Overview Of Eu And Its Enlargement Process Economics Essay

European Union expansion is one of the motivated developments that the EU has of all time undertaken which is in no uncertainty the conveying dorsum of the European continent which has been divided during the universe war. Previous expansions has in no uncertainty been in topographic point which the consequence has ever ended up in a divided Europe, but this clip around the recent expansion is to assist convey to the visible radiation of the twenty-four hours a better and a large Europe as a whole and do Sue liberalisation is free for all its member because these has been the dream of the pillars ( laminitiss ) of expansion. As for the member province in the Eastern and cardinal Europe, this expansion signifies the long awaiting reunion amongst its member province after the war The history of the European Union could be traced back to the second universe war ; as it was aimed to stop the bloody wars between member provinces and to reconstruct peace & A ; integrity once more within the European states, the Europeans have made up their head to avoid devastation and prevent killing themselves and bury all that happened during the war periods. After the war period, Europe was divided into two parts which is the ( EAST AND WEST EUROPE ) .

The Restoration of peace started from the west European states as they created the council of Europe in 1949 and this council creative activity was a bold measure to convey approximately peace, integrity and cooperation between states of the West. The founding European and Pioneering member states are six in Numberss and are as follow: Germany, ITALY, FRANCE, BELGIUM, LEXEMBOURG, and NETHERLAND.

One large bold measure taken in the 1950s to unify the European states was the European coal and steel community as this united the European states Economically and politically in order to procure integrity and long permanent peace. In the 1960s there were great revolution as member counties removed custom responsibilities on goods and services exported and imported from each other and besides leting a free cross boundary line trade for the first clip in history ; during this period husbandmans are truly gaining good as their was a batch of agricultural activities during this period and besides a batch of agricultural merchandise and nutrient among member states and the economic system as a consequence is been improved and peace and integrity reigned amongst these member states.

The first expansion took topographic point in 1973 and it was witnessed when three new states joined the bing six members and open uping states and these states are the UNITED KIGDOM, IRELAND AND DENMARK, and this makes the member province to be nine wholly at this clip, doing the member the EU states to be nine in entire. This was a great thing as some states were already convinced that it is possible to do peace reign among member province and at they were besides willing to fall in the EU to pool resources together. In the 1970s the member province besides had a regional policy to reassign immense amount of money to make occupations and substructure in hapless countries. The first expansion was a success and the purpose of the EU which was to reconstruct peace and convey member province together is coming to world.

In the 1980s there was a revolution as three other new members province besides joined EU ( Greece, Spain, Portugal ) .During this period there was a job to free trade of goods and this was as a consequence of differences in national ordinances ;

The Individual European Market was besides created in the 1980s.The educational sector was besides non left out as they made a positive part to the EU as it launches its ERAMUS PROGRAMME ; which purpose was to fund universities pupil who wish to up to a twelvemonth in another European state which a batch of pupil benefited from this strategy. In the 1990s the European began to work as one large household and they see themselves as one large state, during this period there was four freedoms which are ( FREEDOM OF PEOPLE, GOODS, SERVICES AND MONEY ) and two Treaties was besides in topographic point during this period ( THE MAASTRICHT TREATY ON EU AND THE TRATY OF AMSTADAM ) . During this period the member province were besides concerned on how to better the security system and besides to protect the environment during the class of its day-to-day activity concern. Three new provinces besides joined the bing member province and they are ( AUSTRALIA, FINLAND and SWEEDEN ) . Besides during this period was a period where members can go between member province states without their passport being checked and this besides brought and harmonise members of the EU together, and there was besides a batch of betterment and development in the communicating sector as the usage of nomadic phone and cyberspace was in topographic point.

