The Borat Rodeo Scene Analysis Film Studies Essay

The film “ Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. ” is a Mockumentary about a Kazakhstan province telecasting newsman named Borat brings his broken English and jingoism to America to do a docudrama about life in the “ U.S. of A ” . Upbeat and naif, Borat and his manufacturer Azamat come to America to happen out “ what makes America great ” . What he finds is a odds and ends of gracious, bewildered, angry, and racialist people. The film gives us a alone position of an foreigner looking in on our society.

Borat ‘s journey starts out in New York as he interviews assorted people for his province telecasting station and becomes a quest across the state to be with his “ true love ” Pamela Anderson in California. As he crosses across the state Borat ‘s travels are filled with screaming interviews and brainsick jokes. For my paper, I am traveling to analyze a specific scene in the movie in which Borat makes a halt in Salem, Virginia for a rodeo during his quest to be with Pamela Anderson in California. I think this scene is decidedly one of the funniest and politically wrong scenes in the film. The scene begins as the camera pans over a crowd full of people who seem to be conservative “ WASPS ‘s ” acquiring ready to see the rodeo. Borat, as he wears an American flag cowpuncher outfit, is discoursing with Bobby Rowe, the general director of the Imperial Rodeo. Rowe is stating Borat that he looks like a terrorist Muslim and that he should shave his moustache so that he will look like an Italian and non be so conspicuous. He tells Borat that he will ne’er be accepted looking like a Muslim because everyone will look at him and inquire what sort of bomb he has strapped to him. Rowe continues to expose his hate of the Middle East stating he can non wait until the US wins the war and have “ all those darns boy of the butts hangin ‘ from the gallows ” and non until so will the American people accept Borat ‘s diverseness. Rowe so begins to speak about homosexuals and Tells Borat to remain off from them ; Borat explains to Rowe that they hang homosexuals is his state and Rowe answers “ that ‘s what we are seeking to acquire done here ” and so he gives Borat a high five. After his talk with Rowe, Borat is asked to sing the National Anthem to get down off the rodeo. When he gets to the center of the sphere, he begins talking to the crowd sing the war on panic. He began by stating, “ My name is Borat, I come from Kazakhstan. Can I say firstaˆ¦ we support your war of panic! ” The crowd cheers and applauds Borat as he praises American nationalism, he so goes on to state, “ May George Bush drink the blood of every adult male, adult female, and kid in Iraq! ” At this point, the crowd erupts in understanding. After his address, Borat rapidly tells the audience he is traveling to sing the Kazakhstan National Anthem to the melody of America ‘s national anthem, “ The Star Spangled Banner. ” At first, the crowd is reverentially waiting to hear him sing, but as he begins to sing the Kazakhstan National Anthem the crowd begins to acquire in an tumult of disapproval. Because of the random wordss in the vocal, the crowd did non cognize whether Borat was serious or joking by singing a vocal that was so degrading to the United States in their ain state. The crowd was so aghast when they heard the wordss, “ Kazakhstan is the greatest state in the universe! “ , that a Equus caballus transporting a cowgirl with an American flag fell down as the sphere exploded in hoot.

This scene contained many rules that made it humourous. To get down, the chief intent of this film was to do merriment the haughtiness of our state and turn out that piece America thinks it is the best state in the universe, we are still fallible. Disparaging wit was the likely one of the most prevailing types of wit used throughout the film and particularly in this scene. Ferguson and Ford describe belittling wit as “ comments that are intended to arouse amusement through the belittling, disparagement, or belittlement of a given audience ( 2008 ) . What made this scene so amusing was to see how racialist and nescient Bobby Rowe was as Borat roused him on during their conversation. The fact that person would state that we should hang all the homosexuals, or that we want to kill all the people in Iraq is so hideous that it is really amusing to express joy at and see how nescient some people really are. This wit is successful because, Rowe had the audaciousness to clearly belittle Borat, the people of Kazakhstan, and the remainder of the Middle East while he knew he was being filmed because it gave him a sense of high quality. Critchley supports this point as he states that, “ we laugh from feelings of high quality over other people ” ( 2002 ) . The crowd of witnesss in the rodeo sphere besides displayed belittling wit when the crowd begins to hearten as Borat negotiations about killing all the people in Iraq including adult females and kids and imbibing their blood. Under the psychoanalytic theory, Ferguson and Ford article explain that “ It provides the humourist with a comparatively benign agencies of showing and fulfilling unconscious, socially unacceptable urges ” ( 2008 ) . Borat was able to egg on the crowd and Rowe to state and clap positions that are a racialist and unacceptable to our society.

In add-on, the Incongruity Theory of wit was besides used throughout the scene. Critchley explains, “ Humor is produced by the experience of a felt incongruousness between what we know or expect to be the instance, and what really happens in the gag, joke, or jest ” ( 2002 ) . For illustration, one would non hold expected to see Borat dressed as an American flag themed cowpunchers or give an hideous address about George Bush imbibing the blood of every Iraqi. Additionally, his pronunciation and word usage besides made it humourous. For illustration, Borat announces to the rodeo fans, “ we support your war of panic ” , alternatively of the typical diction, “ the war on panic ” . Besides when Borat was announced to sing the United States National Anthem, it was unexpected and humourous that he randomly decides to alternatively sing the Kazakhstan ‘s National Anthem to the music of the “ Star Spangled Banner ” .

Finally the Relief Theory of wit besides was prevailing in this scene. The scene starts out demoing the rodeo crowd, cowboys, bulls and a cowgirl on a Equus caballus keeping an American flag. As Borat is sings Kazakhstan ‘s National Anthem to the music of the “ Star Spangled Banner ” and the stunned crowd begins to hiss in indignation to what they are hearing and the cowgirl keeping the American flag all of a sudden merely falls down. Critchley tells us that, “ aˆ¦laughter is explained as a release of pent-upaˆ¦ energy… where the energy that is released and discharged in laughter provides pleasance ” ( 2002 ) . To do certain this film was humourous to its viewing audiences, Sacha Cohen, the Godhead of Borat, made certain to show this film to an American audience who portions the same set of cultural symbols, norms, and outlooks. This enabled motion-picture fans to associate to the hideous jokes that Borat does continuously throughout the film.

By exposing Americans to some of the grounds why other states criticize or mock the United States, it finally lets Americans recognize their ain ideological defects. The film besides allows Americans to look at their civilization from an outside alien position since Borat ‘s character was a individual from a wholly different state and civilization. Cohen deliberately exposes America ‘s failings as a political message to an American audience in hopes of act uponing American society. By picturing how the United States has sense of high quality, Cohen does a brilliant occupation in demoing how prevailing bias and racism is still alive in parts of the United States against other states ‘ usage and civilizations. This film invites viewing audiences to reconsider many issues sing universe political relations by casting visible radiation on popular controversial American political orientation. By using wit to serious topics, it is easier for the spectator to digest. The film accomplished its intent by exposing how Americans are continually intolerant and racist towards other states. By turn toing these serious issues in a humourous manner, the film allows the spectator to digest more easy and retrieve the message that Cohen wanted to acquire across.

In decision, I found this film to be highly amusing. However, I can understand how some people may hold been affected by Cohen ‘s sense of wit and found the film to be dissing. Borat was my favourite film to watch and analyse for this category. Having seen the film when it foremost came to the theatres, and so watching it once more for a category assignment decidedly gave me a different prospective of the film. I was able to see the film with a more critical oculus and appreciate the different manners of wit that were utilized throughout the movie.