The Monopolist And Profit Maximization Economics Essay

Monopoly is a individual marketer and many purchasers. There is no difference between house and industry and monopoly signifier as imperfect market. Besides that, monopoly is the exclusive supplier of goods and services.

2.1 Features of Monopoly

There are some features of monopoly market.

One marketer and big figure of purchasers

The one of monopoly feature is one marketer and big figure of purchasers is big and the size of each house is really little. The figure of purchasers besides big and this house can non act upon the market monetary value. So fundamentally, single house does non trouble oneself about the reactions of the house. Besides that, adjusts its sale to gain maximal net incomes and the monetary value given under perfect competition. The demand of single purchasers relative to the entire demand. And so little that can non act upon the monetary value of the merchandise by his single action.

Merchandise has no lose replacements

The 2nd features is, merchandise distinction, there is merchandise are close replacements but non perfect replacements. Its agencies, merchandises are likewise but non equal. For an illustration, Colgate toothpaste is somewhat different from Darlie toothpaste. Otherwise, likewise dettol soap is different from life buoy soap. But if the purchasers can happen any replacements for toothpaste and soap agencies, may be the differences is existent or fanciful but it ‘s create fond regards. Consumers prefer one merchandise to another, under monopolistic competition. Monopoly can non be if there is a competition or any utility merchandise because consumers or purchasers could non happen any replacing for the merchandise.

Restriction on the entry of new house.

The 3rd features of the monopoly are, steadfast under monopolistic are easy to entry and go forth the industry. Barriers are non entry is natural or legal limitation that restricts the entry of new houses into the industry. Hence, a house has legal control over other houses. There is curtailing competition in the market.


In monopoly market, advertisement is depends to the merchandise sold. If the merchandise is good and services means, the monopoly demands make advertizement to inform consumers on the goods. So that, its attempt to set up goods of its ain merchandises. By the advertisement, consumers can cognize their merchandising costs. However, if the merchandises are non luxury goods such as H2O service, electricity service, and local telephone service, so the marketer no demand to make any advertizement. This is because a batch of the purchasers know that where are the topographic points and locations to acquire and buy these few merchandises.

2.1.1 Diagram

The Monopolist and Profit Maximization

In the diagram, the measure of produced and monetary value charged has own control for both of it. That besides, full demand curve for goods and services produced. So that, it will confronting a downward slopping demand curve in the diagram. Equivalently, a monopoly ne’er operates in the inelastic part of its demand curve.

Monopolist Net income Maximization

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What happens if the monopolizer subsequently faces a demand curve such as D1? In that instance, the monopolizer can non cover costs and will travel out of concern.

2.1.2 Demand, Marginal Revenue, and Elasticity

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In the diagram, demand curve is elastic as there many houses. So that, there is deficiency of close replacements. The net incomes shown as unnatural where the shaded country and rival the short tally.

As shown in the graph above, a monopolizer confronting demand curve D0 will bring forth measure Q0 and the monetary value charged will be equal to P0.

2.1.3 Decision

All in all, monopoly have four features of construction. Besides that, monopoly is the exclusive supplier of goods and services. The monopoly market is still entirely by reciprocally good exchange of steadfast exist and many.

3.0 Difference between Perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly

Perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly have their ain severally characteristics. Their feature of their four markets is non same. In monopoly, the market construction in which there is merely one manufacturer and marketer for a merchandise. Oligopoly is merely few houses that make up an industry and choice group of houses has control over the monetary value. Monopoly and oligopoly has high barriers to entry. Then, monopoly construction is opposite for perfect competition. Perfect competition are has many purchasers and Sellerss, many merchandises that are similar in nature and there are many replacements.

3.1 Differentiate between perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly

3.1.1 Perfect competition

Perfect competition is a market is a possible market where competition is at its greatest in possible degree. The merchandises are homogenous and marketer can easy come in and go out from their market.

Number of marketer and purchasers

Perfect competition is really big Numberss of houses in the market. Perfect competition besides being of big figure of purchasers and Sellerss. There is no ruling house and all houses are normally little and are monetary value takers, because the single gross revenues volume is comparatively little compared to market volume. The monetary value does non alter and there is no discernable alteration in the measure exchanged in the market.

Unrestricted to entry and be

The 2nd features of perfect competition is there are unrestricted on the entry and exist of both purchasers and Sellerss. A house can easy come in into perfect competition market and go forth the market at any clip, if that house can non go on the house. The absence of such barriers does non impact the monetary values, and there is ever a replacement for providers, who enters and leaves if, wants. If any losingss occur the house will be the industry without any ground. This is of import to understand the free entry and free exist is possible in the long-time house.

