The Contrast Of Different Culture Storys English Literature Essay

This Reflective Draft will demo how matrimony can be good and non so good in different civilization. It taking from Marriage is a private matter and comparison with taking a hubby. Marriages is said to be a beautiful thing, but in life sometimes things take a bend for the worst. In some point of clip we as ladies all wish to acquire matrimony and we all dream of a fairy narrative nuptials to a prince charming. This narrative will show how matrimony can alter how your life.

This narrative is state how this adult male name ” Nnemeka ” privation to acquire matrimony to person that her household did non put her up for. In some parts of African they arrange for their girl to acquire married and that individual have to be of the same folk of his household. This is the instance in this narrative. This narrative takes topographic point in “ Lagos Nigeria ” On ” ( pg 374 ) ” it state of how is father is explicating to him about this miss he suppose to marriage. “ I have found a miss who will accommodate you laudably ; her name is Ugoye Nweke ” , now here is where faith comes in, this miss was rise in a Christian family and this miss is taught how to be a married woman to her hubby. In this usage the matrimony will last for a long clip because she knows where her topographic point is as a married woman. I believe in this type of matrimony it will non last for a long clip, how you can get married person you do n’t even love. For adult male to love person he does non cognize is difficult, particularly if they do n’t truly cognize anything about them. “ Nnaemeka inquire his male parent forgiveness “ . His male parent replied forgiveness for what? Nnaemeka replied I do n’t love her. ” When you are raise in a different civilization, you are to follow whatever usage that household pattern, even if that what you believe in.

In taking a hubby it this narrative is some what different to marriage a private matter. This narrative Tells of how two twosomes got together. In this civilization which is Chinese, some adult female is non ever array by their parent. In this peculiar instance because of which Hong male parent was a high power adult male all of a sudden died, so that left Hong to open to get married whomever she delight girl, but right now she is non ready to acquire marry “ Hong female parent suggest that she acquire marry. She said “ If I die tomorrow, I want be able to shut my eyes unless you have a good hubby. ” Every adult female ought to get married ; if she did n’t people would believe her abnormal. ” Hong had like this cat that was from the Chens household it was the boy. His name is immature feng. Young feng is looking for true love that what the aunt replied. “ Hong said for him to travel to hell, ” Mrs. Chen said out loud ” .No miss ‘s words mean concern in her matrimony. That ‘s why we parents arrange things for them. Mrs. Chen is doing it difficult for Hong to get married her boy, that why she is coercing for Hong to do a determination. There were two other misss wait to acquire marry to immature feng. If Hong did non do her pick yet, Hong choose adult male by what place they held that how she wand up with how she hold right now. It amusing how we choose to acquire married, some of us fall in love with person and others are forces to get married person they have ne’er met or person they know that they can non hold. In both of this narrative it tells how matrimony can do a individual who they are and how things can turn out for good or for bad.

“ Fair is disgusting, and foul is just ” is the ill-famed line that begins Shakespeare ‘s Macbeth. This line highlights the relationship between one ‘s visual aspect and the world of their nature. In this drama the connexion between visual aspect and world is self-contradictory ; what appears in one a manner in world may non be that manner.

Throughout the drama Shakespeare uses paradoxes to demo the connexion between visual aspect and world. He writes, “ God ‘s benison go with you and with those/

That would do good of bad and friends of enemies. ” His self-contradictory words convey there is no relationship between one ‘s visual aspect and their world ; it is as if world and visual aspect are complete antonyms. Shakespeare uses character ‘s misrepresentation to turn out his theory on visual aspect and world.

In the first act of the drama it is discovered that the Thane of Cawdor has been a treasonist to Scotland. Duncan is deceived by the Thane ‘s false visual aspect:

No more that Thane of Cawdor shall lead on

Go, pronounce his present

Death, and with his formal rubric greet Macbeth.

Once once more Duncan makes the error of judgment by visual aspect and gives the rubric to Macbeth. Now Macbeth the following Thane of Cawdor ‘s visual aspect will lead on him, which was Macbeth ‘s purpose.

Lady Macbeth instructs him: “ Look like the ‘ guiltless flower/but is the snake under. ” By utilizing the snake there is a scriptural mention to the lead oning snake that tricked Eve to eat the apple doing original wickedness. The snake did non look to Eve as being harmful merely as Macbeth did non look to Duncan as harmful, but merely as the snake did Macbeth had a destructive nature that was concealed by his false face and dishonest words. Duncan continues: “ There ‘s no art/to find the head ‘s building in the face. ” There was no manner that Duncan could hold seen through Macbeth ‘s honest visual aspect to his overleaping aspiration that would kill anyone for the Crown. His visual aspect deceived his destructive nature.

