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The type of span of control Unilever used is wide. Unilever is headed by one directors. Three board members (Executive Director, Unilever Leadership Executive and Non-Executive) reporting to the director. There are several departments reporting to each board member. Unilever is a high formalised company as all the standard regulations of the job are stated in Code of Business Principle and Code Policies. These regulations consists of the code and standard of conduct, safeguarding information, countering corruption, engaging externally and also the value of respecting other. Moreover, they also includes must and must not do and suitable behaviours for all of the employees. There are three main departmentalizations in Unilever, which are product, functional and geographical departmentalization. Product departmentalisation is divided into food, refreshment, home care and personal care. Functional department is divided in research and development, chain supply, human resource, legal and  marketing and communication. Geographical department is divided into Asia/AMET (Africa, Middle East, Turkey)/ RUB (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), America and Europe.
In 1990s, Unilever used to be decentralised in which the company top management, regional heads and local managers are responsible of making decision in producing, marketing, selling and distributing the products. Since 2000, Unilever started to change becoming more centralised. Unilever started to focus more on popular products in market and created departments based on them. Unilever now has simplified its management system which give the top management greater accountability, help them eliminate product duplicate, faster decision making, target on specific products and capture the local and global market.
Unilever can be categorised as individualism and collectivism company as it encourages both the importance of working in a group and the need of respecting individuals. This can be seen from the value and principle Unilever holds which is based on Code of Business Principles and Code Policies. As a collectivism company, Unilever promotes diversity,  equal opportunity, mutual trust, respect human rights and no discrimination among its employees. Unilever as a individualism company respects the dignity of individuals and the rights of employees to enjoy freedom pd collective bargaining and association.