Personal Selling

*BM0*283 ICA3 Role Play Exercise Q&A Q1 What is the objective of this role play? The aim of this ICA is to enable you to put in practice all the techniques and concepts we have covered in this module. You will engage in a role play exercise with a potential “customer” of your product/service offerings. Q2 *How do we need to do first*? First, you need to form yourselves into group of 5. Select someone in your team to be the team leader. Inform your tutor who is in your team. Q3 What exactly are we selling?

You will represent one of the many hotels in Singapore. As you may be aware, many of the large hotels have function rooms and exhibition halls which they market to potential exhibitors or companies holding seminars or workshops. Your team is the sales team of your selected hotel and you are suppose to market/sell your hotel rooms, convention and exhibition space to your prospect. Please inform your tutor the name of your selected hotel. _ It is preferable to choose a reputable hotel. _ Q4 Who is my prospect?

Your tutor has a total of 10 different selling scenarios for the teams to select. Each scenario has a different prospect and different buying requirements (for example, a company may wish to hold a 3 day seminar for its staff). Your tutor will allow each team to draw lots to select which scenario you will be engaged in. You are not allowed to change scenario after the selection. Your team will be given a slip of information about the scenario and the name of the prospect. Please keep this slip of paper for your reference. Q5

Where can I find information about my hotel’s exhibition and convention facilities? Is there a need to go look for information from the hotel itself? First, your team may wish to visit the hotel website and find out a little about the hotel’s operations in Singapore and around the world. Q5 How do we go about the role play exercise? This ICA consists of 2 distinct parts: Part 1 – Needs Discovery Meeting Part 2 – Proposal Presentation Q6 *What going to happen in Part 1 – Needs Discovery*? This part will be played on Week 7.

In this Part 1, your prospect will “meet” your team in his “office” to find out more about your hotel as well as telling you about his up-coming event. In this meeting, you will need to use the necessary questioning techniques to obtain as much buying information from him as possible. Please have at least one or two team members take down short notes during the meeting as there may be a number of buying requirements. The outcome of this meeting is to establish a good working relationship with the prospect and to have the necessary information to work out a proposal later.

At the conclusion of this meeting, the prospect will make arrangements to meet you again a month later to review the costing and proposal. This meeting is expected to last about 20 minutes. Q7 What must my team prepare for Part 1 – Needs Discovery? Your team will have to review all the role play materials such as venue rental charges, menu items, hotel information as you may have a need to use part of this information in the meeting. Select a leader who will be leading the team. He or she should be the one to introduce the rest of the members during the approach stage.

All team members are expected to chip in to ask questions during the meeting. So, work out your strategy on the type of questions to be asked. There is no need to “sell” your hotel in the first meeting but you must be prepared to briefly talk about how your hotel can be an excellent choice for the prospect’s event. Q8 What happens after Part 1? With the information you obtained from Part 1, your team will now need to look how you can best tailor a customized solution to your prospect’s needs.

With the budget in mind, your team will need to work out what hotel facilities will be activated for this event and how much it will cost the prospect. You will also need to think about the ways in which you can convince the prospect to choose your hotel to host the event as other hotels may also be keen to have the prospect’s business. You are expected to prepare PowerPoint slides and if necessary, Excel worksheets for your costing computation. You may also wish to prepare a simple one-page contract agreement for the prospect to sign at the next meeting.

Be as creative and imaginative as possible and think how you can impress your prospect the next time you meet him. Also, after Part 1, your team needs to send a follow-up e-mail to your tutor (customer) to thank the customer for the meeting and to confirm the details of your discussion. This e-mail must be send to your tutor within 4 days after the end of Part 1. Q9 *What’s* happening in Part 2? In Part 2 of ICA3, your team will meet up with your prospect again to present to him your proposal.

In this presentation, you will use the PowerPoint slides as well as excel worksheet (if required) plus any marketing collateral for your prospect’s review. All members of the team are expected to do part of the presentation. Be prepared to handle any objections/points of resistance raised by the prospect. Your objective of this meeting is reestablish the relationship, execute your presentation strategy, handle any objections and use the right kinds of closing methods to close the deal. Depending on your execution, your prospect may or may not sign the agreement.

Q10 How do we do our presentation in Part 2? Must it be a formal presentation like other module’s ICA presentation? No, there is no pre-determined method in how you present to your prospect. Almost all teams will use Powerpoint slides/excel spreadsheets so it’s up to you. Remember you will be meeting in either in your office or your customer’s office. You can use a standard ICA style presentation. Alternatively, many previous student groups use their laptops to do their presentations seated around a meeting table.

The idea is to replicate an actual work environment as much as possible. *Q1*1 Do we need to hand in any written report for ICA3? Yes, there is a short report required for ICA3. Please read through the ICA3 requirements for the report. To be fair, all teams will have to hand in their written report on the same day* even though some teams will only be presenting the following week* due to time constraints. Your tutor will let you know which day to hand in your reports.