Policies Associated With Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Environmental Sciences Essay

Climate alteration is a job that has attracted the attending of the whole universe conveying both developed and developing states together. It is the most terrible environmental crisis the universe has of all time faced. Climate alteration is caused by the lifting soaking up of C dioxide ( CO2 ) and other nursery gases like SO2 and N gas into the ambiance as a consequence of human activities. This has caused planetary heating associated with clime alteration ( UNEP & A ; WTO, 2009, p. 1-2 ) .The IPCC, in a conference confirmed that human activities have contributed to the planetary heating. The grounds of this has been witnessed in thaw of snows, lifting temperatures and the rise in sea degree. Between 1995 and 2006, we have informants highest rise in temperatures in human history. The month of July 2006 was one of the warmest month of all time ( KPMG 2007, p. 7 ) .

The possible economic effects of clime alteration attracted the universe attending after the survey conducted in 2006 with the publication of an economic diary on the effects of clime alteration. The survey forecasted that with the negative physical effects of clime alteration, resources such as oil, H2O are steadily decreasing and this may motivate a war Sn the scuffle for the scarce resources. The study states that our future actions related to climate alteration could make hazards of major intervention of economic activities, and the cost of terrible conditions conditions could make 0.5- 1 % of universe GDP per annum by2050. The study besides states that at higher temperatures, developed economic systems face a lifting hazard of tremendous dazes, and gives illustrations such as turning hurricane, lifting instances of inundations, heat moving ridges and the high cost of insurance. It cautions us that if climate alteration is non addressed desperately, it could bring forth hazards of major intervention of economic activities on degrees like those coupled with great wars i.e. World War I and World War II and the great economic depression of 1930 ( KPMG, 2007, P. 7-9 )

Policies associated with Greenhouse gas ( GHG ) Emissions

With increased concern about the future uncertainness of the planet, authoritiess, civil societies, NGOs, concern organisations and organisation which are friendly to environment hold been forced to happen a rapid declaration on this issue of climate alteration. Government and concerns have formulated assorted policies in seeking to cut down the GHG emanations. Most concerns are motivated by the desire to maximise net incomes and might see this at the disbursal of the environment i.e. societal costs. These policies are ;

First is the sustainability of companies describing and climate alteration. It is true that the nucleus of any concern is energy. They use energy in one manner or the other either in the production conveyance or in the operations sector. Climate alteration has put many concerns are on the limelight particularly transnational companies in the energy sector. The energy usage by companies, Ford for illustration, to bring forth their vehicles and run the workss has caused about 8.4 million metric tones of CO2 emanations ( KPMG 2007, p. 7 )

Approximately 12 % of all adult male made nursery gas emanations are as a consequence of burning of fossil fuels in the vehicles on the route today. This has provided a challenge of cut downing the concentration of nursery gases in the long term the possible fiscal deductions of clime alteration on the concern has received a turning attending and recognition, with, investors and other stakeholders promoting concern to descry, measure and describe in public the fiscal deductions of clime alteration to their concerns ( KPMG 2007, p. 8 )

Second is the International statute law and ordinance on issue of climate alteration. States have to do enormous attempts towards accomplishing the mark of decrease of GHG emanations. There have been intense dialogues, lobbying and audiences in an attempt to salvage the environment. Under the United Nations Program, the Kyoto Protocol was founded. The Kyoto Protocol started in early 2005, with now over 165 province have now become signers to the protocol, and with the noteworthy exclusions of the USA. The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme ( EU ETS ) was launched in early 2005, and it formed a market across the European Union for the trading of emanations in line with the Kyoto Protocol ( KPMG 2007, p. 9 )

The Linking Directive was introduced in the European Union back in 2005 to associate the EU ETS with the Kyoto Protocol and let credits generated under the protocol to be used in the European Union. In mid-2005 six major states signed the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Climate Change, and program aimed at utilizing engineering to cut the nursery gas emanations. The planetary nursery gas emanations merchandising market improved from approximately zero in 2003 to about 18 million Euros by 2006, this is harmonizing to informations from Point Carbon. In the USA, the provinces of California and a aggregation nine provinces on the Eastern Seaboard launched The Regional Greenhouse Initiative where they were presenting ordinances on nursery gas emanations, and similar policies have been anticipated by province authoritiess in Australia ( KPMG, 2007, p. 9 ) .

