively much invention and intrepreneurship is against what Oprah wants for her company, but it should non be eliminated wholly ( The Paradox of Corporate Entrepreneuship ) . Oprah has kept her company private for the chief ground of desiring to maintain control of her company. She wants to be the concluding voice of what gets produced by Harpo doing certain that it reflects herself. The drawback of this is evidently, net income. Being private, the company can non sell stocks and so this eliminates some gross.

Winfrey, in her company, was able to construct some cardinal organisational forms that add to her success. As determined, smart and goaded Oprah is, she ca n’t take attention of everything in her company so she has a squad that helps her with different facets. It is organized into leaders for different facets of the company, being fiscal, selling, legal, and besides holding directors of her show, her wireless plan, her magazine, and her web site. These directors and divisions of her company have a batch of control in seting together their single undertakings but Oprah has concluding say over everything. This has proven to be a great tool for the success of Harpo.

An rating of Oprah ‘s concern theoretical account shows that each section or venture of her company is self sufficient but besides adds to the success of on another. Her magazine adds to the success of her show and to the wireless show and to her web site and frailty versa. Each locale besides opens up chances for different audiences and people with typical agendas. Peoples, either because of work or etc, who are n’t home to watch Oprah ‘s telecasting show can pick up her magazine or melody into her wireless plan. Peoples who are more at place on the cyberspace can turn to her web site. Because of these facets and the enormous success of Oprah and Harpo Productions, Oprah should be awarded an A+ , if she were to have a class. The Oprah Winfrey trade name is a powerful tool in selling every bit good. Anything with Oprah ‘s name on it is guaranteed to be successful merely because people trust and believe her sentiments. The strength in this is that she can assist other organisations and besides writers. The failing here, though, is that if her trade name appears on something that becomes controversial or negative, she could have some flack catcher for it. An illustration of such would be with the book, A Millions Little Pieces, whose writer was found to lie about inside informations of the book.

An rating of Oprah as a individual shows that she is the individual she claims to be. She upholds all her values and beliefs strongly and is decidedly a altruist. Her many parts to organisations and charities and her changeless thrust to assist others shows a deep love of people and slightly of fostering personality. She doubtless is a lovingness and loving person who strives for the greater good in life. As an enterpriser, she has proven to be successful and advanced in her thoughts, undertakings, and her company. She has the ability to believe “ outside the box ” and come up with new thoughts to make different markets, this being through T.V. , wireless, magazine, cyberspace, etc. ( Class Powerpoint ) . She is an outstanding enterpriser given her success and achievements she ‘s made. Winfrey is a choice leader as good. The trust and trust people have in her is non misplaced and she leads her followings for the greater good, assisting them and authorising them. The beginning of her power is her trustiness and her giving/caring personality. Her fans would probably travel to the terminals of the Earth for her and this all due to the manner she holds herself and her ability to be a positive function theoretical account moral leader. There are many leaders she could be compared to throughout history. One leader that she probably would ne’er be compared to but is so really similar to is Hitler. Of class, Oprah would ne’er execute the atrociousnesss of Hitler but some qualities are really similar. Both are outstanding public talkers with the ability to rock the positions of the populace and act upon their determination devising. Each is improbably passionate and were/are successful in deriving followings. Another comparing that could be made is with Martha Stewart in the sense that the things both of these people endorse, people are more likely to purchase. Both have a sway over people that can act upon their determination devising and how they spend their money.

Oprah seems to be heading in a new concern way. She is maintaining to her roots in T.V. every bit good as wireless, cyberspace, and in print publications, but she is traveling frontward as a leader in locales of philanthropic gift and charity and good as politically. Her voice is heard by 1000000s worldwide and her sentiments tend to be her fan ‘s sentiments so she has the power to influence others. She can assist political functionaries get elected by denoting her support and she can assist charitable organisations by making the same. Strategically, she is n’t truly taking her company in many new waies, other than towards a charitable way. This includes her initiation of schools in South Africa and etc. An issue scheme for this is non evident.

I learned from this instance that entrepreneurial leading is non ever money driven but that greater ends can be achieved. Leadership can be more about nucleus values and continuing beliefs than about the desire to be rich, as Oprah has proven. Thingss that can be learned about concern traveling frontward from this instance is that it is possible for concern to endeavor for unity and moralss, and that all concern has something to larn from Oprah. The ability of Harpo to germinate to suit the demands of different markets is besides a immense portion of concerns traveling frontward and their success as good.

