Romeo And Juliet Analyzed English Literature Essay

At the party, Romeo locks eyes with a immature adult female named Juliet. They immediately fall in love, but they do non recognize that their households are mortal enemies. When they realize each other ‘s individualities, they are devastated, but they can non assist the manner that they feel. Romeo sneaks into Juliet ‘s pace after the party and proclaims his love for her. She returns his sentiments and the two decide to get married. The following twenty-four hours, Romeo and Juliet are married by Friar Lawrence ; an event witnessed by Juliet ‘s Nurse and Romeo ‘s loyal retainer, Balthasar. They plan to run into in Juliet ‘s Chamberss that dark.

Friar Lawrence informs Romeo that he has been banished from Verona and will be killed if he stays. The Friar suggests Romeo spend the dark with Juliet, so go forth for Mantua in the forenoon. He tells Romeo that he will try to settle the Capulet and Montague difference so Romeo can subsequently return to a united household. Romeo takes his advice, passing one dark with Juliet before flying Verona.

Juliet ‘s female parent, wholly incognizant of her girl ‘s secret matrimony to Romeo, informs Juliet that she will get married a adult male named Paris in a few yearss. Juliet, outraged, refuses to follow. Her parents state her that she must get married Paris and the Nurse agrees with them. Juliet asks Friar Lawrence for advice, take a firm standing she would instead decease than marry Paris. Fr. Lawrence gives Juliet a potion which will do her appear dead and tells her to take it the dark before the nuptials. He promises to direct word to Romeo – meaning the two lovers be reunited in the Capulet vault.

Shakespeare instantly builds tenseness at the start, Juliet in stating Romeo that she loves him and does n’t desire him ago. Then Romeo queerly predicts his hereafter, stating “ I must be gone or remain and decease ” Romeo so continues the subject of decease, by so stating “ allow me be ta’en, allow me be put to decease ” he once more repeats the subject of decease, “ come decease, and welcome ” when Juliet realises that Romeo is serious about remaining, she pushes him to travel. “ it is, it is, hie hence, be gone, off! ”

“ More light and light – more dark and dark our sufferings ” Romeo says, Shakespeare builds the tenseness by bespeaking, that as the twenty-four hours progresses their problems will increase. Then all of a sudden Shakespeare builds up terror, the nurse enters “ your lady female parent is coming to your chamber. The twenty-four hours is broke ; be wary, look about. ” this evidently makes Romeo run around like a headless poulet assemblage al his apparels, to set them on. Romeo runs out onto the balcony, and descends after catching one last passionate kiss off of Juliet. As Romeo reaches the underside, Juliet says “ O God, I have an ailment divining psyche! Methinks I see thee, now thou art below, as one dead in the underside of a grave ; either my oculus sight fails, or thou look’st bucket ” so Juliet intuition tells her something bad is traveling to go on, she is seeing Romeo as a dead adult male. And the following clip they see each other Romeo is dead. Romeo replies “ And swear me, love, in my oculus so make you ; dry sorrow drinks our blood. Adieu, Adieu! Back so Elizabethans believed that every clip person sighed they lost a bead of blood, so person could decease from unhappiness. ”

Lady Capulet enters, and once more Shakespeare builds the tenseness, this is due to the fact that it is unusual that lady Capulet to name on her girl, therefore she must hold exciting intelligence to state. “ What unaccustom ‘d do procures her hither? ”

From so on Juliet has a kind of transmutation, from a well behaved kind of miss into a parent withstanding miss, which to the Elizabethans was flooring, every miss should be good behaved and should listen to her parents.

Juliet so starts playing with her words. “ so I ne’er shall be satisfied with Romeo boulder clay i behold him – dead – is my hapless so for a kinsman vex ‘d. Madam, if you could happen out but a adult male to bear a toxicant, I would anneal it, that Romeo should upon reception thereof shortly sleep in quiet. O, how my bosom adhors to hear him nam ‘d, and can non come to him, to bring the love I bore my cousin Tybalt upon his organic structure that hath slaughter ‘d him! ” At the beginning of the sentence Juliet says, “ I ne’er shall be satisfied with Romeo boulder clay I behold him dead ” , at least that ‘s what lady Capulet hears. What the crowd hears is “ satisfied with Romeo boulder clay I behold him – dead – is my bosom so for a kinsman vex ‘d ” so Juliet is stating that her bosom is dead until she see ‘s ‘her kinsman ‘ or her hubby. Not her cousin Tybalt once more. Then she says to her female parent, that if she found a adult male to bear a toxicant that she would anneal it, in Elizabethan times that meant one of two things, to administrate the toxicant or to thin it, evidently in this instance she wants to thin the toxicant so that it is harmless. And upon receipt shortly sleep in quiet. She continues playing with words by so stating “ O, how my bosom ahors to hear him adult male ‘d, and can non come to him. ”