Shakespeare besides uses linguistic communication of borrowed apparels to convey Macbeth ‘s softness for his rubric. As the Lords learn of Macbeth ‘s nature they realize that his rubric was based on his visual aspect and non on his world. To be king one had to be honest, trusty, and good natured which was what Macbeth ‘s visual aspect conveyed, but his nature was the exact antonym: ruthless and immoral. The baronial Angus answers, “ Now does he experience his title/Hang free upon him, like a giant ‘s robe. His rubric was excessively great for the absence of illustriousness that he had. His visual aspect was meriting of his rubric, but his world lacked all the illustriousness that his visual aspect carried.

Macbeth ‘s had a rubric, an award, and a life all siting on his visual aspect. When his world was discovered he lost all that he had. His visual aspect deceived all for sometime, but in the terminal his world came out. Macbeth ‘s visual aspect was self-contradictory to his world. He seemed just, but in world was disgusting natured.

There have been many writers throughout history that have written dramatic dramas. One of the most celebrated drama write writers was William Shakespeare. In Shakespeare ‘s drama Hamlet many people wrote reviews on Hamlet and discussed Hamlet and had their response to the drama?

One of the chief inquiries that came from Hamlet was that is Hamlet mad. Harmonizing to Sam Portlock, Hamlet was “ stressed, surely, but sane ” . This statement is really accurate and bold. He besides says that when Hamlet is of all time “ entirely with Horatio, he is sane plenty ” . Both of these statements are really bold but accurate at the same clip and I agree with him. Hamlet ne’er truly seemed huffy to me, at least that ‘s what I got from the book. He ever kept cool even cognizing the fact that his uncle killed his male parent. He ne’er wanted to slay Claudius ; he merely knew that he had to. I candidly believe Hamlet handled himself reasonably good for being in the state of affairs that he was in. Claudius I believe was the true mad one because he killed his ain brother tried covering it up and so married his brother ‘s married woman to go the new male monarch. Claudius was mad in the fact that he could n’t confront the truth for what he has done and he had to seek to cover him up and when Hamlet found out what happened he still could non confront the truth. The fact that he ended up killing Claudius does n’t do Hamlet mad, it makes him sane because he was hurt when he lost his male parent and he knew that he needed to seek this retaliation on Claudius. This was a non because he wanted excessively either it was because he knew he had to.

Another large response that came from Hamlet was if Hamlet was a hero or a coward. Harmonizing to Keri Gee “ Hamlet was a hero ” . I agree with this statement because Hamlet was rebelliously a hero and he revenged his male parent ‘s decease. Hamlet was set to travel seek retaliation on his male parent ‘s decease because he found out from the shade who and really what killed his male parent. Once he confirmed and was certain King Claudius had killed his male parent he knew that he had to seek this retaliation even he knew that he did non desire to kill him. This makes Hamlet a true hero because he was non in fright of anything he merely got the occupation done. Claudius is a coward but non Hamlet because Claudius tried killing Hamlet by seeking to direct Laertes after him and killing him in a affaire d’honneur. In the terminal Claudius was killed with his ain hocus-pocus and that ‘s what he disserved because he is a coward. Claudius genuinely deserved to decease because he was a really large coward in many different ways such as killing his ain brother and seeking to cover up what he had done by killing Hamlet besides because he knew that he had known.

Many people believe that Hamlet was besides huffy and was non a hero but a coward but I think other wise. I believe this because Hamlet went through a batch in this book in all of a affair of merely a few months and he still kept his cool. Hamlet ne’er truly lost it he was merely a small angry at times because his male parent was killed by Claudius and he tried covering it up. This should non do Hamlet mad because he is upset about his male parent ‘s decease and he does non wish his female parent ‘s determinations in get marrieding Claudius. I believe that it was absolutely normal to be a small disquieted and angry at times in the book because Hamlet genuinely went trough a batch. Hamlet was a true hero and was wholly sane in my ain sentiment. In the terminal of the narrative Hamlet ended up dyeing but in the procedure he took Claudius ‘s life with his ain and reasonably much everyone else. Hamlet was a hero and no coward. There have been a batch of responses to Hamlet but these are some of the biggest responses that come out of one of the most celebrated and well-written dramas in history.