General Product Description

Harpo Productions is a company focused around Oprah Winfrey. It started out based around Oprah ‘s talk show but broadened to radio, a magazine, website, every bit good as a film studio and ownership of overseas telegram webs. It besides is involved in many charitable dialogues and investings. The company sells its magazine but its existent beginning of gross is the ad slots it sells on T.V. , her wireless plan, in her magazine, and on her web site. Besides it gets money from licencing fees it sells to Stationss and other investings and stocks it owns. This gross is based on the success of Oprah in that more money can be gotten for the ad slots base on the 1000000s of people who will see the ads. The people who will watch Oprah ‘s show or read her magazine, etc. are most likely adult females, likely of in-between age but fundamentally anyone is a possible customer/consumer/viewer. Peoples will purchase the merchandise because of the aid and guidance it gives people runing from personal aid, to debt direction, to quality merchandises, to good books to read. They can swear what Harpo Productions produces because it has Oprah Winfrey ‘s name on it. The public sees Oprah as a moral leader and person they can swear and trust on and so this adds to the success of her company and provides the concluding to why people would purchase her merchandises and melody in to her show. Equally far as location is concerned, a big studio is needed to tape telecasting shows, make films, produce magazines, and tape wireless plans. A separate installation is likely needed for doing the magazines. These installations must be rather big and an office edifice might be needed every bit good.

There are truly no providers to Harpo Production because they are self sufficient in what they do. They do n’t sell merchandises besides ad infinite for the most portion so they do n’t truly hold providers. Some rivals of Oprah and Harpo Prodcutions would be rival shows that air at the same clip as Oprah ‘s talk show such as Ellen DeGeneres ‘ show, Maury, the Jerry Springer Show, Tyra Bank ‘s show and, in the yesteryear, Martha Stewart. Other rivals to her show would be overseas telegram telecasting and DVR devices that record telecasting. DVR devices can enter shows and so viewing audiences can fast-forward through the commercials. Other magazines, such as Martha Stewarts magazine, Home and Garden and etc are beginnings of competition. Besides, other wireless plans provide competition. Currently, Harpo Productions employs over 290 people which exemplify the labour required.

Requirements for Success

Oprah serves an under-served demand in that she fills the spread of a trustworthy and magnetic talk show host with more in head than evaluations and doing money. Peoples can state that she truly attentions more about them and the universe ‘s demands than about herself or money, and so she serves the demand of that famous person personality people can trust on. In the market she is providing to, demand evidently exceeded supply in that advertizers are an eternal trade good, every bit far as doing money goes, and that there are a apparently eternal sum of people who own a telecasting, read magazines, listen to radio, or acquire on the cyberspace that Oprah is seeking to pull. Oprah does non supply a better monetary value or location but the advantageous state of affairs that she is in is that her personality gave her an border over anyone viing. Peoples like that she takes into consideration the predicament of humanity and focuses more on that than on evaluations and amusement therefore giving her that border. Oprah basically has no limitations for production or on any ventures she wants to prosecute. She fundamentally could make anything she wants given that things like money, forces, accomplishments, etc. are of no factor and do non curtail her. Capital demands for market entry would include the cost of a studio installation and the cost to aerate the shows, etc. There are no damaging environmental effects from what Oprah does other than the magazines people buy finally stoping up in a landfill perchance.

Market Analysis

Oprah can easy pull viewing audiences from anyplace in the U.S. and all over the universe. The most prevailing topographic points for viewing audiences and possible advertisement clients are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia as these are the largest telecasting markets in the U.S. The figure of families for each metropolis severally is: 7,376,330 ; 5,402,260 ; 3,399,460 ; and 2,874,330. This gives a batch of families the chance to watch T.V. New York entirely hold over 6 % of the entire U.S. families with T.V. Besides, since Oprah is based in Chicago, the citizens of Chicago are likely to be more interested in her show. The mean household size in each of these countries is between 3 and 4 people. The per capita income of New York is $ 30,415 similar Numberss runing for the other metropoliss as good. The population growing tendency of New York, L.A. , and Philadelphia is that the populations are on the rise. Chicago nevertheless has been on the diminution late. The monetary value of the merchandise is n’t truly a concern to the viewing audiences of Oprah ‘s media and it ‘s non a concern of the advertizers either because they are willing to pay premium dollars for a topographic point on a high rated telecasting show and popular famous person. Oprah entreaties to about everyone. Anyone can pick up Oprah ‘s magazine, melody into her show, or listen to her wireless plan and happen something they like about it. Therefore, there is decidedly adequate market size for net income. The selling attack is largely marketed toward in-between aged adult females for housewifes are likely to be place during the dissemination of her show. The commercials on during her show reflect that of involvement of in-between aged adult female. Merchandises appear that middle-aged adult females would probably be interested in and purchase.


Some major rivals would be Jerry Springer, Tyra Banks, and Marta Stewart. Jerry has a strength in that he entertains people with huffy topics and sexual subjects but he does n’t hold the ethical motives that Oprah upholds which is slightly of a failing. Tyra ‘s strength is that she entreaties to a younger crowd but she does n’t hold the influence over people that Oprah has because her show is much newer. Martha Stewart ‘s strength is that she provides more place and garden advice to her viewing audiences than Oprah but she got into legal problems that hurt her credibleness. New rivals would wish to spread out their services but are holding a difficult clip because they are non as popular and do n’t hold the influence that Oprah has developed. They merely are n’t every bit magnetic as Oprah and non all of them appear every bit trusty as Oprah. Martha Stewart ‘s plan is no longer on air because she went bankrupt. Her legal problems hurt her credibleness and trustiness. Oprah contains most of the market portion and it is likely to remain that manner for rather some clip. The hazard associated with the concern is that Oprah might back or state something that contradicts her nucleus values. Though she works difficult to ne’er make that, there is still a possibility and some hazard involved.

