The Glass Menagerie

All the characters in this drama had a important portion throughout the drama. Laura, the girl, a crippled miss due to a childhood unwellness, finally separates herself from the remainder of the universe, similar to a piece of her ain glass aggregation. Tom, the boy, who is the storyteller of the drama, has a strong passion for poesy and is employed in a warehouse. He is to a great extent relied on by his household for support. Last, but non least, Amanda, who plays as the female parent, is rather a character. She struggles and fails to set up contact with world and continues to populate in her ain fantasy universe. Throughout the drama, the kids tend to acquire existent agitated by their female parent Amanda, and perchance to the readers as good ; nevertheless, there are right grounds for her to act in such a incorrect mode. The people who surround her, both physically and mentally, are the primary grounds why she gets highly “ raging. ” With all the nagging and all the unneeded comments she makes that irks everyone, Amanda has a point-she merely wants a good result in life for her kids.

Amanda is a caring female parent who raised Tom and Laura on her ain. She has high outlooks of them and wants the best for them so they can win in the hereafter. She believes extremely in herself and often reminisces about her past life, how perfect everything used to be. She claims that she was an attractive adult female that was able to pick up many gentlemen companies. She was one time married to a fine-looking adult male named Mr. Wingfield whom she fell profoundly in love with. He worked for a telephone company and he subsequently abandoned his household and left Amanda crushed and heartbroken. The glass menagerie represents the necessity for her to cleaving onto the past, the fright of being entirely ; therefore she keeps herself surrounded by this glass menagerie where all her memories exist. A portrayal of Mr. Wingfield is displayed in her life room ; therefore Amanda will ne’er be able to acquire over it and will ever be reminded of the yesteryear. Everyday, she nags to her kids, which gets existent annoyance. She expects Laura to travel to school and acquire an instruction to be successful, but with her fortunes, it is rather a challenge. She fiscal relies on Tom, inquiries him about his societal life, and holds him responsible for Laura ‘s hereafter. Laura and Tom get annoyed from her changeless nagging about useless things. Her behaviour, shortly plenty, will do the household to float apart.

Laura is a cautious, handicapped miss who withdrew herself from the outside universe and devotes her full life on her old records, which keeps her in the yesteryear, and her glass aggregation, which symbolizes her life. She was born crippled so she ever wore a leg brace. She developed pleurosis in high school ; this made her feel self-cautious about herself, and she finally becomes unable to complete school and drops out. Laura has besides ever been diffident ; she did non hold friends, ever kept to herself, and ne’er truly spoke to anyone because since she is crippled, she feels as if she was non like everyone else, which made her feel unseeable to the remainder of the universe like glass. Laura owns a aggregation of glass menageries that she entirely based her life upon. She is delicate, breakable, and beautiful in her ain manner, similar to her glass aggregation. She owns many Equus caballuss in that aggregation and one particular unicorn that stands out from the remainder of the crowd. This unicorn represents her in meaningful manner that makes her different from everyone else. Later in the novel, an incident occurred and the unicorn was by chance knocked off the shelf and broke its horn. The unicorn now looks like a regular Equus caballus and Laura was clearly upset but she did non demo it. Amanda encourages Laura to complete high school and insists on paying for her to go to concern school. In scene two, Amanda makes a visit to the concern school that Laura attends to talk to her instructors about the advancement she has purportedly been doing. The instructors informed her that Laura dropped out merely a few yearss after categories started, but she was in entire daze and refused to believe. Amanda wanted Laura to acquire an instruction to win in life and non stop up like her, but it is about impossible since Laura and school will merely ne’er work out. Laura leaves category when she is nervous, quits school when she is embarrassed, and wo n’t even reply the door when she is scared. Now, Amanda wants Laura to go a homemaker and acquire married to some nice adult male who can back up her, which leads us to Tom.

Tom is the older of the two siblings. He is besides the storyteller of this drama. He enjoys reading and authorship, particularly poesy, and works in a warehouse. He likes to seek escapades and exhilaration and research new topographic points and experiences, which is the exact antonym of what he was acquiring from the topographic point he works at and even populating at place. Tom has a important function in this drama. He feels obligated to stay faithful and back up his sister Laura, irrespective how difficult he tries to go forth her buttocks. Since he is the lone adult male in the house now, he is expected to supply fiscal support for his household. At the really beginning of scene four, Tom tells Laura about his dark at the films, which was a metaphor that he used to depict his life. He told her about a charming show and how the magician “ performed fantastic fast ones, such as pouring H2O back and Forth between hurlers. First it turned to wine and so it turned to beer and so it turned to whisky ” ( 27 ) . This tells us that he was an alky, which is one of the things Amanda scolds about. She criticizes him about many of his actions. She asks him why he smokes, drinks, and travel to the films excessively much. Tom continues to state Laura about another fast one the prestidigitator performed, the casket fast one. “ We nailed him into a casket and he got out of the casket without taking one nail. There is a fast one that would come in ready to hand for me-get me out of this two-by-four state of affairs! ” ( 27 ) . This quotation mark implies that he feels like he is stuck in a box and all he could believe about is happening a manner to get away to “ freedom, ” like his male parent one time did. Amanda besides holds Tom responsible for Laura ‘s hereafter. She wants him to happen a gentleman company for Laura. Amanda provinces, “ aˆ¦As shortly as Laura has person to take attention of her, married, a place of her ain, independent-then you ‘ll be free to travel wheresoever you pleaseaˆ¦ But until that clip you ‘ve got to look out for your sister ” ( 35 ) . With that being said, Tom is entitled to make as Amanda petitions and happen person for Laura. All he could woolgather about running off. He feels more irritated than of all time. One dark, Tom invites a friend from work over for dinner and to run into Laura. The friend coincidently happens to be Laura ‘s biggest crush in high school, Jim O’Connor, the cat that called her “ Blue Roses ” when she had pleurosis back in high school. Amanda so blows the state of affairs manner out of proportion and starts leaping to decisions that Jim, in fact, will be “ the 1 ” for Laura, when cipher knows what the hereafter holds. After dinner, Jim and Laura spend clip entirely and they talk and get to cognize each other a small better. He was able to acknowledge the beauty in her despite all her defects, which led her to believe he is “ the 1. ” Unfortunately, things did non come out as expected, Jim words mislead her, and it was a cheerless minute. Amanda should non hold done what she has done, but she is non the 1 to fault. All her purposes are good. She is merely looking out for her girl, and the ground why she inquiries Tom about why he ever go to the films, why he ever comes place rummy, and why he smokes excessively much is merely because she cares a batch about him. She does non desire Tom to endanger his occupation and his life with his “ black ” behaviour. In other words, she wants to watch her kids become successful.

In decision, Amanda can non be wholly blamed for her mistakes because society demand high outlooks from people and coerce them to conceal in a universe of psychotic beliefs. Amanda was non strong plenty to confront the rough world so she escapes in her illusional universe. Throughout this drama, so she has been raging, nevertheless, she is still a good adult female with good purposes. Despite all the struggles and statements between Amanda, Laura, and Tom, Amanda is kindhearted adult female that wants her kids to accomplish the American Dream, which is why she demands difficult work to make success.