The Different Forms And Types Of Literature English Literature Essay

Elementss of literature consist of the things that make up the work of literature. Literature comes in many different types and signifiers. The different types of literature are seen in plants such as novels, lifes, verse forms, play, non-fictional and short narratives. All the different types of literature mentioned are made up of certain elements like subject, secret plan, character, puting, struggles, etc. However, elements bing in each type of work may differ from each other. For illustration, the elements in a fiction, play, or short narrative may dwell of a secret plan, character, subject, construction, puting, struggle, and a point of position whereas some of the elements of poesy consist of beat, rime, subject, simile, metaphor, and symbolism ( DiYanni, 2007 ) . In this paper, the component of literature that I will foreground, utilizing two short narratives and a verse form is theme. Subject is the component of literature that describes the chief thought in a literary work.

In the short narrative, “ The Lesson ” , written by Toni Cade Bambara, symbolism and subject were used to add to the deepness and comprehension of the reader. “ The Lesson ” is a beautiful work of fiction because of its usage of symbolism, linguistic communication, and humanistic subject. The narrative takes topographic point in the interior metropolis of New York and begins with a group of underprivileged, uneducated, hapless childs. Mrs. Moore, the pedagogue, feels like it is her responsibility to learn these kids because she is the lone 1 in her country with a grade. Sylvia, an African American miss, is the chief character and tells the narrative in 1st individual narrative. Sylvia, at a immature age of 14, has already become extremely opinionate and judgmental about the universe around her. By the linguistic communication Bambara uses, the reader is made cognizant of the unfriendly and tough personality in Sylvia, who resents being taught anything from Mrs. Moore. This is clearly

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illustrated when she states, “ And we sort of hated her excessively, hated the manner we did the drunkard who cluttered up our Parkss and pissed on our manus ball walls ” ( DiYanni, 2007, pg. 427 ) . On one peculiar summer twenty-four hours, Mrs. Moore could non defy the enticement to utilize an upper category, really expensive plaything narrative, name FAO Schwartz, to learn a valuable lesson to the kids. This is non your typical plaything shop and Bambara uses a paperweight to typify importance. As the kids glare through the window, in arrant astonishment, at the expensive plaything, a paperweight was brought to their attending. “ This here cost four hundred 80 dollars/ ” my eyes tell me it ‘s a ball of glass cracked with something heavy, and different-color ink dripped into the splits, so the whole thing put into an oven or something. But for $ 480.00, it do n’t do sense ” ( DiYanni, 2007, pg. 429 ) . The kids can non penetrate the usage or the monetary value of the paperweight. In the existent universe, a paperweight is used to keep something together you do non desire to lose and that is valuable. Bambara, uses a paperweight to typify how populating a life in the slums frequently modes 1s believing to do them to ne’er make out for something better therefore keeping them down. The lesson that Mrs. Moore wanted to learn the kids was that they are more valuable that a paperweight and to hold a better life frequently comes with a pretty monetary value, one that they were non used to. To hold a better hereafter requires one to believe otherwise than what he/she is used to. The sailing boat in the shop window is besides used as symbolism, in that it represented a sense of freedom every bit good as the journey that one will ship on when alteration is needed. If any of the interior metropolis kids wished to hold a new life apart from the poorness they are used to, they need to understand it is non an easy journey, and instruction is a necessity.

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Another of import component used in “ The Lesson ” is subject. The subject that Bambara wants to convey is that life is non ever just and for some a bad manus has been dealt. She wants the reader to understand that in order to hold alteration, one must work hard for it.

Bambara uses symbolism in her subject when she decides to make a difference between cultural and societal categories. When Sylvia makes a suggestion to “ travel to the Sunset and terrorise the West Indian Kids and take their hair threads and their money excessively ” ( DiYanni, 2007, pg. 428 ) , stealing is no large thing to them. This statement besides portrays a strong message that ownerships are acquired by the strongest individual, in other words the endurance of the fittest. Subsequently, the interior metropolis kids arrive back in Manhattan, and see all rich white people and province, “ white folks loony ” ( DiYanny, 2007, pg. 501 ) , perchance to convey race and civilization to the readers witting. This statement could besides propose that the kids viewed the white people as superior to them and they could non mensurate up. The wisdom gleaned from “ The Lesson ” is that no affair what manus a individual is dealt in life, he/she does non hold to stay that manner. It will take a alteration of bosom and attitude every bit good as difficult work to hold a different life but it will be good worth it in the terminal.

