Summary Of Three Charles Dickens Books English Literature Essay

Oliver Twist, a male child World Health Organization female parent died, is an orphan. He grew up with Mr and Mrs Bumble in his childhood. When he reached the age of 10, it became excessively expensive for Mr and Mrs Bumble to pay his instruction. They put him in a workhouse with hurting in their Black Marias.

Oliver was really unhappy in this workhouse. After the chaps incited him to make so, he asked for more nutrient. They kicked him out of the workhouse. Now, he had to take attention of himself. He asked Mr and Mrs Bumble for aid. Mr Bumble looked for another workhouse, were he could work as a domestic hack.

His foreman locked him up in the basement, after a large battle with a friend of his maestro. Fortunately he could acquire off and went to London by pes. On his manner to London he met a adult male who knew an reference he could remain at in London. Over there he ended up with Mr Fagin ( the Jew ) . In Mr Fagin ‘s house he rested for a piece and recovered his strength. Mr Fagin was, nevertheless, a stealer and he taughtA Oliver how to rob people.

Oliver ‘s first condemnable act was to rob an older adult male, Mr Brownlow, who merely came out of a bookshop. He noticed and called the constabulary. After some clip he was arrested. At the constabulary station the supervisor asked himself what to make with such a immature and weak chap. Mr Brownlow offered him to convey Oliver up. Oliver wanted this really severely. After a few yearss, when he had recovered his strength, he had to convey a book to the bookshop and Mr Brownlow gave him five lbs.

On the manner Mr Sikes and Nancy ( friends of Mr Fagin ) took him back to The Jew. Mr Fagin was really defeated in Oliver because he had given him nutrient and brought him back on his pess when he needed it. So Oliver owns nil himself and he had to steal once more for Mr Fagin. Mr Brownlow stayed entirely at place and was really defeated.

On his first new robbery Mr Sikes went with him. They had to rob a house, they failed and were got in the act. Oliver could non acquire off and stayed behind in the basement. The proprietors ( two nice ladies ) of the house discovered Oliver and they found him so weak and little that they besides want to convey him up. Oliver told them his life narrative and they promised to look for Mr Brownlow.

After a long clip they found Mr Brownlow and he was really happy to see Oliver once more. Oliver and Mr Brownlow were reunited and were both really happy. Oliver so grows up like a normal male child and went to school.

Explain the rubric.

The whole novel turns on the life of Oliver Twist.

What is the subject of the book and why?

In the beginning it shows that Oliver Twist started to travel down a bad way. Because of his attitude and because he meets the right people that does n’t go on.

The message of the writer is that you must hold faith in yourself and in humanity.

Which genre does the book belong to and why?

The book is traveling about Fiction and Social unfavorable judgment. Because it is a fictional narrative about the societal life in that clip.

Which of the characters could you place with best and why?

The three chief characters in the narrative are:

Oliver Twist, Mr. Brownlow and Mr Fagin.

Oliver Twist is an orphan, a weak and immature kid. He is besides susceptible to influence of grownups.

Mr Brownlow is a rich older work forces who, from the first minute on, felt that Oliver was a all right chap.

Mr Fagin is an old “ Jew ” who manages a pack of immature cutpurses for his ain net income.

I could place Oliver turn with best because you are looking through his eyes, you can see, experience en move like you Oliver.

Choose a citation from the book, which is model to the book, and explicate why you have chosen this citation.

“ Please, Sir, I want some more ” . Oliver, inquiring the cook at the workhouse for more gruel.A Pg. 12

This shows how bad it was to populate in that clip.

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Choose a scene from the beginning, the center and towards the terminal of the book you like best / least / impressed you most / defeated you. And explicate why?

The scene when Fagin is arrested and condemned to the gallows Oliver goes to Newgate Gaol to see the old miscreant on the Eve of his hanging, ( where Fagin ‘s panic at being hanged has caused him to come down with febrility ) . Because it is an really emotional scene.

Charles Dickens – Great Expectations

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Charles Dickens


Great Expectations

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Pickwick Documents

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Give your ain sum-up.

This book is about Pip ( Philip Pirrip ) . He is a immature orphan who is populating with his older sister and her hubby in Kent. His parents died a long clip ago, and one twenty-four hours Pip is sing their grave. Suddenly, an at large inmate jumps up, and grabs Pip. He orders him to convey him nutrient and a file. Pip is scared, because the inmate said, “ if you do n’t make it, I will acquire your bosom and liver out of your organic structure ” .