Emissions Trading and the Kyoto Protocol

In admiting the negative physical effects of clime alteration, governmental based emanations merchandising strategies have been formed in certain parts like for illustration the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, and universally under the United Nations i.e. Kyoto Protocol founded on the thought of tradable C credits. The Kyoto Protocol is in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( UNFCC ) , and is a combination of government-specific nursery gas emanations aims and emanations merchandising mechanisms. It is founded on the recognition that the ambiance is a resource shared among states, and that states have common but noteworthy functions in taking action to command nursery gas emanations. This is misunderstood that all states have an answerability to take the conflict, but that developed states have a specific incrimination to travel in front. Until now, 167 states have signed the Kyoto Protocol, with the two exclusions being industrialised states such as the USA and Australia ( Sussman & A ; Freed 2008, p. 7 ) .

In an effort to accomplish its Kyoto Targets, the EU launched the EU Emissions Scheme in 2005. This strategy restricts on emanations from over 12000 installings across Europe. If the installings surpass the bound, member provinces must buy the C credits or pay a all right. The C credits can be purchased from within the European Union provinces or from states that have ratified Kyoto Protocol and are involved in mechanisms for international trading of emanations. There has been some grade of trade of emanations has taken topographic point between the USA and Australia late, in the signifier of the Chicago Climate Exchange and the NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme. More public emanations trading are under advancement between the US and Australia ( Sussman & A ; Freed 2008, p. 7 ) .

Deductions of International concern of Climate Change

There are turning fiscal deductions for concern from the new set of Torahs and markets intended to move in response to the impact of clime alteration, such the European Unionaa‚¬a„?s Emissions Trading Scheme and the trading mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol. With the increasing community cognition and anxiousness over clime alteration, companies are sing taking action on clime alteration. The demand for paying attending to effectual coverage on the concern deductions of clime alteration has invariably to turn in the past twosome of old ages, with concerns reacting by raising the coverage on clime alteration in the corporate sustainability study. States have shown strong committedness I guaranting that concerns uncovering the deduction of clime alteration study. This is seen by the increasing outlook that the disclosure should include information about concern deductions of clime alteration are reflected by the debut of new indexs used in coverage ( Sussman & A ; Freed 2008, p. 7 ) .

The alteration has besides affected touristry across the Earth. There have been unprecedented alterations in the seasons of touristry such as winter athleticss vacations. Catastrophes such as tsunami and hurricanes have hurt the touristry industry really much as they largely occur along the costal towns and metropoliss where there country batch of touristry activities. These have lead to a diminution in the grosss got from touristry. The uncertainnesss associated with clime, has influence the flow of tourers in certain countries due to unpredictable conditions conditions. Rising temperatures have besides caused a diminution in the touristry athletics activities such as ski industry due to a autumn in the natural snow ( WMO 2007, p.8 ) .

Climate alteration normally has an impact the public finance of economic systems, both developed, developing and least developed. Assorted sectors in the economic system are affected by it thereby decelerating the economic growing rate. An illustration is states which extremely depend on agribusiness as a primary resource, may see economic dazes during periods of rough climatic conditions, therefore a decrease in grosss. Harsh climatic conditions such as heavy rains, inundations, and drouth besides strain the economic systems for illustration, during nutrients ; citizens are prone to infective diseases which will inurn set force per unit area to the wellness sector ( IMF 2008, p. 1 ) .

Business chances originating from the Effects clime alteration

Climate alteration is making new concern chances for companies, from new regulative models and from altering client demand. Currently the concern population is sensitive to some of the hazards and chances linked to greenhouse gas decrease and the recent and future clime policies. Firms are voluntarily taking stairss to cut nursery emanations sing the effects of clime alteration. Smaller figure concerns are nevertheless including the hazards and chances associated with making concern with the effects of clime alteration in be aftering for their concerns. As uncertainness in the clime alteration looms, these concerns resort to put on the line direction and taking advantage of chances originating with clime alteration ( Sussman & A ; Freed 2008, p. 7 )

Risks and concern chances originating from consequence of clime alteration

Here I would wish to hold with a position that for every job carries with it equal or greater benefits. Despite climate alteration can be destructive ; it offers some ne chances in assorted concerns. Climate alteration can do a scope of physical effects such as a rise in sea degree, and alterations in temperature forms, precipitation, and utmost conditions conditions. These effects can do terrible amendss on the planet. For some concern, these physical alterations may show equal chances every bit good as possible hazards ( FRBCC 2005, p. 7 ) .

