The Black Womens Life English Literature Essay

The Color Purple describes the life of the black people in the southern United States and a black adult female — -Celies life about how she lived and how she fought for herself in the terminal in the subjugation of work forces at the twentieth century, at the same clip, it describes Celie and her sister Nettie ‘s sistership.

Cardinal words: Black people, black adult female, life, battle for, subjugation, sistership

The Color Purple is a 1985 American play movie directed by Steven Spielberg, based on the Pulitzer Prize- winning novel of the same name by Alice Walker. It filmed in Anson and Union Counties in North Carolina, the movie tells the narrative of a immature African American miss named Celie Harris and shows the jobs African American adult females faced during the early 1900s, including poorness, racism and sexism. Celie is transformed as she finds her self-worth through the aid of two strong female comrades — – Shug Avery and Sofia. At the same clip, it describes Celie and her sister Nettie ‘s sistership. First, immature Celie lives a tragic live and she has no opportunity to travel to school which reflects that misss have no position in the household and no right to instruction. Second, Celie ‘s matrimony is non happy, his hubby — -Albert dainties Celie like a slave which reflects the sexism among the black. Third, the black people ‘s lives are filled with poorness and racism, for illustration, Celie wants to see her girl in a store and Sophia meets Miss Millie. Fourthly, black adult females fight for their rights and be independent. Finally, sistership is so strong and it ‘s the yarn to perforate the whole movie.

Young Celie lives a tragic life and she does n’t contend for herself. At the beginning of The Color Purple, there were many violet flowers all over the mountains and plains what pull me profoundly. There were two black misss playing together and they were really happy. One of the two black misss was Celie and another was Nettie, they were sisters. In fact, Celie did n’t hold a happy life in her household. There was no love in her household, her male parent did n’t like her, her male parent said, “ Celie, you have a ugly smiling in the universe. ” In 1909, Celie was merely 14, but she had already had two kids by her male parent and her male parent took away her two kids from her at childbearing. When Celie lived in the household, she ever said, “ Dear Godaˆ¦ ” , she ever asked the God for aid, but she ne’er wanted to contend for herself. After her stepfather got married once more, he forced immature Celie to get married a affluent immature local widowman Albert Johnson. From so on, Celie lived her servile life as a married woman.

Celie ‘s matrimony is non happy, his hubby — -Albert dainties Celie like a slave which reflects the sexism among the black. Albert did n’t love Celie, but he married with her because he needed a adult female to take attention of his kids and him. In this household, Celie ever asked Albert “ Mister ” which reflected the black adult female did n’t hold position in the household, they merely like a slave. Celie found that Albert had an old fire and they kept in touch with each other for many old ages, but she had no right to fault his hubby. From Celie came to the household, her work was to clean Albert ‘s disorderly family and take attention of his boisterous kids. Albert frequently beat her, intimidating Celie into entry and close silence. One twenty-four hours, Celie ‘s sister Nettie came to populate with them, there was a period of felicity as the sisters spend clip together and Nettie taught Celie how to read. But after Nettie refused Albert ‘s predatory fondnesss one time excessively frequently, Albert kicked Nettie out. Then, the movie reflected that the black adult female had no right to make up one’s mind the household things, they must listen to their hubbies alternatively. After Nettie left, Celie went on with her servile life.

The black people ‘s lives are filled with poorness and racism. Before Celie married with Albert, she one time went to a store to see her girl ; the store proprietor disliked her because she is black and hapless. This movie described the life of the black ; the black kids were in shreds. In Celie ‘s life, a fat but assurance adult female came to her life ; she is Sofia who married Albert ‘s boy Harpo. Sofia had besides suffered maltreatment from the work forces in her household, but she ne’er tolerated it and she spent her all life to contend with her male parent and brothers. When she met the town city manager ‘s married woman Miss Millie, she thought the black adult female could be a servant which annoyed Sofia so that Sofia was rude to Miss Millie and she was beaten and jailed. At that clip, the black were ever discriminated no affair how they revolted.

Black adult females fight for their rights and are independent. In this movie, there were three strong adult females fought for their rights, the heroine Celie, the wind vocalist Shug Avery and Sofia. Shug Avery was an independent adult female ; she was a popular wind vocalist. Almost every adult male was attracted by her beauty, vocals and her independency deeply. During the clip Shug lived with Celie and Albert, Shug and Celie finally became close friends and Shug helped Celie raise her assurance. Shug gave Celie a new feeling ; she dressed Celie, taught her to dance and smile without screen. Sofia was Albert ‘ boy Harpo ‘s married woman, she was a confident adult female, she ne’er tolerated the sexism. When Harpo round Sofia, she resolutely got a divorce. Celie tolerated sexism in her most life, she found strength in Shug, Sofia and her sister Nettie. Shug taught Celie to be confident and Sofia used her actions to learn Celie non to digest the sexism. At the same clip, reconnecting with her sister and the confidence that she was still alive helped give Celie the strength to stand up to Albert. During a household dinner, Celie about slit Albert ‘s pharynx while shaving him, but she was stopped by Shug. At last, Celie left Albert to Tennessee, she opened a clothing store merchandising “ one size fits all ” slacks. Upon the decease of her male parent, she had inherited a house and store from her existent male parent. She opened her 2nd slacks shop following to her place named Miss Celie ‘s Folks Pants. Celie was independent and new. Womans should hold their ain calling and battle for their ain rights.

Sisterhood is so strong and it will be everlastingly. Celie and Nettie ‘s sistership was the most impressive secret plan in this movie. Their sistership was the yarn to perforate the whole movie. When Albert kicked Nettie out, Nettie said, “ Merely decease can go forth me from here. ” over and over. Nettie kept composing to Celie all those old ages, but Celie found these letters at last which made Celie outburst. In the terminal, Celie and Nettie got together once more in the purple flower ocean. No affair what circumstance we live, sistership is strong and could be everlastingly.

In brief, after analysing The Color Purple, we can easy pull the decision that the black adult females lived a difficult life in the southern United States from the early 1900s to the late fortiess, how they realized to contend for themselves and how they fought. Womans should be confident and independent so that we will hold our ain rights to populate in the universe.


The Color Purple is a 1985 American period play movie directed by Steven Spielberg, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name by Alice Walker. It was Spielberg ‘s 8th movie as a manager, and was a alteration from the summer blockbusters for which he had become celebrated. The movie starred Danny Glover, Desreta Jackson, Margaret Avery, Oprah Winfrey, Adolph Caesar, Tae Dawn Chong, and presenting Whoopi Gold berg as Celie Harris.

Sisterhood is the yarn to perforate the whole movie.

Alice Malsenior Walker ( born February 9, 1944 ) is an American writer, poet, and militant. She has written both fiction and essays about race and gender.


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