Pip is taken to Satis House, where the rich Miss Havisham lives with a beautiful immature miss named Estella. Miss Havisham is a unusual individual and is really defeated in life. Her fellow left her, on the twenty-four hours that was supposed to be their wedding twenty-four hours. She is still truly sad, and every twenty-four hours she wears her marrying frock. Estella is a cold and barbarous individual. Although Estella is n’t nice to Pip, he falls in love with her.

When Pip, his sister and his brother-in-law, Joe Gragery ( a blacksmith ) , are eating, Mr. Jaggers comes in. He is a attorney, and has large intelligence. An anon. helper has given Pip a luck, so he can be a gentleman. He has to travel to London with the attorney, where his lessons ‘how to be a gentleman ‘ will be given. Pip goes to London, but foremost he says adieu to Miss Havisham and Estella.

In London Pip meets a immature ( soft ) adult male. His name is Herbert Pocket. He besides meets Jaggers clerk, Wemmick.

When Pip is a gentleman he feels to good for his household and old friends. He treats them in cold blood, particularly Joe, because he is merely a blacksmith. Merely Estella he treats the same, cause he still has a crush on her.

Many old ages subsequently Pip meets the anon. helper. He is truly frightened, because the helper is the inmate he met many old ages before. The inmate, named Magwitch, made Pip a gentleman, because he feels he owes him that for giving him nutrient so he did n’t hold to travel back to gaol, and could do a luck.

But Magwitch is still a condemnable and besides a inmate. He asks Pip to assist him get away, because the constabularies are seeking for him. Pip agrees and together with another adult male, Herbert, they try to traverse the river. During that journey Pip and Magwitch talk a batch together. Shoot finds out that Magwitch is the male parent of Estella. Magwitch thought she was dead.

The constabulary are coming truly shortly behind them. There ‘s another boat coming every bit good. They ca n’t travel off. The constabulary catch them and a bull and Magwitch are contending. Together they fall in the H2O. Magwitch falls on the boat. He ‘s hurt. The constabulary catch them. Magwitch is sentenced to decease, and Pip loses his luck ( which he made during his ‘being a gentleman-time ‘ ) . Pip is besides put in gaol, but when Joe pays his bond, he is free.

His sister had been attacked and died a piece subsequently. During the clip between her onslaught and her decease, Biddy nurses her. Biddy is a close friend of Pip.

When Pip is free, he goes to Biddy and tells her that he truly, truly likes her. He was likely traveling to suggest to her, when Joe walks in. They tell Pip that they are traveling to acquire married! Pip says he is happy for them.

Then Pip goes to Miss Havisham. During a conversation with her, he finds out why she raised Estella so in cold blood. She wanted Estella to be the 1 who broke Black Marias, who was in control. She raised her every bit in cold blood as she did, because so she would n’t hold existent feelings, so she would n’t acquire hurt ( but it is merely the other manner unit of ammunition, Estella does n’t acquire esteem from work forces, and is unhappy ) .

When Pip leaves, Miss Havisman bents over to the hearth, and goes up in fire. Pip tries to deliver her, but it did n’t assist. She dies.

Pip goes to Cairo to do money. When he returns many old ages subsequently, he visits the Satis House. He discovers that Estella lives here now. She had been married, but her hubby had treated her severely. Her coldness became sad kindness. Fortunately for her, her hubby died. Pip and Estella talk things over, and came to the decision that they truly like each other.

Explain the rubric.

The rubric of the book is Great Expectations. The account of this rubric is the Great Expectations that Pip has of life. In the beginning he has non many outlooks, but when he can travel to London to go a gentleman, his outlooks about what life has to offer, go bigger and bigger, until they are Great Expectations

What is the subject of the book and why?

The subject is life, and the good and bad things life has to offer. Pip is turning up and larning about life and being a gentleman. The good things, the bad things and, of class, the sad things and the letdowns.

Which genre does the book belong to and why?

It ‘s a underdeveloped Roman, because Pip, the main-character goes through a character-change. Get downing as a male child who does n’t cognize about the universes and turning up to be a really sophisticated grown-up.

Which of the characters could you place with best and why?

The lone existent main-character is Pip. Through his eyes we experience the narrative, we see him turning up and going a adult male.

Other, less of import, characters are Estella: Pip has fallen in love with her, eventhough she is such a cold and barbarous individual.