The building industry in some countries may see breaks to the building sites and conveyance substructure which may impede the bringing of stuffs. Higher temperatures may besides cut down the on the job clip of workers. Conversely, climate alteration may supply chances by cutting work arrests caused by hoar, hence widening the period of clip where building work is possible. New merchandise markets such as clime proofing stuffs and edifice designs may besides originate ( FRBCC 2005, p. 8 ) .

In agricultural sector, alterations in temperature and precipitation will alter the harvests that are feasible in different countries induce the development of new harvest assortments and version of different farming activities to accommodate the clime alteration. In touristry sector, winter touristry will diminish, but alternatively extended spring and summer recreational chances will replace it. In the fiscal sector, insurance industry faces many hazards from the physical effects of clime alteration, with high no of claims and the decreased figure of reliable investment bankers. Still there is a important rise of new chances such as developing and marketing new merchandises and assisting in cutting losingss by guaranting that preventative step are taken. In the technological sector, higher temperatures can do the hazard in research lab procedures related to biotechnology and production of chemical elements. There is besides an tantamount benefit related to these jobs. These industries can develop new merchandises for agribusiness, wellness and other sector that are affected by clime alteration ( FRBCC 2005, p. 9 ) .

Schemes for Reducing GHG emanations

Most companies have made attempts towards a decrease of GHG emanations, like the Ford Company. Since the twelvemonth 2000, Ford Company has tried cutting the emanations of CO2 from all its mills and installations by 15 % and has even targeted farther steps. They besides participate in C trading mechanisms in Europe and North America. They have besides increased the ingestion of renewable beginning of energy such solar and weave energy. This has enabled them to cutting energy costs ( FRBCC 2005, p. 9 ) .

They are besides assisting in cutting the usage of GHG emanations from their vehicle production. This is done by spread outing the production of intercrossed vehicles and promoting the usage of ethyl alcohol as a beginning of fuel. Production of more fuel efficient autos and bettering the efficiency of gasolene and Diesel engines and making consumer consciousness are some of the actions being taken by Ford to cut GHG emanations. This is because, merely 10 % of the GHG of a lifetime emanations from a vehicle are produced during their industry. The staying 90 % of this GHG is produced when they are being used ( FRBCC 2005, p. 10 ) .


Policies on GHG should concentrate on all countries of the economic system. They should advance the saving and debut of lower C fuels, and besides raising the demand for more adequate efficient merchandises across all sectors of the economic system. Transport sector i.e. vehicles and the usage of fuel should be addressed as a wide construction in the decrease of GHG emissions.GHG policies should besides hold a limelight on acquiring the most resourceful and cost efficient methods of cutting the usage fuel energy and nursery gas emanations. Any possible plans to cutback GHG emanations should be founded on C trading system that cut the sum of C that is brought in the economic system ( FRBCC 2005, p. 10 ) .

Furthermore, the Carbon trading systems should non merely concentrate on the safety of our environment but besides have economic deductions, non to harm economic growing and keep monetary value stableness ( FRBCC 2005, p. 10 ) .Education of consumers and the companyaa‚¬a„?s employees and consumers plays an of import function in cutting the usage of GHG emanations. Companies give their employees proper information and equipments to assist them supply a solution to control GHG emanations. Decreases of GHG emanations require strong partnerships with assorted organisations that are friendly to the environment, authoritiess, NGOs and civil society ( FRBCC 2005, p. 10 ) .

An illustration is the partnership between Ford and Ballard Power System on fuel cell vehicles which is centered on the technological promotion. Companies sometimes get involve in advancing research, for case, Ford spouses with many organisations to research on the deduction of clime alteration. Examples of these researches comprises of a research on the Inter-relationships between air quality and clime alteration and the possible emanations related to hydrogen fuel system. Sometimes Ford supports research related to climate alteration like their spouse faux pas with Princeton Centre for Energy and Environmental Studies ( FRBCC 2005, p. 10 ) .

Wayss of cut downing GHG emanations Transport Industry.