In the narrative, “ Metamorphosis ” , by Franz Kafka, the reader is instantly thrown in an fanciful universe when a mistreated adult male is turned into an insect. It shortly became apparent that the narrative was non about an insect but instead it was about a deeper expression into the adult male ‘s ( Gregor Samsa ) inner psyche. Gregor ‘s state of affairs is no different than any other individual enduring from a disablement in that they are normally considered different and frequently mistreated. The writer uses an insect to typify the adult male ‘s disaffection and speechless desires. The transmutation into a

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roach symbolized a alteration in him where he became imprisoned by societal and economic demands and unable to care for himself much less his household. He frequently sacrificed his ain demands to supply better life for his parents and sister. In the statement, “ Oh good, I should n’t give up hope wholly: one time I have the money to pay off my parent ‘s debt-it should be merely

a affair of five or six years-I ‘ll decidedly make it- so I will do my interruption ” ( DiYanni, 2007, pg. 613 ) , it becomes apparent that he has the function health professional. The writer uses symbolism in the subject when Gregor spoke in a slow difficult mode, “ I ‘m up ” , “ I ‘ll be out of bed shortly ” ( DiYanni, 2007, pg. 613 ) . He realized he had problem doing his voice come out the manner he anticipated it to come out. Not being able to hold one ‘s voice heard is much like being caught in a universe of societal repression and non able to be your ain person. The subject to this narrative is that economic sciences can impact relationships. In “ Metamorphosis ” , Gregor has become a slave to bad economic times. He is the lone beginning of income for his household and they begin to handle him non as a human but instead as money doing beginning. After Gregor ‘s metabolism, he becomes unable to work and his household begins pretermiting him. The sum of ingratitude that his household showed him was apparent when he comes near decease and his household reasonably much disowned him because he became worthless to them ( DiYanni, 2007 ) . When a individual is valued merely as a beginning of income, exhaustion sets in and it keeps one from set uping meaningful relationships. This is really seen in Gregor ‘s life as he began to experience trapped in his occupation in order to pay for his household ‘s debt. He desires freedom but fails to get it because non merely has he been enslaved by his occupation, but when he became unable to work, he found himself imprisoned by his household. Often times when people become enslaved to their occupations and household, depression hits and they begin to believe the lone manner out

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is decease. The metabolism made Gregor unable to work which in bend produced a great sum of guilt in his life. The guilt that he felt when he could no longer back up his household engulfed him. In the terminal the powerful emotion, “ guilt ” took his life. Gregor ne’er allowed himself to populate his life the manner he desired because he lived his life for his household out of guilt

and he dies for his household from guilt. The lesson I took from this narrative is that when people lack personal individuality it can restrain them of their uniqueness and slightly forces them to be slaves to others. Like in the narrative, Metamorphosis, this lacking of true ego, or individuality, causes jobs in households every bit good as with all relationships. Trying to be perfect and live up to others outlooks can non merely do depression and guilt but can be instead rather wash uping. As seen with the character, Gregor, when one lacks love and attending, this causes him/her to be reduced to nothingness, as in a hollow shell. There is a soft centre that truly ne’er gets a opportunity to show itself.

The verse form that I chose to foreground the component of subject in is, “ I Died for Beauty-but was Scarce ” , by Emily Dickerson. A common subject seen in Dickerson ‘s Hagiographas is decease and for her, the ultimate experience is decease. In the verse form, “ I died for Beauty-but was scarce ” , the subject here is one of decease. It is about two people who have already died and they are holding a conversation about their past lives. One talker died for “ beauty ” and the other died for “ truth ” . I believe the concluding line depicting how moss had reached their lips and covered up their names ( DiYanni, 2007 pg. 926, Dickerson is seeking to propose the impotence of the human status and that all are created equal because in the terminal all return to dust. This verse form hit a legitimate point about decease and how people are forgotten

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after they are gone. I do believe Dickerson, in this verse form, is seeking to go forth a message that people should non be treated unequal or be forgotten one time they die. Death is something everyone must come to footings with because it is inevitable. In this verse form, “ I Died for Beauty ” , I believe Dickerson wants to assist everyone understand that truth and beauty are one. Peoples should take to populate their life by being true to themselves and continuing their nucleus values until decease takes them off. Making so will let one to populate life to the fullest while keeping a peace that passes all apprehension. “ Moss had reached our lips-and covered up-our names ” , ( DiYanni, 2007, pg. 126 ) , refers to people who live life non being true to themselves, dice and are remembered no more.


Literature is a great tool to uncover different thoughts about life. Subjects are cardinal constituents of literature that can learn the reader lessons on life. A subject of a short narrative or verse form has a alone ability to assist readers hold on what it feels like to be in person else ‘s places for a minute in clip. Through an writer ‘s personal life experiences, readers are invited to see another ‘s life whose fortunes are adversely different from their ain. It frequently gives us new penetration to assist us understand and associate to others who are unambiguously different. It can touch our Black Marias in a manner that forever changes the manner the universe and people are viewed and accepted.

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