Physical abuse is an act where an

Physical abuse is an act where an individual uses their body so that they can inflict intentional harm or injury on another person. If this has been experienced by anyone then that can lead to serious consequences for the individual who was abused especially right after it had been done and it will stay with them for a lifetime. It is everyone’s job to prevent the cause of physical abuse and that is why the signs (indications) of this kind or any kind of abuse need to be known so that the abuse can stop immediately. There are many indicators of physical abuse, such as, a history of unexplained falls or minor injuries, especially at different stages of them healing, unexplained bruising, in protected areas, which won’t really be seen by everyone once the individual has clothes on. An abuser will do this so that they do not caught. There may be bruising on the soft parts of the body or clustered as from repeated striking. As well as that, there may unexplained burns in unusual locations on the body or there may be burns on the body caused by cigarettes or burns, the individual may have unexplained fractures, which wills top them from doing every day things. Also, the individual will have lost weight all of a sudden this may be because of the fact that they were malnourished or dehydrated, this may lead them to complain of being hungry all the time.