Summary issue with. John and his friends

Summary of movies:
Boys Don’t Cry
Boys Don’t Cry is an award winning biopic that tells the story of Brandon Teena who was tragically raped and murdered outside of Falls City, Nebraska on December 31, 1993. Brandon teena was born as biological woman but lives as man at home. Brandon conceals his biological gender from everyone, including Lana, who he begins a romantic relationship with.  At first John seems to accept Brandon and Lana’s relationship, but he quickly takes issue with. John and his friends kidnapped Brandon teena and then they beat her brutality rapped her and killed her.

Fire :
Fire (1996) is the story of two Indian sisters-in-law living in traditional marriages who fall in love with each other. These both didn’t get attention and love from their husbands as a result they get frustrated which leads to sexual relation between them. When society came to know about their sexual relation they gives them a very tough time as well as punished them.

Alif Allah Or Insan:
Alif Allah or Insan is a Pakistani drama which shows the society attitude towards LGBT also show the reality and faith on Allah. Shamu is a transgender and perform dance to earn living. In a wedding occasion these all transgender are insulted by the Malkan’s daughter who hurts shamu very much. This serial also shows the disrespect of gays and transgenders. Serial ends when shamu get a well paid job by his talent.

These all movies have many themes but the common theme is disrespect and has no freedom for LGBTs. Due to their improperly defined gender they are not treated as human beings. They suffer many hardships in their life to live which includes separation from parents, hated by the society, harassments etc. we should help them by providing them a defined level in society.