Presently we experienced the biggest expansion so far in ( 2005 ) as more states joined the bing member province ; A sum of Ten states joined the EU in ( 2005 ) doing the EU enlargement a bigger topographic point and a bigger market. The names of the new member ‘s counties are ( HUNGRY, MALTA, POLAND, SLOVENIA, SLOVACIA, LATVIA, CYPRUS, ESTONIA, and CZECH REPUBLIC ) This recent expansion has besides led to a stronger political and Economic society as a whole. All the member province has the mentality to contend offense and increase security among member province. The Euro was besides introduced as it represents the individual currency to be spent and used for trade intents among European states. The increasing figure of the new member province and thrust towards doing Europe a better topographic point has helped doing EU culturally richer, stronger and better. The expansion procedure has helped a long manner in the edifice, developing and to reconstruct the purposes and aim of what democracy is known for and besides to set an terminal to the wars and crises between the member states and the European continent. The result of the expansion is in no uncertainty clear as the European security is much strengthened comparison to where it was before the expansion took topographic point. Citizens and the public of member provinces could besides profit from the legion benefit of expansion amidst which the European Union expansion has brought about a good impact on the economic system and in return the criterion of life of the citizens must wish sagely be improved.


The impact and benefit of the EU on the accession of new member province like Bulgaria and Romania is unmeasurable

New members province like Bulgaria and Romania that late joined will hold a batch of benefit from the success and rapid economic growing the EU has been know for ; some of the legion benefit new members like Bulgaria and Romania will derive are:


This is an economic growing index as member province and other foreign international company will be interested in their economic system because of its potencies and attraction unlike before Ascension of Bulgaria in 2007, it was known to be a corrupt state and has high entry barrier but now that it is a member of the EU, this feeling will be away and it will be given a new image and besides bask injection of fund to hike economic system activities.

Trade Liberalization

This is really one of the cardinal benefit of every EU member Bulgaria and Romania non exempted, this give the chance to merchandise freely without limitation and at no excess dealing cost with other member province this spring more chance for a large individual market with a universe of assortment and when state like Bulgaria articulations, it will assist in the development of the agricultural sector and besides give the sector a hereafter and hope as it will be able to travel its agricultural merchandise across boundary line and to member province freely and acquire money in return and the Big Dipper this money back to the economic system to guarantee more productiveness besides it will better the criterion of life for the famers


This is as a consequence of an hypertrophied EU, members will be able to travel freely from zones to zones without the demand of a visa and besides there will be motion of labor from Bulgaria or Romania to other member province since it is under the Shengen umbrella. This besides gives room for cross boundary line trade in term of goods and services and besides gives rise to great innovations and inventions, this has besides helped in a great manner to do certain goods and services are moved freely without any incommodiousness by remotion of entry barriers, duty, custom responsibilities etc


New members are traveling to profit numerously from EU transportations non merely in fiscal or pecuniary footings but technological wise, Bulgaria and Romania been new member of the EU will bask transportation of financess to help hike its economic system operations to do certain it is non left behind in anyhow. There are besides criterions that has been transferred from EU to new member province to guarantee quality and criterions in everything and in every country and besides to do certain that things are done in the right manner and likewise to guarantee that financess committed to this activities are truly used for the intent it which it has been assigned, some of the criterions include ( PHARE ISPA AND SAPARD )

The EU enlargement itself can be defined as a procedure of adding more states to the bing member states in every bit much they meet with the full, necessary and basic demand

The EU expansion has helped in a batch of ways either from the old members or the new members point of position ; some of the impact are as follow:

It has helped to keep and construct peace and stableness between member province

It has helped in occupation creative activity and employment chances non merely within a member province but across the 27 member state

It has helped in the overall and rapid growing in the economic system of the Union

It has given chances for new and alone thoughts and originative invention

It has given chance for a bigger trade zone

It has given birth to merchandise liberalisation

Poorer states or emerging economic systems that have joined the brotherhood has besides benefitted from the fiscal aid from the Union

It brings and unite all member province as one ; and gives them a loud voice to contend against illegality, offense and terrorist act

It has improved the criterion of life of the citizens

It is in no uncertainty that the impact of expansion has in one manner or the other benefitted both the bing members and the recent member that has merely joined the Union.

