Romeo And Juliet And Truly In Love English Literature Essay

Shakespeare ‘s Romeo and Juliet, has many techniques such as iambic pentameter and sonnets to demo the how strong love can be between two immature people ; caught in between a household feud which kept them from genuinely sing free will to love who they desired. Although the drama is about the love matter of Romeo and Juliet, there are many other parts which show the two lovers being tied into other relationships like Juliet with Paris ; where there is a traditional ordered matrimony for more power and Alliess. Besides craving over person else, like Romeo with Roseline, this can be seen as more physical love and attractive force. Both these cardinal elements play a important portion in the meeting between Romeo and Juliet.

The prologue is imperative as it introduces the subjects ; love, trust, power and societal position, to the audience. These all are shown through a sonnet which shows the love within the drama ; traditionally in the Elizabethan epoch, work forces would seek to win the regard of the adult female they desired, by either contending for her or romantically proposing gifts, like sonnets, and publicly showing his desire. Within the prologue, the scene of the drama is established ; the audience become familiar with the ‘ancient score ‘ of the Montague ‘s and Capulet’s- there were so many jobs that even the retainers and evidences keepers would hold differences with each other.

There are many types of love which can be seen throughout the drama, of which include ; sexual love, unanswered love, courtly love true love and love at first sight. The sexual love can be straight seen from Mercutio, he talks about experiences with adult females and what he assumes Romeo should be taking portion in at his age. Mercutio uses petroleum and harsh linguistic communication to depict adult females “ O Romeo that she were, O that she were/An open-arse, thou a pop’rin pear! ” which shows he does non take love earnestly ; it besides suggests that he could hold had a painful relationship. This has an impact on Romeo as he looks up to Mercutio as a function theoretical account, and hence takes in his hurting, this reflects upon his positions about relationships. The nurse has the same positions on love as Mercutio ; she thinks of it as largely physical- depicting the physical characteristics that are meant to pull Juliet to Paris. She talks about sexual insinuation with Juliet, about Paris, in a really forward manner “ lady, such a adult male / As all the universe – Why, he ‘s a adult male of wax. ” This shows that the nurse thinks of Paris as perfect ”wax ” suggests he can be made to accommodate all of Juliet ‘s demands as a hubby, but besides supplying Alliess with the same self-respect as the Capulet ‘s.

Juliet and Paris ‘ relationship is unanswered and courtly love ; it ‘s true from his side but non from hers. At first, before she has the meeting with Romeo and, Juliet was content with get marrieding Paris although she was still really immature. As the lone girl of a powerful household Juliet would hold been kept under supervising at all times, except for when she visited the church for confession- because of this meeting people her ain age would be limited. The caput of the family- her father- would hold been in control of her hereafter ; choosing who she married and for the grounds she married- courtly love. Paris ‘ love for Juliet is really strong ; he admires her from afar and proposes to her male parent about the matrimony many times before he accepts for his girl. Juliet likely would hold married Paris if she had non hold met Romeo at the Capulet ‘s mask ball ; which Mercutio had convinced Romeo to go to in secret with him- he allowed Romeo to believe that Roseline would be impressed with this gesture of interrupting regulations for her.

The connexion between Romeo and Roseline is besides unanswered love- he thinks that he loves her when in fact, the manner he talks about her shows he is so, merely craving “ Is the twenty-four hours so immature? / Ay me, sad hours seem long ” the tone of his look when stating this can be perceived as a sad teenage male child who takes a liking to the popular miss who he knows he can non have- In add-on this sets a comparing for subsequently in the drama. Roseline plans on going a nun, which means she can non hold a relationship with a adult male ; this still does n’t halt Romeo from being fond of her and loving her from afar ; he says things like “ Aye me sad hours seem long ” , “ In unhappiness, cousin, I love a adult female. ” The look of this can be seen as sad because he states he has nil better to make so wait for her ; to boot this can be pictured every bit hapless as he ne’er informs Roseline of his infatuation for her. In act one scene one Romeo uses paradoxes to depict his feelings for Roseline “ O brawling love, O loving hatred… O heavy elation… ” which shows he is indecisive about his feelings for her ; this illustrates to the audience how he is non genuinely in love with her as he can non do his head up.

We may ne’er cognize what the ancient feud is about between the Capulet ‘s and Montague ‘s ; whether it be a political difference or an eventful matrimony between the two households before this coevals ; accordingly the love linking Romeo and Juliet is stronger, more powerful and- to an extent- purer. Under any other fortunes: Romeo non craving for Roseline, Juliet non fixing to get married Paris and Mercutio non merely believing about physical love- the two lovers would hold ne’er have met. This is apparent to the audience as the young person of the Montague ‘s attack the Capulet family ; Mercutio is fighting to interrupt the love illness of Romeo “ ” If love be unsmooth with you, be rough with love ” “ unsmooth ” implies if Romeo is n’t having love from Roseline, he should seek out ways to do her love him, even though this would n’t be true- as love in all respects is n’t meant to be unsmooth but soft.

As we now know about the other relationships the immature lovers are tied into ; Shakespeare introduces the new relationship between Romeo and Juliet themselves to the audience. In act one scene five Shakespeare uses exaggeration to show the difference of feelings compared to earlier in the play- “ Beauty excessively rich for usage, for Earth excessively beloved! ” Romeo is shown here metaphorically raising Juliet up at first glimpse ; he insinuates his true earnestness by utilizing such words as “ beauty ” in comparing to speaking about Roseline- who he has wholly forgotten about by this point. This shows he could non hold been genuinely in love with her. At the same clip, Juliet captures the image of Romeo standing across the room looking at her ; this causes her to lose her breath in surprise which could be seen as love at first sight. The fact that Romeo mirrors Juliet ‘s motions as she moves around the room, reveals that he ‘s taking her lead- he does non cognize how to near the state of affairs as he has non experienced this before. Shakspere does this to demo the artlessness of the two characters- doing it apparent that this is a particular, one in a lifetime experience. Had the feelings between them merely been lust they would hold non been so eager to happen each other.

