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Played by Leonardo DiCaprio, Romeo is the young son and successor of Lord and Lady Montague. About sixteen years of age, he is handsome, witty, and, unlike the rest of his clansmen, sensitive. Romeo is a charming, brave, and loyal to his friends and family; a personable character but also passionate to a fault and prone to recklessness and immaturity. It is these negative character traits that lead to his demise later on. He is caught in the middle of a bitter, violent rivalry between his family, the Montagues, and their rivals, the Capulets. Despite being the scion of his family, he is completely indifferent to the feud, caring only for love and romance. In the beginning of the film he is infatuated with a woman named Rosaline, who is never shown on screen. He completely forgets about his infatuation with her once he sees Juliet, the daughter and heir of their most hated adversaries, the Capulets. Romeo braves these odds and marries Juliet in secret, hoping to escape to some place to start a quiet life together. A series of cruel twists of fate has Romeo killing Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, and eventually committing suicide for thinking that Juliet had died.