Old member besides stand a greater chance of equal opportunities when it come to the competitory advantage in the freshly enlarged market with skilled and experient labor work force with good making and besides chance to put in new markets Some other cardinal impact and advantages are as follow:


The addition of the member province late with their diverse and rich civilization will automatically increase EUaa‚¬a„?s cultural diverseness. EU expansion will give birth to a batch of thoughts and innovations and besides a room for better apprehension within the Europeans, although the expansion will besides ensue to an environment with assorted linguistic communications but with the spirit of unity, EU establishment will guarantee that linguistic communications are respected and promote member province to larn one another ‘s linguistic communication. With the recent expansion to do EU 27 member province, EU must seek and do certain it reforms its determination devising system to avoid statement and misinterpretation between member provinces and besides do certain no discriminatory intervention and that every organic structure is seen to be equal before the jurisprudence irrespective of the size or population. Hence all member province must see themselves as one and encompass integrity and must all work together to do Europe a better topographic point to populate and work.

ENRICHING European Economy

The EUaa‚¬a„?s expansion has really proved itself as we are all informant of its legion benefits some of which are Increased chance for both old and new member province as a consequence o0f new and unfastened market and this can be seen in the class of recent times increase in trade and investing in member province and besides its glaring that future members will besides convey approximately unfastened doors and chances to bing members and they will all profit from the free trade between member province and their will be no limitation when it comes to exchange of goods and services between members, likewise they will profit from liberalisation of capital, assorted services and labor.

New members are besides non left out as they besides get the chance to add to the prosperity of the economic system some of their parts will be in signifier of injection of fund into the economic system which give births to new and increased investing chance and as a consequence this will take to farther development in footings of big graduated table of production, their part will besides be felt in term of their alone thoughts and invention in footings of technological know how which they bring into the European organic structure when they have joined, the result will be seen in the accomplishments demonstrated by the work force, and increase in the degree of engineering ; they can lend or tap into the nourished economic and an economic system with a stable political land which is provided by EU member province


Corporation of member province to contend International Crime Both old and new member province has the authorization to result that they work in harmoniousness to contend international offense by stating NO to illegal activities such as drug smuggling and human trafficking. But as the Central and Eastern Europe follow similar and common criterions, which is besides been monitored by other member province this dodgy and creepy activities will be reduced and in no clip come to an terminal and to makes people do non take advantage of the free boundary line to travel drugs and brigands.

Better control of in-migration, Both old and future member province must besides collaborate and work manus in manus and must recognize that they have the duty to contend and work on the influx of illegal citizen or immigrants and likewise asylum-seekers from other states. As this class of people will be burden ad liability to the society. And besides make certain there is no foreign dainty in the society protecting the environment As both recent and bing member province conform and abide to EU regulations and ordinance as respects air and H2O pollution, if they abide by this regulations, their immediate Environment becomes a much more safer topographic point for its ain citizens, and for members in neighbouring Countries. Europium policy is in topographic point to assist reserve and safeguard their rich heritage of species and natural home ground. Hence this policy will non let any member province to toxicant or foul its environment doing jeopardy to the citizens.

Aside from its general environmental and Ecosystem protection, EU has besides made sure that it operates on a universe category safety steps when it comes to Nuclear. The EU is besides working towards guaranting that its environment is wholly safe and free from Nuclear jeopardies.

And to the Central and Eastern Europe, a proper degree of safety steps has been put together to guarantee its Nuclear workss are safe and are non harmful to its citizen. As this will in a long manner make certain its citizens are safe.

When it comes to Food criterions, EU has ensured that both its existing and new member province are been protected by appropriate nutrient criterions and besides to implement that these criterion should be there and besides be on the addition in recent times, new member provinces that are merely fall ining the Union as a consequence of recent expansion, should be ready to follow with these assorted criterions and besides nutrient industries must guarantee that proper nutrient criterions are in topographic point and consumers do derive satisfaction in whatsoever they produce and the nutrient merchandise are non harmful to the human system Giving Europe a large voice in universe personal businesss.

The addition of EU member province to 27 has given EU the ability to hold influence on universes event, it besides gives them the border to run into and undertake challenges as it relates to globalisation, and to stay like this and be relevant in future, EU must guarantee it works in integrity at all times and in unity and besides in one voice Developing our partnership with neighbors in Europe At this point in clip, EU must non see itself as an island but must besides be willing to spread out, in this instance Like the common expression that “ Two good caputs are better than one ” , I think this expression has a manner of working this point of mine, Irrespective of the recent expansion which makes EU member province 27, it must still non insulate itself or see itself as an island but be willing to spread out, research new chances and interrupt new evidences.