Homogeneous merchandise

There another status of perfect competition is homogenous merchandise that is a merchandise offer for sale by marketer. It must be goods offers for sale and perfect replacements of one another marketer. One house can non distinguish the same merchandises sold in the industry because purchasers can place the difference in footings of colourss, quality and wadding. There is average, even though the merchandises are same in nature but there is difference in footings of quality. Seller can non raise the monetary value above the prevalent monetary value or lower the monetary value. Homogeneity of merchandise has an of import deduction for the market if merchandises of different marketer. Besides that, purchasers non care who they buy from, every bit long as the monetary value is same.

Maximal net incomes

In the perfect competition, net income maximization determine by the measure of merchandise they sell. The fringy cost by the merchandise of a individual unit of the merchandise is equal to the fringy gross. Entire gross and entire cost attack are the net income maximization. When the cost is lowest, and so merely can be maximal net income.

3.1.2 Monopolistic competition

The construct monopolistic competition is more realistic than perfect competition. Monopolistic competition market each house has its ain monetary value policy. The most things from another thing characteristic of monopolistic competition are the merchandises of assorted houses are non identified. But they are close replacements for each others. In the instance, monopolistic and perfect competition is characteristic by the being of Sellerss. The houses do non bring forth perfect replacements. Otherwise, each house has a little per centum of the entire monopolistic market and therefore has limited control over market monetary value.

Merchandise differentiates.

Under monopolistic competition, merchandise distinction may imply physical or qualities differences in the merchandises by their egos. There end product merchandise are differentiated between which are comparatively close replacements for each other. So that, that merchandise monetary values can non be really much different from each other. Product differentiated by location, services, designs, and trade name names. The houses in monopolistic competition will distinguish their merchandises and do them more appealing to the clients in order to maximise their net incomes.

3.1.3 Oligopoly

In an oligopoly, there are merely a few houses that make up an industry. This choice group of houses has control over the monetary value and, like a monopoly ; an oligopoly has high barriers to entry. Main feature of oligopoly is mutuality of houses in the industry. Sum more, in the oligopoly market, all houses can gain unnatural net incomes in the long tally because, the entry of new houses are hard. Oligopoly is non similar monopolistic market, because if houses change the monetary values or end product, it has noticed effects on the gross revenues and net incomes of its rivals.

Small figure of big house

Approachs from little figure of big house are each which is comparatively big compared to the overall size of market. Under oligopoly, few houses control the overall industry and there is no specific figure of houses that must command the market.

Homogeneous of differentiated merchandise

Under oligopoly, when a merchandise sold that can be either a homogenous or a differentiated merchandise. For illustration, crude oil, steel and etc. and besides, oligopoly focal point on goods sold. Basically, people have different wants demands and therefore bask assortment. Such as, cars and computing machines.

Barriers no entry

Barriers no entry is similar to monopoly market. The oligopoly houses will curtail new entry into the market. In this industry, a few immense houses own most of the available Fe ore, a necessary natural stuff for steel production. Once the new houses are out of the market, there big houses cut down the production will increase the monetary value. In these instances, barriers to entry are low, and it besides as little investing may be required to come in the market construction.

3.1.4 Monopoly

Monopoly can be considered opposite of perfect competition. It is a market signifier in which there are lone Sellerss. Even though, there are many factors to lift up monopoly market. There is merely one provider ; and the demand curve that single houses face is the market demand curve. A monopoly house is deemed to hold considerable control over the monetary value of its merchandise. In the instance a monopoly can besides originate if a company owns the full supply of a necessary stuff needed to bring forth a merchandise.

3.1.5 Decision


Perfect Competition

Monopolistic Competition



Number of houses

Very Many




Type of Merchandise



Homogeneous / Differentiated

Merely merchandise of its sort

( no near replacement )

Ease of entry

Very easy

Relatively easy

Not Easy


Monetary value Puting power


( Price taker )




( Price Maker )

Non Price Competition



Considerable for a differentiated oligopoly


Productive efficiency

Highly efficient

Less Efficient

Less Efficient


Long tally net incomes






Does n’t Exist ; agribusiness stopping point

Fast Food, retails shops, cosmetics

Cars, Steel, soft drinks, cereals

Small town newspaper, rural gas station

4.0 Conclusion and recommendations

In the whole assignments, I learned about microeconomics capable ant it is a really of import topic to whom taking concern class. The capable Teachs every pupil about concern accomplishments and helps to larn about concern cognition of economic sciences.

In first inquiry, I know the features of monopoly. I besides learn the differentiated of monopoly in the markets. The 2nd inquiry is about the differentiate between perfect competition, monopolistic competition, monopoly and oligopoly markets. From this inquiry, I learned about the four features of the markets such as the four markets are non same all the times.

In malice of this assignment, I thank to my lector and coordinator for guide us to make this debut to concern. I appreciate from this assignment that I can cognize good about the concern chapters.