Summary Of An Ideal Husband English Literature Essay

An Ideal Husband is an nineteenth Century phase drama written by Oscar Wilde which revolves around blackmail and political graft. The drama itself besides touches on the of import topic of public and private honor. The drama is set in London England, and takes topographic point over the period of 20 four hours. “ Sooner or subsequently, ” Wilde biblically notes, “ we shall all have to pay for what we do. ” But he adds subsequently that, “ No 1 should be wholly judged by their yesteryear. ”[ 1 ]

Lord Goring is a adult male who, like Wilde notes, “ should non be wholly judged by their yesteryear ” .

For it is seen that Lord Goring ‘s old determinations in life do non find his actions during the drama. Alternatively, his actions are far from predictable. When Lord Goring extols the importance of forgiveness and charity in married life, accommodating the Chilterns ‘ matrimony harmonizing to new ideals of

adult male and married woman he becomes a lovable character. The freedom of Lord Goring ‘s personality, and his echt love for his friends create a reliable character who is both admirable and memorable.

“ An Ideal Husband emphasizes Goring ‘s modernness by presenting him in a figure of amusing duologues with his male parent, Lord Caversham in which the former impulses his boy to get married and claim duty while the latter outwits him with his repartee[ 2 ]. ”

Lord Goring, unlike his fellow comrades, refuses to allow the “ partying ” and the “ deep affairs ” of life collide with each other, or at any given clip. Simply put, the “ fiddling ” and the “ serious ” , Lord Goring will ne’er allow meet. However, the dramatic realisation is that Oscar Wilde describes Lord Goring as “ the first well-groomed philosopher in history of idea. ” ( 1.1 ) This is surprising, but at the same clip this description of Lord Goring encourages the reader to believe that there is to more to Lord Goring than meets the oculus. Most noteworthy Lord Goring himself could, in fact, be able to link and accepting both the trivial and philosophical. Like a manager on the side lines, Lord Goring sees the full playing field. Besides because of Lord Goring ‘s somewhat distant, or as some would name, anti-social behaviour he has a perfect bird’s-eye position of all the characters in the novel. His “ foreigner ” state of affairs hence acquires him a place of power, a impersonal, go-between type place. He is hence able to asseverate his influence and point on position upon the other characters in the drama in the hopes of retaining order. He, like a matrimony counsellor, offers hope to the troubled persons such as Sir Robert Chiltern.

However, even though Lord Goring ‘s place puts himself in a place of power and even high quality he does cognize that he is non above his ain mistakes. He expresses this fact jestingly with Sir Robert: “ My male parent Tells me that even I have mistakes. Possibly I have. I do n’t cognize ” . ( 2.74 ) The act of non out-right acknowledging his short approachs, such as Sir Robert did, continues to go forth Lord Goring in the place of impregnability. “ He ‘s more sheeplike when he is acknowledging to Mabel that he ‘s a small over 30 and really excessive. ” ( 4.99 ) Lord Goring strength of character is seen when Sir Robert confides in him about the beginning where all his illicit money came from, from selling a Cabinet secret. Lord Goring truly is shocked at Sir Roberts actions, but alternatively of reprobating his long clip friend Lord Goring alternatively helps him.

As the drama reaches its decision the fact is clear that the hero of the drama is in fact the

strong character of Lord Goring. This is instead hard to grok, since the phase notes from Act III indicate, he is in “ immediate relation ” to modern life, doing and get the hanging it. However, Lord Goring can be considered “ good ” . Not for what he does for his ain pleasance, but for his sincere compassionate, forgiving nature every bit good as his heroic actions that, so, salvage the repute of Sir Robert.

Lord Goring may non be called the “ supporter ” of the drama, but his actions define the term hero absolutely. He defeats Mrs. Cheveley, and as a consequence he saves Sir Roberts repute from complete inspiration. Lord Goring besides persuades Lady Chiltern to forgive her hubby and travel on with their matrimony, every bit good as, at the same clip, maintain the reader entertained with his Swift wit and fleet lingua.

In short, Lord Goring can be considered a “ good ” single since his ideas and

actions are pure.

Figure 1

Lord Goring confronts Mrs. Cheveley about a stolen watchband.

From a 1901 gathered edition of Wilde ‘s work.[ 3 ]