Gross Beginnings

Harpo Productions will make gross largely from the ads it sells for T.V. , in the O Magazine, on Oprah ‘s web site, and on the wireless. It besides will derive gross by selling magazine subscriptions, on the films Oprah ‘s studio makes, and through other investings that Harpo has. There are besides licencing fees involved with Stationss aerating Oprah ‘s shows. The big figure of ads and the monetary value of the ads make up most of the size of the gross. The advertizement gross is likely to turn and has grown with the increased success of Oprah and the growing of Harpo Productions. This is besides true for the turning success of Oprah ‘s magazine. This is non a franchise suited concern. Cash flow is likely to be and already is positive. It ‘s likely to go on this manner for old ages to come.

Cost Drivers

The cost of production is the biggest cost that has the greatest impact on the company. There is a big cost involved in bring forthing telecasting shows, films, wireless plans, magazines, and care of her web site. There are fixed costs of the studio and edifice involved with Harpo Productions and variable costs of production and evidently employment. The cost of production and cost of employment are reasonably big but of import parts of the concern. The employees of Harpo are a immense portion to their success so this cost is good worth the disbursal. These cost drivers are capable to alter over clip with the altering costs of employments and evidently production cost are susceptible to alter every bit good.

Investing Size

A big hard currency amount is required for launch of new concern theoretical accounts but exact Numberss are unknown. When Oprah founded and founds new ventures, such as when she developed her magazine, there is a big disbursal required for these startups. Equally far as working capital, a big cost border is required to prolong the concern but the net income far exceeds the cost so working capital is non a hindrance to maintaining the concern traveling. The hard currency expended will so bring forth a feasible concern entity as Oprah Winfrey and Harpo Productions has already proven.

Critical Success Factors

The elements of Harpo Productions that are most of import to achieving net income are Oprah ‘s personality and leading every bit good the companies legion ventures. Oprah ‘s company is founded on her nucleus values and she has developed the trust of 1000000s based on her heating and moral personal appeal. This character is cardinal to the company ‘s success and net income. Besides, the fact that the company has dipped into many different ventures, including telecasting, wireless, print, films, cyberspace, and philanthropic gift, has added to their success and allowed Harpo to make different markets and more possible customers/viewers. This larger audience adds to the company ‘s net income and success. Oprah ‘s character is non hard at all to put to death because it merely a natural portion of who she is but her widening into different mediums was a spot more hard because of the cost and hazard involved. In all likeliness, Oprah will go on to introduce and accommodate to altering markets over clip and as new engineerings and mediums become alive, she will probably seek to happen ways of making these markets. The critical success factors of the company are the ability to maintain to Oprah ‘s nucleus values, which are cardinal to maintaining the company ‘s and Oprah ‘s image. If she can lodge to these basicss, she will go on to see success as she already has. The hazards involved with this is that altering values and positions of the populace might be fishy to alter as clip goes on but this will probably non impact Winfrey ‘s attitude. One strategic factor that could be considered and would probably supply future success would be an Oprah Winfrey documental retailing her adversities and battles of her early old ages and her rise to success. This has possible for tremendous success among the battalion of Oprah fans. Her narrative is rather traveling and many can sympathize with her predicament and would be able to use the narrative to their ain lives in order to larn something. Oprah and her company have the capableness to do such a film and there is nil halting them from bring forthing it. This would be one strategic factor that could be considered for future success.

Oprah vs. Class Feasibility Company

When comparing and contrasting Oprah with the company I9 Sports, there seems to be few similarities. Each has its ain historical background, Oprah lifting to success from low and troublesome upbringings and I9 being a recreational athleticss conference. Their industries are wholly different, Oprah being in the telecasting and amusement industry and I9 being a athleticss conference for kids. Though each industry has its ain rivals, competition is fierce for both companies. Oprah has to vie with other telecasting shows and personalities every bit good as other magazines, wireless shows, and etc. I9, being a franchise company, has to vie with local athleticss conferences and established concerns such as YMCA. Each attempts to hold a competitory border over its challengers Oprah concentrating on her nucleus values and lodging to her magnetic personality for success while I9 attempts to emphasize the importance of equity and betterment of accomplishments for all kids non merely the more gifted kid jocks. Equal playing clip is of import to I9. They each have different organisational constructions for their companies, Oprah being the overall leader of her company with directors for different divisions and I9 franchising its company with a corporate subdivision for leading. Change drivers for both do dependant on the altering markets, nevertheless. The markets are different and will probably alter in different ways for both companies but they will each probably have to cover with slightly similar alteration drivers in their ain respective markets. Oprah ‘s company scheme, besides doing money, is to assist people and supply counsel and support for people in demand. I9 is more concerned with the money facet with implicit in attentions about assisting the state ‘s young person through athleticss and equal playing clip. There are n’t many similarities between Oprah ‘s company and I9 Sports but each has its ain factors for success and already hold proven that they can be successful.