Miss Havisman, she is the 1 who raised Estella.

Magwitch, he is the at large inmate. He gave the money to Pip so that Pip could go a gentleman.

He is the male parent of Estella.

Joe Gargary, he is Pips brother-in-law. He ‘s a adult male with a bosom of gold, he buys Pip out of prison in malice of the fact that Pip had n’t be nice for him.

Biddy, she is a friend of Pip since they were small. She falls is love with Joe and marries him ( after his married woman died ) . Pip besides had a crush on her.

Choose a citation from the book, which is model to the book, and explicate why you have chosen this citation.

“ Now, I return to this immature chap. And the communicating I have got to do is, that he has great outlooks. ” Its mentioning to the rubric of the book: The Great Expectations.

Choose a scene from the beginning, the center and towards the terminal of the book you like best / least / impressed you most / defeated you. And explicate why?

On Christmas Eve of 1812, Pip, a male child aged 7, brushs an at large inmate in the small town God’s acre while sing his household ‘s many Gravess. The inmate scares Pip into stealing nutrient for him and a file to crunch away his leg bonds. He threatens Pip non to state anyone and make as he says or his friend will cut out Pip ‘s liver. Pip returns place, where he lives with Mrs. Joe, his older sister, and her hubby Joe Gargery. His sister is really barbarous and beats him and Joe on a regular basis, while Joe is much more sort to Pip. Early on the following forenoon, Pip bargains nutrient and drink from the Gargery larder ( including a pie for their Christmas banquet ) and sneaks out to the cemetery. It is the first clip in Pip ‘s life he ‘s felt genuinely guilty. This is an of import event in the book because the inmate will ne’er bury the kindness ( albeit forced ) that Pip showed to him. The inmate, nevertheless, waits many old ages to to the full demo his gratitude.

Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol

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Charles Dickens


A Christmas Carol

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Give your ain sum-up.

Scrooge was an old adult male in the eighteenth century. He was the foreman of a mill. The mill was owned by Scrooge and his good friend Marley. His spouse Marley so diedA and Scrooge was entirely with the mill. Scrooge was a really avaricious adult male. He did n’t pass much money and he tried to populate every bit cheaply as possible. He was a really rigorous foreman for his employees. He gave them really small money.

It was the Christmas clip and everyone was really happy and good to each other. The carollers who saw Scrooge began to sing for him. They wished him a good Christmas. But Scrooge did n’t wish Christmas and he did n’t give any fillips to his employees. One of his eEmployees was Mr. Cratchit. Mr Cratchit had a really big household to take attention of. His household contained two girls and three boies. The youngest kid was Small Tim. He needed surgery on his leg. Mr Cratchit did n’t hold the money for the surgery. He asked his foreman Scrooge if he could hold an progress on his money so he can pay for ther surgery. Scrooge said no because he did n’t desire to pay the money.

On Christmas Eve the Cratchit household had merely a really little Meleagris gallopavo to eat. That flushing Scrooge was walking to his place to travel to bed. He checked that all the doors were shut. He got in his bed and fell asleep. Subsequently he woke up because of a loud noise. There was a Spirit before Scrooge ‘s bed. Scrooge was really afraid and he looked at the Spirit. He saw that it was the Spirit of his old spouse Marley. Marley had a concatenation on his leg. Marley began to speak to Scrooge. He told Scrooge that he must alter his manner of life. He told Scrooge that if he continues this manner of life he would go a Spirit like himself. Marley told Scrooge besides that three liquors will see him. Then the spirit went off and Scrooge watched him wing off.

Scrooge went back to bed and thought about what Marley said about his manner of life. Scrooge felt asleep once more. Scrooge was awoken by the bells on his clock and he saw that it was about the clip that the first spirit shall come to see him. Scrooge thought that he had slept for a whole twenty-four hours. The first spirit was the Ghost of the Christmas Past. She started to speak with Scrooge. She wanted to take Scrooge back to the yesteryear and she told Scrooge to follow her. They went to the topographic points where Scrooge was when he was a small male child. He was all entirely and sad at Christmas. The spirit wanted to demo Scrooge how it is to be really hapless at Christmas. She showed Scrooge how the hapless people have to populate when it is Christmas. Scrooge did n’t hold any feelings for the hapless people yet. That ‘s why the spirit brought him to many other topographic points. All the topographic points that she showed him were really sad and Scrooge could n’t take it any longer. He wanted to travel back to his ain house. The spirit brought him to one other topographic point. After that topographic point she brought Scrooge to his ain bed. Scrooge thought about his yesteryear and all the things he had n’t done good in his live.

