Siddhartha And Chronicle Of A Death Foretold English Literature Essay

Buddha by Herman Hesse and Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez are non novels that lead to the same cosmopolitan message or narrative secret plan, nevertheless, both supporters portion a common fondness toward a concubine. The male position is dominant in both Siddhartha and Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Both novels are written by male writers, the narrative in both novels is male and the chief supporters, Santiago and Siddhartha, are two chesty and proud work forces. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes in Chronicle of a Death Foretold, and Kamala in Siddhartha, are renowned concubines that ain whorehouses, and astound both Santiago Nasar and Siddhartha at the first sight with their natural beauty. “ Siddhartha saw how beautiful she [ Kamala ] was, and his bosom rejoiced ” ( Hesse 29 ) . Santiago Nasar “ lost his senses the first clip he saw heraˆ¦dazzled by Maria Alejandrina Cervantes ‘s illusional calls ” ( Marquez 64 ) . The usage of concubines symbolizes safety and redemption to Siddhartha and Santiago. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes and Kamala are in fact male readings of females. Their word picture is a phantasy because both adult females are portrayed as beautiful, attractive, tempting, supportive, and strong. However, they are submissive and are non strong plenty to overmaster Santiago and Siddhartha.

Maria Alejandrina Cervantes and Kamala are both representations of salvage and safety for Santiago and Siddhartha. These adult females are intimates to the work forces, they provide them with advice and listen to whatever it is that is disturbing their ideas. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes was Santiago ‘s “ huffy passion, his kept woman of cryings at age 15 ” ( Marquez 65 ) . Not merely does Maria Alejandrina Cervantes form a bond to Santiago but she besides develops a relation with the storyteller, Santiago ‘s friend: “ She taught us above all that there ‘s no topographic point in life sadder than an empty bed ” ( 65 ) . A bed embodies heat, comfort, security, and protection. It is soft but built to be lasting and hardy plenty to keep any weight. A adult female is frequently illustrated as possessing these traits, frequently she is the gum that holds together a household or relationship. Siddhartha forms a deep connexion with Kamala: “ You are like me ; you are different from most people. You are Kamala, nil else, and within you is a repose and safety, in which you can take shelter anytime and be at place with yourself, merely as I can, excessively. ” ( Hesse 39 ) . After Siddhartha foliages and Santiago dies both adult females shut their sanctuaries emotionally, nevertheless, they continue their arduous work of delighting others before themselves.

The two adult females act as sanctuaries to the work forces in the novel who depend on their nutriment and attention, but they confine themselves to a life of work, hurting and melancholy for a non-transcendent love. Kamala raises her and Siddhartha ‘s boy entirely until a toxicant serpent bites her. Through the class of this unfortunate event, she is reunited with Siddhartha. “ She thought about her purpose to travel to Gotama to see the face of a perfect adult male, to absorb his peaceaˆ¦she reflected that she had now found Siddhartha alternatively, and that it was good, merely every bit good as if she had seen Gotamaaˆ¦when the concluding pang of hurting filled her eyes ” ( Hesse 62 ) . The storyteller provinces in Chronicle of a Death Foretold that Maria Alejandrina Cervantes “ would travel to kip merely one time and that would be to decease, was the most elegant and the most tender adult female I have of all time known ” ( Marquez 64 ) . When she hears of Santiago ‘s decease, the storyteller goes to her bed and finds her with a platter of nutrient, “ disproportional feeding was the lone manner she could of all time mourn and I ‘d ne’er seen her make it with such heartache ” ( 77 ) . After the work forces leave them, they are left to transport the load of the relationship.

The gender function placed upon each of these adult females by society defines their civilization, and at times may be hypocritical. Siddhartha changes himself wholly and enters the stuff universe where he is seen as a victim to selfish and misdirecting felicity that pulls him off the class of enlightenment. After a period of mercenary felicity, Siddhartha feels empty and worthless. Kamala is to fault for presenting him to the type of life style. Still, “ no 1 was close to him except Kamala ” ( 40 ) . When Siddhartha disappears, Kamala lets herself experience possessed and permeated by him, and has to accept his going. In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Maria Alejandrina Cervantes and Santiago are said to be linked by a “ serious fondness, but without the upset of love, and she had so much regard for him that she ne’er once more went to bed with anyone else if he was present ” ( 66 ) . The adult females in the novels give up portion of themselves in their relation to the work forces. However, the work forces are free from experiencing or giving up any portion of themselves. Family award, societal prestigiousness, and a adult female ‘s pureness and virginity are of import to the townspeople ; nevertheless, lip service is besides portion of the town in Chronicle of a Death Foretold. The fact that Maria Alejandrina Cervantes owns a whorehouse is non a large trade. She is depicted as a adult female with an dirty profession but know as a beautiful adult female that taught all the work forces about sex. However, “ Angela Vicario, the beautiful miss who ‘d gotten married the twenty-four hours before, had been returned to the house of her parents, because her hubby has discovered she was n’t a virgin ” ( 5 ) . This became a immense dirt when Angela deemed Santiago Nasar responsible for prehending her virginity before her matrimony. Pablo and Pedro Vicario were forced by society to repossess their sister ‘s award, through killing Santiago. From this event, we see that for the two different adult females there are two different criterions. It is acceptable for Maria Alejandrina Cervantes to open a whorehouse, but it is non acceptable when Angela Vicario is non a virgin. It seems that in this civilization a adult female can either follow the rigorous codifications commanding their gender or they can disregard it all together. Contrastingly, in Siddhartha, Kamala is seen as the idol of flawlessness in footings of art in the art of sexual love. She is a concubine, yet she maintains high-class position in society. Merely the wealthiest work forces go learn from her. Kamala cried, “ No, my good adult male, he still does non fulfill me! He must hold apparels, fine-looking apparels, and places, good-looking places, and a batch of money in his bag, and gifts for Kamala ” ( 30 ) . Womans in Siddhartha do non see their organic structures rather every bit extremely as those of Chronicle of a Death Foretold, for such characters have more to their name than award entirely.

Hesse and Marquez use concubines because there is no of import ground for both their male supporters to hold to perpetrate and react to these adult females. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes and Kamala love Santiago and Siddhartha, and serve to supply a love affair in the novels, but they do no play a major function in the novels. Furthermore, it is suggested that a male ‘s nature is superior to a female ‘s, even though the males are immensely dependent on the females ‘ caretaking and nutriment. Santiago and Siddhartha have an emotional bond with Maria Alejandrina Cervantes and Kamala, but no serious relationship is created because they are non meant to be taken earnestly. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes and Kamala do non function as dependable female representations because they are more of a desire fantasized by work forces in the novels. Maria Alejandrina Cervantes and Kamala exist merely when the males need to experience reassurance, strength, and comfort.