In a state of affairs like this, EU has to set up and hold a good apprehension with its neighbouring state because they do non cognize the potencies and chances they possess or have and therefore they should non be looked down upon.

I think policies should be in topographic point that will let trade between member province of the EU and its neighbors as this will open doors to new market and give chances for a large market for citizens to merchandise in, filled with a broad scope of assortments.

This will as a consequence conveying about a good and reinforced economic and political relationship between member province of the EU and the neighbouring state. It is non a necessity that neighboring state should fall in the EU but it is of a good sentiment that a common relationship and understanding exist between EU and the Neighbouring states as this will ensue in peace and corporation between them, and besides a large market filled with assortment it will besides give room for investing chances.


Industries runing in this part are legion and have gained a batch of new market gap and this will assist the show window what they are made up of and gives room for development and enlargement ; Some of the industries that are donees include the:

Name Centre industry, Telephone industry, Courier companies etc

CALL CENTER INDUSRY ( client services )

Since the accession of new members like Romania and Bulgaria in 2007 there has been increase and rapid development in the call Centre industry. Company who deal with client services like the Communication service suppliers could outsource this portion of their operation to this new member province because of its cheap, eligible and able labor work force. Name Centre industry have responded positively to the expansion because of the chance to acquire workforce with different linguistic communication, which is a large advantage and besides to operates in economic system with low revenue enhancements and less regulations and ordinance with political and economic stableness and in this manner it will be able to vie caput to caput with other states like INDIA


An economic system without telecommunication is a dead one, in this light telephone and communicating companies have responded positively to the expansion, the Romania and Bulgaria accession hour angle s attracted companies like NOKIA which is known for its fashionable and alone trade name and besides a universe Mobile manufacturer to put in its economic system and other EU member province, Service suppliers like O2, ORANGE, T-MOBILE,3NETWORK can now hold the chance to supply quality web services at cheaper rate to new member province clients


Courier companies like FEDEX and DHL have responded good and besides benefitted from recent expansion as it delivers at appropriate clip without any fuss due to the fact that states like Romania and Bulgaria have reduced usage and strike responsibilities and they can bask free motion of goods and services in a safe status to member province and this has gone a long manner in the development and enlargement of this industry


Decision pickings is traveling to be really difficult as members of the EU province are now increased to 27 members ; therefore every member province will hold different sentiment about any issue.

Cost of expansion is expensive to any state who wants to fall in

EU Free trade and free motion across boundary lines would do it hard to undertake any offense of any nature such as smuggling of contraband points.

Language struggle and barrier

Cultural daze to either new member or bing members


The chief loophole in expansion is when enlargement comprises of hapless states, this is a large job to other member province because they all have to lend and put in the economic system activity of this hapless state till its strong plenty to stand on its ain, therefore any job encountered by the poorer state is besides the job of other member province.

This besides give bias appropriation of fund because more societal fund will be diverted to poorer member counties which is non giving room for just equity and equal distribution of resources.

There will besides be addition in EU regional budget because of the figure of the member province

There will be transportation of skilled laborer from the one zone to the other normally from the East to the West in hunt for better greener grazing lands, Hence go forthing portion of the economic system in hazard as no 1 will be able to replace the infinite of the skilled in the East

Loose of Sovereignty: Equally shortly as you become member of the brotherhood, you do non merely do things on your ain agreement, but you are now governed by the European jurisprudence and you must stay by it

Sometimes illegal migration is besides experienced during this sort expansion


Engagement in trade liberalisation and free trade will non be possible

The Economic growing will be slow comparison to that of the EU member province

Their Economy might non truly be attractive for foreign direct investing comparison to that of the EU member province

Small market if non listed as an EU member comparison to the Big market chance with assortment between the EU member province.


EU expansion is a important one and a fast and rapid turning economic system which is known for its stable economic and political construction, in habiting over half a billion ( 500 million ) dweller. Its hereafter is really bright as it can be seen in recent Ascension of new states, and its economic system will ever pull foreign investors and more states to fall in to do it a bigger universe zone. Its purpose of constitution is coming to visible radiation and it is seeable with economic system, political cogent evidence. It ability to convey about unity among member province in term of civilization, linguistic communication, instruction ; in to an extent is a great success.