The Inheritance Of Sins In Sophocles Antigone English Literature Essay

Inheritance plays a really dominant function in the people ‘s lives. In both the books, Antigone written by Sophocles in the late fifth century in ancient Greece and The House Of Spirits written by Isabel Allende in the late twentieth century, heritage of wickednesss form one of the major subjects.

Antigone is the supporter of “ Sophocles Antigone ” . This drama takes topographic point in a society where the Gods were extremely worshipped. To understand this, it is of import to cognize about Oedipus. Oedipus was a adult male of speedy action and extraordinary penetration. But, this wont of his finally turns against him.He saved Thebes from the expletive of the Sphinx and became the male monarch overnight, he murders his ain male parent without cognizing it, He marries his ain female parent Jacosta without recognizing it, he stabs his ain eyes, and so he himself demands to be exiled. He does all of this without cognizing that one twenty-four hours, his expletive will besides bechance on his household.

The Greeks believed, that the full household would be destroyed because of some offense committed by their sires because the god send them hurting and agony on order to revenge them. This is brought out in the really gap of the drama when Antigone says: ” My ain beloved sister, Ismene, of all the agonies bequeathed by Oedipus, can you believe of one that Zeus has non given the two of us in our life-time? ”[ 1 ].. Antigone is really similar to Oedipus. She begins the drama with about the same features that Oedipus did. But Antigone had one thing Oedipus did n’t, she knew her past really good. She was non afraid of the nearing destiny of the her life. “ When a house has been shaken by the Gods, The ruin ne’er leaves them, but creeps on Through coevalss of the household ” 2. , The chorus sing of the expletive, the wickednesss committed by the sires, which can viciously destruct a household, coevals by generation.. ” One coevals does non liberate the following, But a god strikes them down ” 3. , Antigone ‘s life revolves around the wickednesss committed by her male parent due to which she lost her female parent, brothers and eventually she is traveling to lose herself. She is continuously haunted by the deformation that has destroyed her household. But she is cognizant of the destiny that has been fixed for her and she feels that she has nil to lose. “ The thrice told day of reckoning of my male parent, the full fate has come to us, to the celebrated kids of Labdacus ” 4. , this quotation mark signifies the contemplation of Antigone on her household expletive once more. She keeps speaking about the many heartaches that Oedipus handed down to his kids. In her emotional confusion, she sees herself doomed because of the offenses committed by her male parent that has brought ruin to their household. By the “ thrice told day of reckoning ” she keeps reiterating her hereafter. Through this we come to cognize that even though the Greeks believed in that the “ supernatural ” power will destruct the households, they besides believe on the fact that even the worlds are responsible for the pick they make. Antigone, though non afraid, moans her anticipated fate and is continually haunted by her household yesteryear. “ The miss is the violent kid of a violent male parent ” 5. At this point of the narrative, Antigone is being irrational and being unprompted. She does non cognize what she is stating or making. Now, she is in the same place as her male parent, Oedipus, was except for the fact that Antigone is in complete control of her destiny which Oedipus was n’t.

Unlike Antigone, where there was the society that believed in supernatural powers and beliefs, “ The House of Spirits ” takes topographic point in a modern society where the antediluvian beliefs are non mentioned, still. Yet, the heritage of the wickednesss wholly changes the class of the life of Alba.Alba is the granddaughter of Estaban Trueba. Estaban Garcia is the grandson of Estaban Trueba and Pancha Garcia. He pours all his hatred into Alba to take revenge.. This is so because Estaban Garcia wants to take retaliation on his grandfatherby tormenting his granddaughter. Hehates his gramps for non admiting him as. In the epilogue of this book, we besides find out that Alba becomes the storyteller[ I ]of the narrative. The epilogue of the narrative plays a major function as it is spoken by Alba herself and it helps her recognize the ground behind these painful incidents.

In “ The House of the Spirits ” , Alba suffers significantly because of her past..Estaban Trueba is the most outstanding character in this book and he is the lone character who stays from the beginning to the really terminal of the book. From the really beginning of the narrative, he makes a tonss of errors without gaining that one twenty-four hours it will resile back at him through Alba. “ He forbade anyone to speak to him and could non digest resistance ; he viewed the slightest dissension as a provocationaˆ¦the provincials hid their girls and clenched their fists impotently because they could non face him ” 6.. The provincials hated the ways Estaban treated them. He considered the workers and the provincials inferior to himself, so he did non give any importance to them. He was a representative of the conservative attitude. He believed that the provincials do non merit a portion in the wealth of the upper category. Estaban is a individual who craves for power, and because of his attitude and the province of the authorities at that period of clip, he became one of the richest individual in the part. He treated the provincials and the “ lower ” category people with discourtesy without understanding that these errors will impact his household excessively. “ I am get downing to surmise that nil that happens is causeless, that it all corresponds to a religion laid down before my birth ” 7, realisation mornings on Alba that she is non traveling through all of this because of her mistake, in fact she is enduring this hurting because of the wickednesss and misbehaviors committed by people in her old coevalss, particularly by her gramps. “ Because my retaliation would be another portion of the same grim rite ” 8, Alba decides non to seek for retaliation because, the wickednesss committed by her in revenging herself will impact non merely her, but besides the future coevalss. She besides realizes that this is a concatenation of events and if it does non halt, will go on everlastingly. Estaban Trueba raped Pancha. And now the same wickedness is being committed by Estaban Garcia to the granddaughter of the raper. Alba has a combustion desire to halt this circle of iniquitous incidents that will do the future coevalss to endure. Due to the agony she had undergone in the custodies of Estaban Garcia, Alba andher gramps to compose their familt narrative in order to, “ reclaim the past and get the better of the panics of my ain ” 9. By composing this narrative, both Estaban Trueba and Alba are able to allow travel of their choler and their longing to take retaliation.

In both these books, it is seen that the class of the lives of the characters is determined through the wickednesss committed by their sires. In “ Sophocles Antigone ” , it is brought out through Antigone. In “ The House of the Spirits ” , it is brought out through the youngest life character, Alba. In both these books, these characters realize that their life is shadowed by the wickednesss that their ascendants committed in a really painful manner. Antigone is tortured to decease while Alba is physically and mentally tortured by Estaban Garcia. In “ Antigone ” , it was believed that Antigone suffered because the Gods bring ruin to the household that has committed wickednesss whereas in “ The House of the Spirits ” , Estaban Garcia ‘s desire for avenge became the effect for the wickednesss committed by the Estaban Trueba.In “ The House of the Spirits ” , we besides see that the authorities and the political state of affairs besides plays an highly of import function in Alba ‘s life. It is because of her gramps ‘s power than gave rise to so many challengers and it was because of the political state of affairs that Alba was tortured. We see that unlike Antigone, Alba realised that the errors she does today will impact her approaching coevalss. This is what changes her life forever. Antigone dies whereas Alba lives. Though both these books have different topographic points of beginning and different timelines, they depict the same subject through these books. Man ‘s life is genuinely determined by the wickednesss committed by their ascendants in their old coevalss.