Reviewing The Beautiful And Damned Novel English Literature Essay

In 1922, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the novel The Beautiful and Damned, which challenged his literary repute. In his novel, Fitzgerald intertwines his life experiences into the characters of the novel. Fitzgerald places a great accent on a individual period of the lives of the two chief characters, Anthony and Gloria Patch, as they travel from a clip of joy and felicity, to a clip of hatred and discontent towards one another. Anthony Patch sets out on a life journey from Harvard, to alcoholism, greed, and self commiseration ; finally damaging his head and organic structure from the effects of both.

The rubric The Beautiful and Damned finally refers to the two chief characters in the novel, Anthony Patch and his married woman Gloria. While populating the good life, of excessively many parties and inordinate intoxicant, Anthony and Gloria open themselves to enduring and failure. The “ beautiful ” and the “ blasted ” are one and the same people. It ‘s their beauty and sloppiness that damns them to fall from grace and suffer.

The Beautiful and Damned was set in the same clip period that F. Scott Fitzgerald himself lived. There are many similarities between Fitzgerald and the chief character, Anthony Patch. Matthew Bruccoli stated it best “ The Dominant influences on F. Scott Fitzgerald were his aspirations, literature, Princeton, Zelda Fitzgerald and intoxicant ” ( 2003 ) . Fitzgerald portrayed these same attributes to the chief character, Anthony Patch. The narrative begins in 1913, when Anthony Patch was 25 old ages old. Anthony ‘s life begins with much grief. At age eleven, he had already lived through the deceases of both his female parent and male parent. During his Juvenile old ages, Anthony goes to England, for private tutoring, and so finally attends Harvard. After graduating from Harvard, Anthony had high aspirations for himself. He considered himself to be above others ; in an blue sense. He felt that he would one twenty-four hours make something meaningful with his life ; something that would convey him much ill fame and celebrity.

Fitzgerald was coached from a immature age to endeavor for Excellency. Fitzgerald had high aspirations for himself. He attended Princeton, in 1917, but shortly dropped out because of fright of neglecting. Literature played a really big function in his aspirations. From his brief clip at Princeton he wrote narratives for several of the school magazines.

In the Novel, Fitzgerald gave these same attributes to the chief character, Anthony Patch. In the novel, Anthony besides shows an involvement in literature. He is afforded the chance, through his allowance from his gramps, to get a instead big aggregation of literature ; literature that was thought to be gettable merely by the astute and rich.

Anthony Patch was besides taught to endeavor for Excellency. He was tutored in England, by private coachs and so attends Harvard. After graduating from Harvard, Anthony goes abroad to Rome and lives a really free life, where he paints and enjoys his clip with friends that he met at Harvard. Anthony moves to New York City several old ages subsequently, because of his gramps ‘s unwellness, and is engrossed in the blue and foolhardy ambiance of the Jazz Age.

Fitzgerald ‘s Hagiographas were really influential at the clip. It is thought that Fitzgerald ‘s parts to literature helped form movie and theater, and that movie managers took some of the literary cognition from Fitzgerald, and used it as their ain. The changing civilization and attitudes of the 1920 ‘s were resonated in movies and in books. But, the critics of the clip were hesitating to put Fitzgerald in the class as that of Faulkner, or the kind. Alternatively, Fitzgerald was categorized as a “ Jazz Age Writer ” . Jonathan Enfield stated that movie ‘s influence both on Fitzgerald ‘s technique and on the wonts of vision determining his technique have much broader deductions for the survey of American fiction ( 669 ) .

Fitzgerald coined the term “ The Jazz Age ” . “ The “ Jazz Age ” for Fitzgerald the term may hold resonated humorously with Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age-periodizations of antediluvian humanity that came into usage among archeologists during the 2nd half of the 19th century ” ( Breitwiese, 2000 ) . The Jazz Age saturated the civilization of the 1920 ‘s. This was a really foolhardy clip. It was the “ anything goes ” attitude that fostered after World War One. One could hear the bass from the wind nine vibrating throughout the streets, and the exhilaration of sing the questionable speakeasies, where intoxicant was consumed belowground because of the prohibition Torahs.

The Decade of the 20 ‘s was besides known as the roar, despite the 1921 recession. During this clip Industrialism came approximately, and the in-between category found themselves able to get the same wealths and chances that the rich normally enjoyed. Fitzgerald was perceptibly one of the first writers to supervise these alterations in the American Culture, and he used these designs to put the phase for his 2nd novel The Beautiful and Damned. The fresh portrays a cheerless portrayal of what can go on to a married twosome during the lazy and hedonic society of the Jazz Age.

In Fitzgerald ‘s novel, Anthony Patch ne’er maintained employment during his clip in New York. He lived off of an heritage, left by his female parent after her decease old ages earlier. Anthony learned rather a batch about the stock market from his gramps, who was a millionaire at the clip, and he used that cognition to roll up himself a instead profitable aggregation of nest eggs bonds. The nest eggs bonds seemed to be making rather good ; so good that Anthony had no demand or want to works some dead terminal occupation, or any occupation at all for that affair. Anthony felt that to get work was “ beneath him ” and he was raised to execute better maps for society ; he merely did n’t cognize precisely what that was, yet.