At the point where Romeo is no longer seeable, it is apparent in Juliet ‘s face that the hope is lost ; Shakespeare uses this look to his advantage, by demoing the audience the contrast between her facial visual aspect when Romeo is hidden and when he caresses her manus quietly. This contrast shows true feelings she has- from hope to a feeling of loss and ego hatred for non happening him in clip. The first thing Romeo says to Juliet is “ If I profane with my unworthiest manus ” – “ unworthiest ” reveals he does non believe he is valuable for her ; he is seting himself down to promote her position, as with “ holy shrine ” and “ saints ” which are scriptural mentions. During the Elizabethan times, faith played a important portion in mundane life- Shakespeare uses spiritual imagination and linguistic communication to demo Romeo ‘s true feelings for Juliet and the earnestness of them. Romeo refers to himself as a “ pilgrim ” which is inferior to his existent position ; this confirms that he believes Juliet is excessively valuable and worthy for himself. “ So shows a white dove parading with crows ” – Shakspere uses oxymoron ‘s to compare Juliet with the other females in the room ; he refers to her as a “ dove ” among the “ crows ” , saying she is pure and beautiful this shows his echt grasp for her visual aspect.

Romeo inquiries the love he thought he had for Roseline and love itself- “ did my bosom love boulder clay now? ” this shows he is maturating and oppugning what he feels genuinely ; “ bosom ” suggests that he did n’t love Roseline with this in the first topographic point as it could be a different feeling. Shakespeare besides uses iambic pentameter as Romeo speaks about Juliet to demo his desire and earnestness of words- this establishes trust in his feelings from the audience. Comparing the manner Romeo negotiations about his love for Juliet, and how the nurse negotiations about love- in free verse- Shakespeare builds trust from the audience in Romeo ‘s opinions about his feelings of lust towards Roseline, and the true love he feels for Juliet, therefore building the audiences perspectives that the feelings are echt.

Deeper into the drama Romeo is seen giving his of all time turning love for Juliet-Act Two Scene Two is set on the Capulet ‘s land in their grove behind Juliet ‘s quarters. Shakespeare chose this location to demo the extent of the love Romeo has for Juliet, as this is extremely hazardous for an enemy to be making. “ O blessed, blessed dark I am feared, being in the dark, all this is but a dream ” Romeo knows it is world, but still he refers to it as a dream- he continuously believes Juliet is a goddess ; excessively good for him. Juliet is willing to give up everything for Romeo “ Deny thy male parent and decline thy name ” she is even prepared to give up her household name and her household itself for him. Shakespeare uses things which the audience can associate to ; household and the lineage of the household were exceptionally of import in the Elizabethan epoch, so Juliet declaring she would non be loath to go forth her household and the amenitiess of her place to run away proves how much she cares for Romeo.

“ ‘T is but thy name that is my enemy ” – Juliet refers to her ain name to be her enemy and her curse- she inquiries why he has to be a Montague and proposes he changes his name. She besides states that if he will non alter his name, he should get married her ; significance she would alter hers so that they no longer be feuding by name. Juliet concerns approximately Romeo as he devotes his love to her ; she contemplates what might go on if the Capulet ‘s guards find him- she is more practical within her love for him. Shakespeare uses monologue to demo the audience Juliet ‘s true feelings for Romeo when on the balcony ; the linguistic communication used is that of a adolescent miss authorship in her diary- she talks about get marrieding him like in a fairy tale, where everybody “ lives merrily of all time after ” even though she understands that this will ne’er be the instance. Half manner through the twosome giving at that place love- by saying they will disregard the household names- the nurse calls for Juliet- the manner the lovers pull back together and state how they love each other can be seen as the same as twosomes on the phone in modern times ; “ you hang up… ” this shows they do non experience able to be parted and jut privation to hear each other ‘s voices longer.

As the scene progresses the love between the immature twosome develops to true romantic love ; this is apparent as Shakespeare starts to utilize sincerer linguistic communication and farther fluent iambic pentameter. ” And I ‘ll still remain, to hold thee still bury, Forgeting any other place but this ” Romeo refers to Juliet ‘s place as his place in iambic pentameter ; this shows he believes with her he is place. A place is meant to be safe and comforting ; someplace a individual can be themselves with cipher to impress- by stating this Romeo is saying he feels wholly at easiness with Juliet even after such a short period of clip with her. During this epoch, matrimonies where three quarters of the clip for money and power ; the people involved would bit by bit, if at all love each other non genuinely but because they had. Shakespeare uses this to his advantage within the drama, as some- if non most- people in the audience would hold been involved in an ordered matrimony.

Shakespeare uses many ways of demoing the earnestness of Romeo and Juliet ‘s true feelings for each other ; the iambic pentameter plays a important function in demoing the contrast in feelings they each feel each other and for Roseline and Paris and how different people view love, such as Mercutio and the nurse. They talk about love in free poetry ; they speak about the physical side of love instead than the emotional- which in comparing to the love Romeo and Juliet negotiations about ; shows the earnestness of the love between them. The prologue informs the audience of the love between the two lovers before they even know each other exist, this shows that the relationship is what the drama revolves about. The manner Shakespeare has subtly used faith within the descriptions of Juliet from Romeo ‘s point of position aids in demoing the purity of his feeling towards her. The manner enjambement has been used- when Romeo speaks about Juliet- shows how much he cares for her ; he speaks as if it is a verse form dedicated to her and it ‘s indispensable that he is able to convey all his ideas and feelings before she stops listening.