Next the 2nd spirit came to Scrooge. This spirit was called the Ghost of the Christmas Present. This spirit showed Scrooge some topographic points where he was a short clip ago. Scrooge was non being nice to other people at these topographic points. The spirit and Scrooge went to the house of the hapless household Cratchit. They were holding Christmas at the clip that Scrooge arrived. Scrooge saw how hapless the household truly was and how small money they have to portion with nine people. The household merely had that small Meleagris gallopavo for the whole household. Scrooge began to experience bad about the manner how he treated hapless households. After this Scrooge and the 2nd spirit went back to Scrooge ‘s house.

Then came the 3rd and last spirit. This spirit was called The Ghost of thes Christma Yet To Come. This spirit showed Scrooge topographic points in the hereafter. Scrooge was n’t at that place in the hereafter. The spirit showed Scrooge how the hereafter would be if Scrooge would n’t alter his behavior. Scrooge saw that the hereafter was n’t just and good. He realised that he must alter his manner of life. Scrooge felt really sad and he questioned the spirit. The spirit answered with things that Scrooge had said. Those were bad things and Scrooge did n’t now what to make. Then the spirit and Scrooge went to the house of Mr. Cratchit. Little Tim was dead and the household thought about him. They were really sad and unhappy. Scrooge knows that Little Tim was dead because his male parent could n’t pay the surgery he needed. Scrooge wanted to alter and he asked how to the 3rd spirit. The spirit did n’t reply and went off.

Scrooge was in his place and he looked out his window. He saw a male child at the street. He realised now that all the liquors came at the same dark. He asked the male child if the Meleagris gallopavo at the store was still for sale. The male child said that the Meleagris gallopavo was still for sale. Scrooge said that he truly needed the Meleagris gallopavo. The male child went to the store and Scrooge bought the Meleagris gallopavo. After that Scrooge went to some topographic points to wish people a Merry Christmas. He went besides to the household Cratchit and gave them the Meleagris gallopavo. Everybody was really happy to see Scrooge like this. The following twenty-four hours he was waiting at his mill. Mr. Cratchit arrived tardily. Scrooge did n’t was really angry and said to Mr. Cratchit that he would acquire more money. They were both happy and went to imbibe on a Merry Christmas. The household Cratchit now has adequate money now for the surgery. After the surgery Little Tim was healed.

Explain the rubric.

The rubric is a Christmas carol. And the narrative takes topographic point around Christmas, and a carol is song.

What is the subject of the book and why?

The subject of the book is obvious: you have to be good for other people. It ‘s non merely about thought of yourself. You should non be avaricious, but give other people a good life. Money is surely non the most of import in life. You may wish Scrooge: more than adequate money and a house and a cloth, but that surely does non intend that you thereby instantly happy. Scrooge was ever lonely while he was still rich. Money is non of import, what matters is whether you ‘re happy. To be happy you have to nice against other people and non merely good for yourself, particularly in the yearss around Christmas. One illustration is that Scrooge ignores the people who are singing a good Christmas. It relates to the fact that you can non merely believe about yourself, but you try to do other people happy. On this manner, you will besides be happy faster.

Which genre does the book belong to and why?

Social unfavorable judgment, because the book gives a job of the society. The job is that people are avaricious and they are non sort to others.

Which of the characters could you place with best and why?

Ebenezer Scrooge: he is a mean old niggard. He hates everyone, particularly kids. He is really rich but non really generous, but in the terminal he is a nice adult male. You are looking through his eyes.

Other less of import people:

Jacob Marley: He was Scrooge ‘s concern spouse but now he is dead and he warned Scrooge that he has to be nice.

Bob Cratchit: he is hapless. He works difficult and he is a good adult male.

Ghost 1: he is from the yesteryear, Ghost 2: he is from the present, Ghost 3: he is from the hereafter. They all want that Scrooge turn to a nice adult male that gives to other people.

Choose a citation from the book, which is model to the book, and explicate why you have chosen this citation.

“ It is required of every adult male, ” the Ghost [ of Marley ] returned, “ that the spirit within him should walk abroad among his fellow-men, and travel far and broad ; and if that spirit goes non forth in life, it is condemned to make so after decease. ” ( Stave One ) . It is a nice citation of the book of the shade that speaks to Scrooge.

