Study Of Social Dynamics English Literature Essay

I ‘ve ever been fascinated with the manner people interact. Understanding the grounds behind an interaction has driven me into the sociology field of survey. What causes a individual to move a certain manner? Why are some people introverts and others extraverts? Why can some people walk into a party and feel at place while others feel awkward? I would invariably contemplate these inquiries until I stumbled upon societal kineticss. The ability a society has to respond to alterations within its community is known as societal kineticss. I finally shifted my focal point to individual to individual interactions in one on one cases and group theory. I besides wanted to concentrate on what the nucleus constituents of attractive force are and how they work. This has been a long journey that has changed me for the better. nice house, inherited 1000000s, and owns his ain company has a enormous sum of Survival Value. If he is 5’0, 120lb, and has a physical disablement so his Reproduction Value would be really low. I talked with my friend Dan who is an American Asiatic about this construct. He had some really interesting penetration to give me. He would state me how when he ‘d travel on day of the months with adult females they would state him how they thought he was a financially stable cat and that he was the type to be in a long term relationship. A really stable relationship was to be expected from him. He had a ton of Survival Value at this point. He believed this was because of societal conditioning in the media to convert people that most Asiatic Americans are non in touch with their gender, are nerdy, wimpish, and concentrate on prosecuting an instruction. We discussed how leading, personal appeal, and adventuresome personalities were non perceived traits that American Asian work forces possessed. We noted that the media had a big portion in conditioning us to believe this to be true. Often times the simple belief that something is true by the multitudes can do it a societal world. Even after this discovery I still asked myself “ Why is value such a large factor in finding attractive force? ” I shortly found the reply I was looking for.

I would speak with some friends of mine who were really attractive work forces and inquire them why they were nervous about nearing adult females. The consentaneous response was the fright of rejection. Why is the fright of rejection strong plenty to do many people to avoid interactions? How come what one individual thinks affair so much to us when there are over 6.5 billion people out at that place? I ab initio thought it was our egos non being able to stomach rejection until I read The Venusian Arts Handbook. The writer is Erik von Markovic, but better known by his phase name

Mystery, is one of the universe ‘s most gifted dating managers and pick-up creative persons. He argues that attractive force is non a pick. He wrote:

“ Our struggled for endurance and reproduction comes from a dynamically altering societal environment. Ever since humanity came into being, we have been faced with the challenge of seeking to maintain up with and accommodate to a changeless addition in our population. Life in a little town is really different than life in a large metropolis. See the differences between populating your full life in a little folk of 50 to sixty people, and life in a metropolis of 12 million. Nature has non yet had a opportunity to accommodate your design to the new societal environment. ” ( Mystery 10 )

This was a disclosure for me. I realized that first alteration happens and merely so can humanity easy adapt to those alterations. It is as if our organic structures and emotional circuitry have non yet adapted to today ‘s societal environment and the new challenges it brings. We are still wired for life 40,000 – 60,000 old ages ago. I realized that, logically, rejection causes us no injury but, emotionally, rejection can be a tough pill to get down. Understanding that we are hardwired for life in a little folk led me to a few decisions. In a tribal group the possible adult females to copulate with were really limited compared to today. If you were to near one of these adult females and acquire rejected so all the other adult females would happen out. This would be a heavy load to transport with you and badly decrease your value in their eyes. It could be so bad that no adult female would copulate with you, basically weeding you out of being. This feeds off the theory of pre-selection. A adult male who is preselected by other adult females will be more attractive and one who has been rejected will be less attractive. Imagine you ‘re in a promenade and you notice everyone shriek, panicking, and running towards the issues. Your immediate inherent aptitude is to follow the crowd alternatively of standing

still waiting to happen out what the job is. This is one of our survival inherent aptitudes. You assume that the people have a ground for their reactions merely like you assume a adult male who is preselected by adult females is attractive. This was a discovery for me. I was happening replies that made complete sense to me. I learned more about the attack anxiousness work forces deal with when seeking to speak with a adult female. If you approached a adult female who was already taken you run the existent hazard of danger ; 40,000 old ages ago if you approached the tribal leader ‘s adult female you might stop up being stoned to decease. This natural fright was important in forestalling these immediate dangers from happening. Since our ultimate intent is to last, and without endurance there is no life, these common reactions make a batch more sense to me. Darwin ‘s Theory of Evolution contributed to the belief that our heads have been designed by natural choice to lend to our actions with the purpose of endurance and reproduction. I now understood why we experience approach anxiousness, and what societal value is, but I did n’t cognize what causes attractive force. Be it merely good expressions and money? What makes person attracted to you?

