The Main Character Of Things Fall Apart English Literature Essay

Looking at Okonkwos character from the exterior, he is a terrible, endangering adult male described as “ tall and immense, and his bushy superciliums and broad nose gave him a really terrible expression. ” ( 3 ) Even the manner that he walks, on the balls of his pess, gives him a endangering stance, as though he will assail whoever or whatever makes him angry. He is regarded as a great warrior and grappler within his folk but he is besides known for being unprompted and really speedy to anger at anything, particularly laziness. There is one utmost illustration of this within the book, where one of Okonkwo ‘s married womans does non return in clip to do him dinner. Because of this, he beats her pitilessly. This is non common in his civilization, even though crushing your married woman is non frowned upon, it is non common pattern and it surely is non common for a adult male to crush his married woman to near decease. This could be shown as Okonkwo believing that he is immensely superior to his married womans and adult females in general because he is vehemently seeking to non turn out like his male parent, who was compared to a adult female. This effect besides shows how unprompted Okonkwo can be with his actions, non believing of the effects for himself or others, such as when he kills the British courier after he becomes irritated and frustrated at the adult male.

Throughout the book, Okonkwo is driven by his intense desire to be everything his male parent was non. His male parent was lazy and unmotivated, and lived his life without taking hazards in order to harvest the wagess and died without any ill fame or rubrics within the small town. Okonkwo therefore desires to force everything his male parent has done behind him, including emotions. This explains the deficiency of emotions such as compassion and felicity from Okonkwo. It besides drives him to invariably be working without of all time halting to rest, as he associates these actions with his male parent. He connects them with his male parent and therefore connects them with immorality and something to be avoided. Bottling up these emotions within his caput has really negative effects on his wellbeing. Psychologically, bottling up emotions exaggerates them over clip until they can mutate and rule the ideas of the unfortunate individual who made the pick to bottle up their emotions.

In the terminal, when Okonkwo realizes that his folk does non back up him and he may hold the same destiny as his male parent, he commits suicide. This is contrary to his actions throughout the book because self-destruction is a cowardly decease, which is something that Okonkwo would hold associated with his lazy male parent. His pick is unusual in that with all his picks to be as different from his cowardly, lazy male parent, his life ends with a fearful pick by Okonkwo. All of his picks to be unprompted and weather go forth his head as he decides to take his ain life.

Of all of Okonkwo ‘s compulsive picks, killing his kid is likely one of the most lurid. “ He heard Ikemefuma call, ‘My father, they have killed me! ‘ as he ran towards him. Dazed with fright, Okonkwo drew his matchet and cut him down. He was afraid of being thought weak. ” ( 61 ) This little figure of words speaks volumes of Okonkwo ‘s character. Okonkwo is terrified of being thought weak, as stated in the quotation mark, so much so that he is willing to kill his favourite and most loved boy. This besides demonstrates his impulsiveness as he makes the snap determination to acquire over his fright by killing boy without believing. All of these character defects make it hard to tie in with and wish Okonkwo as a individual. This distancing from Okonkwo forces an nonsubjective expression at the narrative and the tones behind it, alternatively of reading the characters in an emotional manner.

Taking another expression at Okonkwo, he could besides be seen as a monolithic paradox. He is afraid of fright and lets it rule his actions, so as his life goes on, his fright additions, constructing upon itself. This self-contradictory relationship between Okonkwo and fright is interesting to take note of as the narrative progresses because his fright or fright physiques and physiques and begins to catch his sense of what is right and incorrect, what is morally right and wrong, finally taking to him basically losing what he had worked his full life to accomplish and killing himself.

This fright of fright attack besides opens up the possibility that Okonkwo is besides a weak character, invariably terrified as he goes through his life. This would intend that he is non merely weak, but is seting up a frontage of strength, which would be a plausible cause for his self-destruction. If he was weak as this theory states, his fright overwhelmed him and his frontage would non keep up any longer, doing him to take his ain life to stop his frights, ignoring everything else that had happened up to that point in his life and all of the opportunities he had in the past and all of the opportunities in the hereafter to turn his personality about and look as an honest individual and take a normal life alternatively of the frontage he is populating throughout the book.

Equally shortly as Okonkwo killed his ain boy, he set himself up for his ain devastation. From that point on, he quickly degraded from his already parlous place within his folk by coercing misgiving upon the people of his folk. After that incident, they no longer trusted him and would non be led along with the way he was heading, which was the saving of their civilization. This besides begins the ruin of his manner of life as the people of his folk steadily travel over to the missionaries as a beginning of faith and how to populate alternatively of remaining with their ancient civilization and faith. This is besides a plausible account for Okonkwo ‘s self-destruction as he realizes what is go oning and that there is nil he can make to halt it.