Portraying The Novel The Bluest Eye English Literature Essay

“ Thrown, in this manner, into the binding strong belief that merely a miracle could alleviate her, she would ne’er cognize her beauty. She would see merely what there was to see: the eyes of other people ” ( 46 ) . In the novel The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison portrays through her characters how the criterion of white beauty disfigure the lives and relationships of black adult females. The fresh takes topographic point in the 1940 ‘s, and back in those yearss society had set the criterions that to be beautiful one had to possess light-haired hair, bluish eyes, and have white tegument. For case, Geraldine is a black in-between category adult female populating in the community. She does conform to the criterions of beauty. In order to keep on to this beauty she would instead lose the relationship she has with her household. Besides Pecola Breedlove is a immature black miss, who tries to run into the criterions of beauty. She becomes obsessed with holding bluish eyes. Pecola candidly believes that if she possessed this beauty, so she every bit good as her household would be happy. On the other manus, the new miss in school Maureen Peal has high xanthous tegument and green eyes, and does non hold to conform to the criterions of beauty because she already possesses it. The criterion of white beauty is forced upon Geraldine and Pecola by the society in which they live in.

Geraldine is the perfect illustration of conforming to the criterions of beauty, and the detrimental effects it has had on her life. Geraldine and other adult females like her will give their full lives seeking to keep a criterion of beauty. For illustration the storyteller states, “ Such misss live in quiet black vicinities where everybody is gainfully employed. Where there are porch swings hanging from ironss. Where the grass is cut with a scythe, where the cock combs and helianthuss grow in the paces, and pots of shed blooding bosom, Hedera helix, and mother-in-law lingua line the stairss and window Sillss ” ( 82 ) . Geraldine tries to retain this beauty and it separates her from her household. While go toing a land-grant college Geraldine learned how to go refined like a white individual. Morrison explains in the novel “ The careful development of thrift, forbearance, high ethical motives, and good manners. In short, how to acquire rid of the funkiness. The awful funkiness of passion, the funkiness of nature, the funkiness of the broad scope of human emotions ” ( 83 ) . Geraldine ‘s sex life with her hubby is simply functional ; while holding intercourse with her hubby she is merely concerned with her hairpins, doing certain that her hair does non go a muss. In Geraldine ‘s instance her hubby was fond of the fact that she liked everything so clean. Their matrimony is out of the ordinary, they do non demo any feelings toward each other. Consequently, Geraldine is non the typical nurturing and loving female parent either. Morrison portrays her as the entire antonym. Geraldine has a boy named Junior. He is taught non to play with certain kids, particularly black kids. This is unusual sing he is black excessively. Junior feels that he is better than other kids because his female parent has filled his head with such prevarications. He wants to play with other kids, but he can non because they are soiled in his female parent ‘s eyes. Geraldine feels like it is her duty to raise a good clean kid with ethical motives, but she does non experience that she has to hold a relationship with Junior. Geraldine does non demo any fondness to her boy ; alternatively she shows more love to her cat which she considers to be cleaner than her boy. By making all of these things she has damaged her relationship with her household.