Her bosom aches to hear Romeo ‘s name, and yet she can non travel to him.

Lady Capulet evidently believes that Juliet is sad about Tybalt, and tells her the ground for her visit. And that is to get married the county Paris. This is where juliet ‘s ‘transformation ‘ becomes clear.

“ Now, by Saint Peter ‘s Church and Peter excessively, he shall non do me there a joyful bride ” . As I have said Juliet ‘s refusal would hold been flooring to an Elizabethan audience. Marriage in the Elizabethan times was more like a concern ; it was to increase wealth and position instead than love. Lord Capulet enters, and Juliet and the Lord both have a battle.

Lady Capulet says “ I would the sap were married to her grave! ” Lady Capulet would instead see Juliet dead than act so unwisely to turn down such a good matrimony offer.

“ How how, how how. ” Lord Capulet Starts stuttering because he ‘s so angry “ ‘Proud ‘ – and ‘I thank you ‘ – and ‘I thank you non ‘ – and yet ‘not proud ‘ ? Mistress Minion, you. ” You start to state how angry Lord Capulet is acquiring ; he starts miming Juliet and starts naming her names. He so goes on to endanger her “ Or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither. Out, you green-sickness carrion! Out, you baggage! You tallow-face! ” Lord Capulet is truly aggressive now, even Lady Capulet is surprised at how aggressive he is and attempt ‘s to quiet him down. “ Fie, Fie! What are you huffy? ”

Shakespeare still constructing up tenseness, Juliet says “ Good male parent, I beseech you on my articulatio genuss ” He Then Replies “ my fingers rub ” he wants to hit her “ and that we have a expletive in holding her. ” Lord Capulet once more calls her names. Constructing up the tenseness.

“ God ‘s staff of life! It makes me huffy: Dayss, dark, hr, tide, clip, work, play, entirely, in the company, still my auto hath been to hold her lucifer ‘d ; and holding now provided a gentleman baronial parenthood, of just estates, vernal, and nobly develop ‘d ” Lord Capulet keeps on acquiring more and more aggressive. Lord Capulet leaves and Juliet speaks “ is there no commiseration sitting in the clouds that sees into the underside of my heartache? O, sweet my female parent cast me non off! Delay this matrimony for a month, a hebdomad ; or, if you do non, do the espousal bed in that dim memorial where Tybalt lies. ” She realises she is on her ain because Romeo is banished to Mantua, and her Parents have threatened to disinherit her!

The nurse so comes in when Juliet asks her what to make “ Romeo is banished ; and all the universe to nil that he dares ne’er come back to dispute you ; or, if he do, it needs to be by stealing. Then, since the instance so stands as now it doth, I think it best you married with the County. O, he ‘s a lovely gentleman. ” She should get married the count ; Romeo ‘s every bit good as dead. Juliet is sickened by the nurse ‘s lip service. Juliet make-believes to hold with her “ speak’st 1000 from thy bosom? ”

“ Well, thou hast comforted me fantastic much. G in ; and state my lady I am gone, holding displeas ‘d my male parent, to Lawrence ; cell to do confession, and to be absolved ” she is feigning she is traveling to squeal to friar Lawrence, when truly she is traveling to inquire for his advice. When Juliet is entirely she says “ Ancient damnation! O most wicked monster! Is it more sin to wish me therefore forsworn, or to dispraise my Godhead with the same lingua which she hath prais ‘d him with above comparison so many thousand times? Go counselor ; 1000 and my bosom henceforth shall be couple. I ‘ll to the mendicant to cognize his redress ; if all else fail, myself have power to decease. ” Juliet is stating that is all else fails she will kill herself. Shakespeare leaves the scene on a drop hanger, full of tenseness.