In the US entirely, conveyance sector is the 2nd largest emitter of GHG after electricity coevals, and it is the fastest turning sector. In the developed and developing economic systems, conveyance industry has grown quickly in an attempt to tackle untapped resources. Due to this, we must happen the best alternate methods if we are to accomplish the mark of cut downing GHG emanations. There are four method of cut downing C emanations in the conveyance sector. These are:

There is need increase the efficiency of energy usage in the conveyance sector. Cuting the strength of C energy needs the use of options of crude oil fuels such as natural gas or H gas. Nitrogen gas can be the most efficient when produced from renewable beginnings of energy or from atomic energy. Nitrogen from dodo fuels which is the most economical manner can non be the best option since it would bring forth GHG emanations. Efficient decrease of GHG emanation needs a complete remotion of GHG emanations from the fuel rhythm ( Green & A ; Schafer 2003, p. 10 ) .

The 2nd manner is replacing beginnings of energy that are of C intensive beginnings. This can be achieved by traveling from methods of conveyance that are more energy intensive to the 1 that are less energy intensive. Sometimes, the usage of a decrease in the no of going such as increasing the tenancy rates in a vehicle, utilizing direct paths etc The 3rd method is the addition of efficiency with which transit system gives mobility. And the 4th is cutting the conveyance activities ( Green & A ; Schafer 2003, p. 12 ) .

Governments can play a important function in controling the negative effects of conveyance to the environment. If the market doe non acknowledge the importance of cutting GHG emanations, really few concerns will put in research and development, to construct new and less pollutant engineerings. Governments can implement different policies to work out this job. They can straight put in research and development or signifier partnerships with organisations with the industry to rush up the technological promotion. Government can act upon the market forces by using financial policies such as revenue enhancements, subsidies and usage of inducements on the activities that cut down C emanations ( Green & A ; Schafer 2003, p. 11 )

To cut down the GHG emanations, companies are makers are bring forthing vehicles that can devour bio-fuels. They besides produce battery electric vehicles. The usage of H fuel cells which is merely applicable in the long tally. In the air power industry, it is non spared either, it is besides affected by the debut of GHG decrease constabularies such as C trading through European Union Emissions Trading Scheme ( EU ETS ) and C revenue enhancements normally implemented on rider tickets. The air power industry will be forced to bear the cost and coercing the air hoses either purchase emanations rights or invest in engineerings that produce low C contents. The C emanations merchandising strategy requires that there should be an addition in the crude oil monetary values, this will ensue in the addition in the cost of fuel ( Llewellyn & A ; Chaix 2007, p.62-63 ) .

Extra benefits of Reducing GHG emanations can be found in the wellness sector. Reduction of C pollution reduces the wellness hazards related to GHG such as mortality rate, and diseases associated with the environment. The loss of work clip due to clip taken to bring around the diseases is besides reduced. Governmentaa‚¬a„?s costs on proviso of wellness services to her population are besides greatly reduced. In the economic sector, there has been an Improvement in salvaging of the energy. The transportation of engineerings that are energy efficient has helped developing economic systems to cut their GHG emanations. It has besides helped the states that are non willing to back the Kyoto Protocol like the USA and Australia. Furthermore transportation of engineerings have helped in happening a solution to the non duty barriers, therefore have promoted international trade. Carbon trading have provided an option to the unsafe environmental activities the give rise to the GHG emanations ( Dudek, Golub & A ; Strukova 2002, p. 13 )


We have seen the deduction of international concern of clime alteration and discussed the policies associated with it. These policies may change in different states peculiarly between provinces that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol and the province that have non ratified like the USA and Australia. However despite these, most states are committed to the preservation of the environment and control the GHG emanations. These attempts were seen by a convention in Copenhagen in 2009 where states didnaa‚¬a„?t reach an amicable solution. Future policies should advance the usage of low C fuels such as ethyl alcohol by supplying better market conditions and inducements. These policies should guarantee that efficient energy merchandises are used. An efficient conveyance system needs some slow alterations in the engineering and a alteration in consumer demand for better and effectual merchandises. Long- term solutions to climate alteration requires a batch of clip to work out, nevertheless, the initial stairss can assist in controling GHG emanations, for case, educating consumers on their responsibilities in the preservation of the environment.