Anthony held many parties in his flat. The flat was where life started for him. It was where he slept, Ate, and most significantly of all entertained. His flat was kept clean by a pantryman, who brought him his mail, and cooked his breakfast every forenoon. Anthony ‘s aesthete character was resonated on to his really finical invitee, Maury Noble and Richard Caramel, who were his friends from Harvard of class. Anthony ‘s engagement with Maury and Richard ever involved the pleasantries of intoxicant. At first, the intoxicant ingestion is maintained at a societal degree. Anthony is individual and incorporates intoxicant into his agenda every bit frequently as he can. Every clip Anthony hosted a get together at his flat in Manhattan, intoxicant was introduced to put the temper. Many critics of the fresh province that “ The strongest autobiographical elements in Fitzgerald ‘s 2nd novel, The Beautiful and Damned, prevarication in its portraiture of a matrimony both defined and strained by eternal parties in New York City and its environments ” ( Baughman ) .

Since this is a love narrative gone severely, I think it ‘s of import to explicate how Anthony met his married woman, Gloria, in the novel. Through Richard Caramel ‘s familiarity, Anthony meets Richards ‘s cousin, Gloria Gilbert. Gilbert, a phase miss from Kansas City Missouri, was deemed to be one of the most sought after in the state, at the clip. Her beauty was untasted, as Anthony would shortly happen out. One twenty-four hours, Richard brings Gloria over to Anthony ‘s flat for an debut. Anthony finds Gloria to be beaming, as she parades around the room ; speaking merely about herself. Anthony finds his head wondering. He looks at her and thinks “ She was dazzling-alight ; it was agony to grok her beauty in a glimpse ( Fitzgerald, 57 ) . Anthony and Gloria continue to travel out together, until Gloria determines that she truly likes the rich free life style that Anthony is populating. She wants to be a portion of it. The parties, theater and speakeasies make her come alive in the narrative ; as if this was her lifestyle anterior to her meeting Anthony. I think that Gloria and Anthony are compatible, for the most portion, because both Anthony and Gloria are both really self absorbed in themselves. They both want glorification and success, but they are unable to travel beyond their ain ego absorbed atmosphere to obtain it. Anthony is waiting on his gramps to decease, so that he can take over the big heritage, and he refuses to step out of that kingdom of thought. Anthony is afraid to take the following measure to obtain anything, much less a occupation. Gloria is so self- absorbed, and stuck up. She could hold had any adult male, as she stated in the novel “ If I wanted anything, so I would merely take it. ”

The lives of Anthony and Gloria rapidly went downhill because of their attitudes. This is dry because the life of Fitzgerald, as this is non a life, between the visual aspect of his first novel, This Side of Paradise, in the spring of 1920 and his 2nd Novel, The Beautiful and damned, two old ages subsequently, was about as self destructive as that of Anthony Patch Gloria in the novel ( Eble, 1999 ) . I think the New York Press Stated it best “ The novel is full of that sort of pseudo-realism which consequences from closing one ‘s eyes to all that is good in human nature, and looking merely upon that which is little and mean-a position rather every bit false as its extreme antonym, which, change by reversaling the procedure, consequences in what we have learned to sort as “ glad ” books ” ( Field, 1922 ) .

The most conducive factor to Anthony ‘s mental wonder and his gradual devolution was his changeless ingestion of intoxicant. When Anthony and Gloria left their flat in New York, and moved to their “ Gray House ” in Marietta, they continued to host luxuriant parties ; even thought there budget would non allow it. Anthony ‘s intoxicant ingestion became worse over clip. He began to imbibe in the forenoon. He would travel to eating houses with his friends at tiffin and imbibe more intoxicant. Dinner would besides include intoxicant. It shortly became evident that Anthony was an unbearable dullard without it. It was, as if, Anthony and Gloria were populating at that place twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives without much significance.

There is sarcasm in the fact that Fitzgerald was besides known by his friends to hold a serious imbibing job. Fitzgerald liked to populate the free life every bit good. “ First there were the bibulous flings that seemed to be a jubilation of young person and verve, tardily followed by the bitter, opprobrious inebriation that many of Fitzgerald ‘s friends had come to see as sheer ego devastation ” ( Irwin, 1987 ) . Was Fitzgerald truly vibrating his personal feeling in his Hagiographas? I think he was. In fact, most critics strongly believe that “ the Beautiful and the Damned is therefore an geographic expedition of life ‘s meaningless and of the decay of character that consequences from such a point of position ” ( Pelzer 53 ) .

When Anthony ‘s gramps dies, he is shocked to happen out that his gramps, out of arrant disgust towards Anthony, fails to go forth him any of the heritage. For old ages Anthony waited, with high hopes that he would have the heritage, and he expected it because he was the first grandson. He had no desire to acquire a occupation, or better himself, because he merely knew that he would someday be rich from the money handed down. Anthony refused to give up and he decided to convey the affair before the tribunals. This might hold been the lone clip in the narrative that Anthony really asserted himself at anything. Gloria, who is by now absolutely frustrated with Anthony ‘s changeless imbibing and spat, withdraws from him.

Dayss before the heritage, their money dries up. Anthony goes out to soak some tickers, but comes back ulterior rummy and crush up by one of his former co-workers. His friends, Maury in peculiar, sees Anthony turning into a rummy, and he refuses to assist Anthony. When Anthony returns to his flat subsequently that eventide, he is met by Gloria, who informs him that he won the heritage. It was excessively late. The money did n’t affair any longer. Anthony was mentally and physically rupture down by the effects of intoxicant, that he would ne’er be able to bask the money, as he dreamed when he was immature.

The narrative ends with Anthony sitting in a wheelchair and looking out at the docks ; waiting on a ship to take him to England ; where he will populate the remainder of his life. Anthony references during the last page in the book that he did non give up, despite what people thought of him.

Even thought Fitzgerald did non gain a batch of credibleness with this novel, he did an first-class occupation of portraying a love narrative ; that is finally ruined by greed and desperation. It is easy to see how this could hold happened during the foolhardy times of the 1920 ‘s.