The Most Hated Family in America Essay

The movie. “The Most Despised Family in America. ” was a really interesting and oculus gap movie about freedom of address. reading. and effects of life picks. Before watching this I had no thought that such a household even existed. but after watching it I am slightly ashamed of what they are making and experience really bad for the members of their household and the people environing them. Louis Theroux did a antic occupation on this docudrama ; I would non alter a thing to his presentation of the Phelps household.

His attack of remaining and interacting with the household created an mute facet of what the household is like and how they on a regular basis act. By labeling along with them in mundane undertakings and traveling to their protests with them it gives the viewing audiences a opportunity for their ain reading. Puting aside interview inquiries and merely hiting their normal everyday gave indifferent and natural footage. I besides thought it was really professional how alternatively of reasoning with them he asked inquiries about his personal life. which gave them the same chance to voice their sentiment. but on a situational footing instead than as a defence mechanism.

When I viewed this film I did non anticipate to see a household that has gone to such extremes. I watched this alone. but told others about it and they excessively were every bit surprised as myself to hear that such a thing is traveling on in this state and that people feel they have the right to state such hateful things. I think what they are making is atrocious and they are mistreating the right to freedom of address. There is nil incorrect with holding your ain sentiment. but when it comes to verbally mistreating others at that place should be a limitation.

Not merely is it extremely disrespectful. but by picketing funerals of fallen soldiers. the people who fight for their rights to freedom of free address. they are beliing themselves in a manner. I personally am non a follower of the Bible. but this creates a really bad image for the Christian religion in my eyes. To see people intentionally aching others and believing that is acceptable is non kosher. I think they have taken the word of God to an extreme and over taken about everything. I have heard that the bible says being a homophile is a wickedness. but this is America. and people who feel the demand to make such things have that right.

If it is a wickedness. so be it. those people have the freedom to make whatever they feel with their lives. I would ne’er fall in a group like this because of the harm they are making non merely to those people who are cheery. or to the households of fallen soldiers. but to their ain household. In the picture it showed the Children picketing. they had no thought what it meant or why they were making it. It besides had footage of the 7 twelvemonth old male child being hit with sodium carbonate by looker-ons. They are brainwashing their kids and coercing them into this life style before they can believe for themselves.

They are insulating them from being accepted into society. these hapless kids have no friends. and they have put their kids in physical danger by doing them make this. people hate them for making so and will move on that hatred as they did in the picture or worse. Although this docudrama was successful in portraying small to no prejudice. it is obvious to me that what the Phelps household is making is incorrect. Sing how they interact with society and how strongly they believe people should decease for their actions is manner excessively utmost. Embracing their values as a household is one thing. and they have every right to experience the manner they do.

To non transport out those actions in their personal life is their ain pick. but they should non take it to such a degree to where they are seeking influence others and disrespect them for missing common beliefs. As we are all cognizant. America takes pride in its rights for freedom of address and that is what we are known for. That being said. after sing this picture it is apparent to see that those rights are sometimes taken for granted and abused by people like the Phelps household. Freedom of address is something we should all appreciate and value as Americans. but clearly it is non ever a good thing.