Mystery believes there are several attractive force switches that work forces and adult females experience. Work force ‘s attractive force switches respond to more physical characteristics. We focus on chest size, hip to waist ratios, weight, facial and organic structure symmetricalness, and assorted other young person indexs. I realized why adult females had breast augmentations and worried about their expressions so much. Men focal point more on Replication Value than they do Survival Value. A physically good looking, healthy individual is more likely to last and retroflex in our society than an ugly, physically unfit individual will. I shortly realized how different the genders are when I read the attractive force switches that adult females noticed. Initially I assumed that adult females were attracted to good looking, physically fit work forces, with

money. This is a common misconception that has been socialized into our civilization by the media. Womans are attracted to work forces that are pre-selected. This is n’t merely seen in our species. There was a survey done where a male grouse ( a bird ) was holding problem happening a mate. Scientists placed a stuffed female grouse beside him and females instantly entered his district to copulate with him. “ If a adult female believes a adult male is sexually attractive to other adult females, she will immediately experience an attractive force towards him. “ ( Mystery 46 ) Bing a leader of work forces is another attractive force switch. This implies that you are socially savvy, have the personal appeal for people to listen and follow you, and have garnered the societal position that accompanies a leader. Having the ability to care for possible progeny triggers the defender of loved 1s attractive force switch. These were the three chief causes for attractive force that I found adult females responded to. I realized adult females were more attracted to Survival Value than they were to Replication Value. I had all the information at my disposal, but what good is it if I do n’t utilize it? I decided I was traveling to make some field research and trial out what I had learned.

On March 17th, 2008 ( St. Patrick ‘s Day ) I went out with my cousins Jennifer and Lori to Padre Murphy ‘s in Phoenix. I was traveling to run into up with some other friends at that place and decided it would be a perfect chance to field trial what I had learned. While my cousins and friends were at our tabular array I decided to seek and run into some adult females. I would chew the fat with a batch of adult females but it was n’t traveling every bit good as I ‘d trust it would. I was n’t noticing any indexs of involvement. These are marks that person consciously or unconsciously emits to bespeak they are attracted to you. Some common 1s are when adult females caress their hair ; touch their cervix or face, and laugh with you. After I talked with a few adult females I decided I would seek a new attack. I got my cousins to

semen with me and walked around the saloon. I instantly noticed adult females looking at me more intently. I even returned to a twosome of the adult females I had talked to earlier with my cousins with me. The reaction was unbelievable! The adult females instantly opened up more, focused their attending on me, and were inquiring inquiries about me. I met a twosome more people and the consequence carried over. When I had my female cousins with me the response was a batch heater and friendlier than when I was entirely. I had merely confirmed Mystery ‘s theory on pre-selection. This wholly changed my world.

When I was younger I ne’er questioned what the media displayed. I accepted these societal norms without inquiry. Finally I went to college and started to dig into the elaboratenesss of societal networking. This was when Facebook/Myspace were going worldwide phenomenon ‘s. Everywhere I looked I could n’t assist but notice socialisation ordering people ‘s interactions. I strived to hold a better apprehension of human interaction and attractive force. We ‘ve all seen mean cats with beautiful adult females and that was truly what motivated me to delve deeper. We ‘ve all seen the theoretical accounts on Television, the rich famous persons, and instrumentalists. Looking back at it now I feel I have a sensible account for them now. I can look at a adult male like Tom Cruise and wholly analyze the grounds why people find him attractive. He ‘s really successful and magnetic, he is a leader of work forces, is pre-selected by adult females, and is a good looking adult male. This identifies with every individual one of female attractive force switches. A batch of my friends would inquire me why I cared about this material. I ever quote Mystery when I respond to them:

“ If you ca n’t pull a adult female, so by dictionary definition, you are sterilea╦ć┬ŽNature will unapologetically weed your cistrons out of being. ” ( Mystery 13 )