Choose a scene from the beginning, the center and towards the terminal of the book you like best / least / impressed you most / defeated you. And explicate why?

“ I do n’t cognize what twenty-four hours of the month it is! ” said Scrooge. “ I do n’t cognize how long I ‘ve been among the Spirits. I do n’t cognize anything. I ‘m rather a babe. Never head. I do n’t care. I ‘d instead be a babe. Hallo! Whoop! Hallo here! ”

He was checked in his conveyances by the churches pealing out the lustiest rolls he had of all time heard. Clash, clank, cock, donging, dong, bell. Bell, dong, donging, cock, clank, clang! Oh, glorious, glorious!

Runing to the window, he opened it, and put out his stirring, cold cold, shrieking for the blood to dance to ; Golden sunlight ; Heavenly sky ; sweet fresh air ; merry bells. Oh, glorious. Glorious!

I chose this chapter because Scrooge has been changed to another individual. First he was a individual who did n’t gave money to hapless people. He besides did n’t wish Christmas because he ne’er celebrated Christmas with his household. But now he changed into a individual who wants to observe Christmas and wants to pass his money on hapless people. He is a nicer individual to everybody and he is now a really happy individual because the three liquors had changed his manner of life.

Information about Charles Dickens

Charles John Huffham Dickens was born in Landport in Portsmouth on February 7, 1812 the boy of John Dickens and Elizabeth Barrow. When he was ten, the household moved to London. Because of fiscal troubles his male parent ( he was put in gaol for debt ) was the immature Charles left school to work. So he landed at age 12 in a shoe polish mill where he had to work 10 hours a twenty-four hours. The living conditions of workers had been a major subject in his ulterior work. Sing his ain instruction, he used every minute of his free clip in the British Museum. The fact that his male parent was responsible for his deficiency of instruction topographic points Dickens in the class of authors, whose father-son struggle at the root of their authorship. But what differs from other authors is that a strong male parent in their ain callings were thwarted. For Dickens, it is the male parent who was a Flierefluiter ( subsequently, the boy was sweet success, John ‘s male parent sent the ordinary creditors to him ) , while the boy is making everything possible to “ do ” . Dickens must surely in the first topographic point a “ commercial ” author called. The artistic accomplishment came earlier “ however ” .

When he was 15, Dickens went to work at a jurisprudence house. When he was 18, he got his first occupation as a journalist. In that clip, his first love. The “ object of his fondness ” ( Mary Bradwell one ) but belonged to a higher category than Dickens, and that is merely unsurmountable in the stiff England as we all know it. The hopeless relationship lasted four old ages and non long afterwards Dickens married to Catherine Hogarth. It was what we so called a “ matrimony ” . Dickens was now become so affluent that his younger brother Fred and sister Mary Catherine 17 when they boarded. Dickens was in love with Mary, but in May 1837 have already died before any jobs could ensue from it. Another sister, Georgina, came to the topographic point and like Mozart was in love with the Dickens half sister. But non his legal married woman, with whom he yearly for 10 old ages, nevertheless, fathered a kid. They all reached maturity, which at that clip it was exceeding. The eldest boy ( Charles Jr. ) would be left to the Hagiographas of his male parent ‘s attention and the eighth, Henry Fielding ( no uncertainty named after the writer ) , became a physician and subsequently received a knighthood “ .

Dickens himself had meanwhile learned stenography newsman and had room for the “ Morning Chronicle ” became ( 1835 ) . In those yearss arose from his journalistic work his first literary work in the signifier of descriptions of London life and the out-of-doorss. These were subsequently combined under the rubric “ Sketches by Boz ” ( 1836-1837 ) . “ Boz ” was the moniker of his younger brother Moses, who was ever cold.

Many of his plants appeared ab initio in the signifier of seriess in assorted magazines and were subsequently published as a book. Some of his plants were published in this manner the magazine “ Household Words ” and he edited its replacement, “ All the Year Round ” .

