Residential care homes are usually very busy

Residential care homes are usually very busy in the lounge area, where they host many social activities for service users to get involved in. There is often a lot of background noise, which makes it much more difficult for an elderly service user with hearing impairments to hear what the service provider is saying because of the overflow of background noise. Most importantly, hearing aids should be offered to the service user immediately and an appointment should be booked as soon as possible to help the service user with their hearing impairment. Whilst waiting on the appointment, to ensure the service user understands what is being said especially when containing vital information, the health care worker must take him to a quiet room with walls for one-to-one communication instead of the lounge area. The health care worker must also pronounce words loud and clear so the service user can lip read when necessary. To ensure lip reading is easily accessible, it is important the health care worker is at eye level with the service user where there is bright lighting.