Tell and recognizing the demands and executing

Tell me about yourself
I am a recent Project management graduate from Lambton College Toronto. I am experienced at coordinating team and work and completing the task on schedule. I got two years of experiencing working in technical projects at Oman Shapoorji Company Oman. During my tenure I was assigned to work on a project with international clients, I had a challenging job to communicate with them and recognizing the demands and executing the project in limited schedule. I am a person who thrives in a fast phase environment. I am looking for applying my technological expertise along with my creative problem-solving skills at an innovative construction company. I think my customer focused project coordinating skill along with strong communication and analytical skill for organizing requirement and information will make me suitable for this position.
Tell me about a time at work or school when you have worked on a team – STAR method
I accomplished project with a team when I work as an electrical engineer at Oman Shapoorji Company. It was a joint venture between two international companies and the project team consisted of employees from various countries. The project was to determine the power requirement of the Oman palace and installation of diesel generators and its accompanying auxiliary panel. My role in the team was to supervise the installation procedure and communicate with the client to update the progress of the project and inform the customer requirement to the team. For executing the task team followed the schedule to make sure that the project is going on the schedule. Communicated with procurement department to ensure the timely delivery of the components and arranged meetings with the client for informing the updates and the possible risks and understanding the requirements and ensuring the timely phased budget release for each stage of the project. The effective communication with the client helped to create a trust between the client and the company and smooth progress of the project. The scheduled phase by phase completion of the task in a timely manner by coordinating with the team and the procurement department helped to achieve the project scope.