Another illustration of wholly subjecting oneself to the criterions of beauty is Pecola Breedlove. Pecola thinks the lone manner to work out all her jobs is to hold bluish eyes. She thinks that if she merely looked different so possibly her male parent Cholly and her female parent Pauline would be different excessively ; they would non be hapless, her parents would no longer contend, and her male parent would n’t be an alcoholic. For illustration the storyteller states, “ Possibly they ‘d state, “ Why expression at pretty-eyed Pecola. We mus n’t make bad things in forepart of those pretty eyes ” ( 46 ) . Pecola would pray for bluish eyes every dark before she went to kip, in hopes that holding them would somehow alter her life and do it better. Pecola reaches this frame of head through the undistinguished events that have happened in her life. One of these minor events was the purchase of Mary Jane confects. Pecola takes her shoe off and takes out three pennies trusting to purchase the Mary Janes. Pecola gives Mr. Yacobowski the money he hesitates non desiring to touch her manus. Pecola thinks it ‘s because she is ugly and black. She does non halt to believe that possibly the shopkeeper does non desire to touch her manus because she took the money out of her shoe. Pecola was invited into Junior ‘s house, and he kills the cat. Geraldine does n’t care to inquire what happened she merely assumes Pecola hurt the cat because of what she is. This besides emphasizes the position on physical beauty is a agency of being valued and treated good. These apparently minor episodes had a great consequence on Pecola. On the other manus the intervention she receives from her male parent has a major consequence on her life. Her male parent Cholly acts as if Pecola is a plaything and he can make what he wants to her. Cholly rapes his girl Pecola with no existent concern or compunction, and she becomes pregnant by her male parent. This is non the first clip he has raped her it has happened multiple times. Pecola thinks in her guiltless head that her male parent does non love her because she is non beautiful. Pecola thinks she receives bluish eyes from the local psychic Soaphead Church. He convinces her to that if she fed the old Canis familiaris some nutrient, which had toxicant in it and the Canis familiaris acted amusing she would be given her bluish eyes. She develops an fanciful friend to whom she talks to about her new bluish eyes. She talks to her friend about how bluish and beautiful her eyes are. Morrison leads the reader to believe that even though Pecola thinks she has received these bluish eyes, it still does non convey her consolation. The eyes she received from Soaphead Church she believes will ne’er be bluish plenty. Pecola ends up losing her head. For illustration the novel provinces, “ Walking up and down, up and down, her caput jolt to the round of a drummer so distant merely she could hear. Elbows dead set custodies on shoulders she flailed her arm like a bird in an ageless, monstrously ineffectual attempt to wing ” ( 204 ) . A immature miss ‘s life is ruined all because of society doing beauty such a high criterion.

Maureen Peal seems to suit the criterions of beauty ; on the other manus Pecola does non. Maureen is a light skinned black miss who seems to body white traits. She is from a affluent household, unlike Pecola whose household is hapless. Her eyes are green and her hair is long and styled. Maureen is good liked by hers instructors, but Pecola is ignored. Maureen is liked by the kids at school, but Pecola is teased by the kids at school. For case the storyteller states, “ [ Maureen Peal ] enchanted the full schoolaˆ¦ black misss stepped aside when she wanted to utilize the sink or toiletaˆ¦ . She ne’er had to seek for anybody to eat with at the cafeteria-they flocked to the tabular array of her pick ” ( 62-63 ) . Even though Maureen is non that reasonably sing she has a “ Canis familiaris tooth, ” a pointed tooth which is on the side of her upper jaw. She is still envied by the black kids because of her much igniter tegument. Maureen thinks of herself as cute, unlike Pecola who thinks of herself as ugly. Maureen is everything that Pecola wishes she could be. Morrison uncovers the magnitude of Pecola ‘s name through Maureen ‘s character. Maureen confuses Pecola ‘s name with a character ‘s name in the film “ Imitation of Life ” ( the characters name is truly Peola ) . Pecola is delighted to be recognized with the character in a film and a visible radiation skinned character no less. Bing recognized as this character makes her believe, she is one measure closer in her wish coming true. Morrison makes the reader, particularly the adult females reader ‘s think about all the Maureen Peal ‘s they have known throughout their lives. The one whose perfection cast a shadow on all other adult females ‘s imperfectnesss, but is lifted up by society.

It ‘s been said that if a individual has good expressions he or she can acquire by in life on looks entirely. The society in The Bluest Eye wants its members to co-occur to the criterions of beauty. For case, society wants people to look a certain manner, like people in the films, magazines and on hoardings. Blacks in those yearss were looked down upon ; if a individual was black, he or she was considered dirty or improper. To suit the standards for being beautiful one must possess bluish eyes, light-haired hair, and white tegument. Geraldine does conform to the criterions of beauty, and she will pass her whole life seeking to keep on to this beauty. She has lost herself in order to keep the criterions of beauty. Pecola Breedlove strives for beauty throughout the novel. She knew that people in the community looked down upon her for being ugly and black. If Pecola merely had bluish eyes she thought things would be different. Pecola hoped she would be recognized and become beautiful. Maureen Peal already conforms to the criterions of beauty because she has the igniter tegument and alternatively of bluish eyes she has green. She is from a rich household, and has no concerns, unlike Geraldine and Pecola. These hopeless longings to suit the criterions of beauty merely fill these characters life with hurting and sorrow. Morrison is exemplifying through these characters that beauty does non come from the outside visual aspect, but that beauty comes from within. Until people realize this, they will ne’er cognize what it genuinely means to be beautiful.