In Frank Chipasula ‘s verse form “ Those Rainy Mornings ” the talker is speaking about his aunt Gwalanthi. The talker tells us what a fantastic loving individual his aunt is. In the first subdivision the talker tells us how his aunt would wake up at the cleft of morning and construct a fire. Then she would get down cooking porridge. In the 2nd subdivision of the verse form the talker negotiations about waking up “ out of the shrewish incubus. ” Then the talker describes his aunt a small spot more, “ her soft but beefy call. ” In the last subdivision the talker negotiations about how sort his aunt is to take attention of his brothers and sisters while his parents “ strayed to the Cu mines. ”

This verse form makes me believe about my grandmother and all the fantastic things she has done for me. The talker ‘s aunt is an old fragile adult female, “ hoe-broken thenar ” and “ scraggy ribs. ” But she is besides a really difficult worker and loving individual. Both these things remind me of my grandmother. My grandmother may be old and delicate but she is still a really difficult working and loving individual. My grandmother is ever up at first light making family jobs or working in her garden. Many times we have to coerce her to travel indoors, so she wo n’t be exposed to the hot Sun for to long. I ca n’t number the figure of times my grandmother has made my bed, folded our apparels, washed our dishes, or done assorted other family jobs for me and my household. I could ne’er to the full refund my grandmother for all the fantastic things she has done. My grandmother, like aunt Gwalanthi, is a really sort, difficult working individual.

Ama Ata Ado ‘s “ In the Cutting of a Drink ” is about a individual associating his narrative of looking for his lost sister in a large metropolis called Mamprobi. The storyteller, Mansa ‘s brother, is speaking to his uncles in the narrative. He is stating them about the things he experienced in the metropolis while looking for Mansa. The storyteller is from the state, so a batch of the metropolis life is new or flooring to him. The storyteller and Duayaw, the individual assisting him happen his sister ; travel to a cabaret while looking for Mansa. This is a really new experience for the storyteller. Some new things he experiences are dancing and watching adult females buy beer. But the most lurid thing is when he finds out his sister Mansa works at that place. “ Young adult female, is this the work you do? ” he asked her. In the terminal Mansa ‘s answer was, “ any sort of work is work. ”

This narrative made me believe of a twosome of things, differences in civilizations or topographic points and a diminution in moral values. When the storyteller goes to the metropolis he is in a wholly new civilization. Many of the things he sees done are flooring to him. “ I sat with my oral cavity unfastened and watched the girl of a adult female cut beer like a adult male. ” “ I can non depict how they danced. ” Traveling into a new civilization would hold to be a lurid experience for anyone. The remark “ any for of work is work ” made by Mansa makes me believe about the diminution in moral values. Now yearss many people seem to travel by this stating. Peoples seem to non care about what signifier of work they are making every bit long as they make money. Some factors to see when making a occupation are, is what you are making morally right or ethical, and is what you are making legal or illegal. Would you desire your hubby or married woman to travel to work as a cocotte? Or would you desire them to travel to work as a female or male stripper? I would trust non in both instances, the first merely because it is illegal. The 2nd because it is pornography and I think you should hold adequate regard for your partner to non desire them to make that sort of work. So the remark “ any signifier of work is work ” is non a manner to travel about happening a occupation.

“ The Return ” by Ngugi WA Thing ‘s is about a adult male named Kamau who returns place after being in a detainment cantonment for five old ages. He hopes to see his old small town precisely the same. Alternatively he finds it now ruled by the British. The British have changed the small town and its civilization. Worst of all, Kama ‘s married woman Muthoni left with another adult male named Karanja. Muthoni did this because Karanja lied and told the small town that Kamau had died. At the terminal of the narrative Kamau lets a little package, filled with things that reminded him of Muthoni, roll down a bank and drift down the river. Then he talks about the alleviation he felt after this happened. “ Why should she hold waited for me? Why should all the alterations have waited for my return? ”

These remarks make me believe about alteration and how difficult it can be to get by with alteration. It besides made me be more grateful for some of the things I take for granted. When Kamau returned place he fundamentally returned place to a wholly new small town. His household had aged, many people did n’t acknowledge him, and his married woman was gone. This was really difficult for Kamau to get by with, “ the old small town had non even waited for him. ” Kamau felt resentful and angry. I know I would hold the same resentful feelings as Kamau if I were put in the same state of affairs. I would experience cheated if I came home one twenty-four hours merely to happen it wholly changed. Many clip I find myself taking my friends, household, place, or security for granted. Sometimes I do n’t recognize how of import these things are in my life. I know if they were taken off or wholly changed, I would be devastated. I would non be able to acquire over it every bit fast as Kamau. After reading this narrative I am more grateful for the many things I take for granted.

All three of these readings bring out different responses from me. My grandmother is the individual I think about in the verse form “ Those Rainy Mornings. ” I am reminded of all the fantastic things she does for me and my household. In the narrative “ In the Cutting of a Drink ” I think about the diminution in moral values these yearss. I besides think about that it would be like to travel into a whole new civilization. After reading the narrative “ The Return ” I am more grateful for the things that I take for granted. The narrative besides makes me believe about alteration and how difficult it can be to get by with alteration.