Satire In Huckleberry Finn English Literature Essay

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain is a great illustration of a sarcasm that Twain utilizations to mock different facets of the society. The novel is filled with wild escapades encountered by the two chief character, Huckleberry Finn, an boisterous immature male child, and Jim, a black blowout slave. Throughout the novel, Twain uses Huck to satirise the spiritual lip service, white society ‘s stereotypes, and superstitious notions both to divert the reader and to do the reader aware of the societal ailments of that present clip.

One of the chief victims of Twain ‘s sarcasm is Religion.A Throughout the book, Twain uses assorted state of affairss to mock the beliefs of faith. Couple uses the feud between Grangerfords and Shepardsons to satirise faith and to expose the lip service in people during this clip. Mark Twain writes, “ Following Sunday we all went to church about three stat mi, everyone a-horseback. The work forces took their gun and kept them between their articulatio genuss or stood them handy against the wall. “ ( Twain 109 ) For Twain, such a feud is unpointed and against his common sense. The feud has gone on so long that neither of them knows why or how it started. Additionally, these work forces go to church to pray to God and when they ‘re done, they go out and kill each other. This shows that they go to church to do themselves look good in forepart of the community, non for spiritual intent. Another illustration of sarcasm is when Huck says, “ Then Miss Watson she took me in the cupboard and prayed, but nil semen of it. She told me to pray every twenty-four hours, and whatever I asked for I would acquire it. ” ( Twain 10 ) Couple uses this to mock Christian beliefs. After praying and acquiring nil out of it, Huck seems to reason that there is no point in praying to God if nil is gained from it.

During this clip stereotypes of black people was common in the white society. Twain satirizes white society stereotypes in an effort to tactfully roast society. Huck ‘s upbringing Teachs him that bondage is a portion of the natural order. Because of this, he did n’t happen anything incorrect with the manner slaves were treated. In the beginning of Huck and Jim ‘s journey Huck thinks of Jim as different from him. He expresses this when he says, “ when we was ready to jostle off we was a one-fourth of a stat mi below the island, and it was reasonably wide twenty-four hours ; so I made Jim lay down in the canoe and cover up with a comforter, because if he set up people could state he was a nigga a good ways off. ” ( Twain 51 ) Here, Huck wrongly assumes that people can descry a black individual signifier great distance. At this point, he still believes that inkinesss are basically different from Whites. Another illustration of this is when Huckleberry speaks of Jim, he says, “ he judged it was all up with him anyway it could be fixed ; for if he did n’t t acquire saved he would acquire drowned ; and if he did acquire saved, whoever saved him would direct him back place so as to acquire the wages, and so Miss Watson would sell him South, sure. Well, he was right ; he was most ever right ; he had an uncommon caput degree caput for a nigga. ” ( Twain 76 ) Here, Huckleberry assumes that black people are non every bit smart as Whites. This is another illustration of a common stereotype of that clip. Twain utilizations Jim tactfully to exemplify the fact that dark coloured people are merely every bit intelligent as light coloured people. Finally, Twain besides uses sarcasm when he writes of the rumour of Huckleberry ‘s supposed decease. Twain writes, “ Some think old Finn done it himselfaˆ¦ most everybody thought it at foremost. He ‘ll ne’er cognize how near he come to acquiring lynched. But before dark they changed about and judged it was done by a runaway nigga named Jim. ” ( Twain 56 ) At first, Townspeople suspect Pap, Huck ‘s male parent, the town rummy for the slaying of Huck. Then, people began to surmise Jim because he ran off the same twenty-four hours Huck was killed. However Jim would non hold a motivation to kill Huck whereas Pap ‘s motivation for slaying Huckleberry would be for his heritage. Through this, Twain depicts that white people of that clip would instead fault an guiltless black individual for a offense, than fault one of their ain sort.

Through the book, Twain uses Jim to depict many illustrations of superstitious notions. Jim discusses a great assortment of superstitious notions from the clip Huck meets him on Jackson ‘s Island until the terminal of the novel. At first, Huck rejects most of Jim ‘s superstitious notions as cockamamie, but at last he comes to be thankful for Jim ‘s deep cognition of the universe. One point at which Twain mocks superstitious notion is when Tom plays a fast one on Jim as he sleeps, hanging his chapeau above him on a tree. In an effort to explicate what happed to his chapeau, Jim says, “ Afterwards Jim said the enchantresss be witched him and put him in a enchantment, and rode him all over the State, and so set him under the trees once more, and hung his chapeau on a limb to demo who done it. ” ( Twain 6 ) Here, Twain ridicules superstitionsA for their captivation with the supernatural by demoing a baffled Jim trying to explicate what happened to his chapeau. Another illustration of superstitious is when Twain writes, “ And he said that managing a snake-skin was such atrocious bad fortune that possibly we had n’t got to the terminal of it yet. He said he druther see the new Moon over his left shoulder every bit much as a 1000 times than take up a snake-skin in his manus. ” ( Twain 53 ) Throughout the book, managing a dead snake-skin is seen as a mark of bad fortune and seemingly leads Jim and Huck into all kinds of bad fortune escapades. Yet another illustration of superstitious is when Twain writes, “ Some immature birds come along, winging a pace or two at a clip and lighting. Jim said it was a mark that it was traveling to rain. ” ( Twain 45 ) This is another illustration of one of Jim ‘s superstitious positions. Jim believes there is a mark for all things that happen in nature. JimA viewsA the birds as the mark of rain. Since no conditions devices were available at this clip, marks like these were used to foretell the weather.A

Mark Twain uses much sarcasm in the novel, particularly centered upon the society that was present at that clip and their stereotypes, faith and their superstitious notions. He ridicules society for what Twain thinks is their ignorance. At the clip the book was written, society was rigorous and committed to their spiritual beliefs. Even though spiritualty and faith are a serious affair, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn allowed them to sit back, analyze their ways of thought and hopefully buoy up up a spot.

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