His best known with his “ The Pickwick Papers ” ( the word “ The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club ” ) , which from 1836 appeared in monthly episodes. After the success of this appeared in speedy sequence “ Oliver Twist ” ( 1837-1838 ) , “ Nicholas Nickleby ” ( 1838-1839 ) , “ The Old Curiosity Shop ” from 1841 ( with it the character Little Nell, based on Mary Hogarth ) and “ Barnaby Rudge “ ( besides from 1841 ) , some by Edgar Allan Poe in a reappraisal of 1841 as the first literary effort at a ” enigma novel “ is considered, albeit artfully concealed as historical novel ( a spot like ” The name of the Rose “ subsequently ) . It will besides take until 1844 – because it was evidently a “ consecutive ” as the other plants mentioned – before the first private investigator enters the book, particularly Mr.Nadgett ( p.528 in the book published ) .

In many instances the books of Dickens vehicles for societal ailments to denounce, but that was ne’er at the disbursal of constructing a good narrative and strong word picture. Besides wit is an of import portion of his narrative. At first sight, he foremost of all a “ realists ” may be called, but the wont at the terminal of the books are ever good over evil to prevail ( besides the key to his success ) , together with an ever-present mawkishness, typically romantic.

In 1842 he traveled to the United States, where he pleaded for others the abolishment of bondage. Later ( see the incident with Mark Twain, which I have a minute ) he would do half circuit. ( ** )

In 1843, the first and most celebrated of his Christmas narratives: “ A Christmas Carol in Prose ” , a narrative that continues in assorted operations ( normally built around the character of the heartless miser Scrooge whose bosom is ) is performed and filmed, of class Christmas clip. From so Dickens wrote a affecting Christmas narrative about every twelvemonth, most of which ( “ The Chimes ” , “ The Cricket on the Hearth ” , “ The Battle of Life ” and “ The Haunted Man ” ) the degree of “ A Christmas Carol ” about equal.

From 1853 to 1870 Dickens besides acted on a regular basis, where he read his ain work. These he orchestrated his ain texts frequently well. These public visual aspects were a large success, people like him in this country comparison with a certain Tom Lanoye ( there exists a negative reappraisal of Mark Twain ‘s celebrated, but when Dickens was already old and ill ) . He was even a deserving histrion, which befitted non merely because it “ recreational ” has remained, he had reportedly else can easy gain a life as a professional histrion. His traffics in the theatre universe ( he wrote himself a few pieces in 1836 were compiled in “ The Village Coquettes ” besides appeared in 1857 in “ The Frozen Deep ” ) earned him an already chat uping with the much younger actress Ellen Ternan. Dickens lived at that clip divorced from his married woman, though he continued to Victorian England “ merrily married ” . Georgina lived with him and is non her sister…

He was non happy and that has led to include it on a September twenty-four hours in 1860 all his personal letters and other documents that had no concern involvement has burned. This is a wealth of information lost, because about all the major authors of his clip had of all time written a missive to him, but he felt a rush of letters was a clip ( comparable to the current mail or posters on societal networking as Facebook or Twitter ) and therefore did non necessitate to be kept.

Fortunately, there are novels and are hence in the first topographic point “ David Copperfield ” ( 1849-1850, his first novel in first individual, it is mostly autobiographical, though it is non instantly clear who or behind the underhand scoundrel Uriah Heep, the scoundrel who unmasks sympathetic, Micawber, an alterego of Dickens ‘ male parent is nevertheless good known ) , “ Great Expectations ” ( 1860-1861 ) and the aforesaid “ Oliver Twist ” and “ Nicholas Nickleby ” .

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Writing manner of Charles Dickens

Many critics have pointed out that Dickens ‘ work has small deepness and merely wants to entertain. It is surely true that Dickens wrote entertaining and was an entertainer, in many of his talks. In add-on, there is so depth in his work, surely the societal scruples. But his existent strength lies in the life of his characters, his wit and easy authorship manner. His books are characterized by crisp character studies, well-constructed narrative lines, a gripping secret plan and poetic and humourous authorship manner. A cardinal subject in his work, are the living conditions of workers. Since his decease he has n’t lost much popularity and is still one of the most widely read English writers. This makes it still worth the reading the books of Charles Dickens.


Now, after I read the books, I know why the books of Charles Dickens are so popular. They are really easy to read but sometimes I had some battle with the English words he used. They gave a good illustration how it was in that clip. That ‘s what I truly liked about it, you did n’t read merely to read, but it the book of Charles wants to state you something. He wants to state what was for illustration incorrect in that clip. Many of his books goes about the life conditions of the workers. So these books were good for my English but besides I learned something about the societal scruples.

I truly enjoyed it, and I surely read more of Charles in the hereafter!