The Outsiders Susan Eloise Hinton English Literature Essay

Young grownup literature gives the pupils different positions in what they might be traveling through in their lives. Students frequently bury how easy reading can be, particularly if they connect with the characters and state of affairss. Teachers, in add-on, may bury how integrating literature in their pupils ‘ lives can be really helpful for them.

As I was able to read the authoritative celebrated novel, The Outsiders, it was non hard to see how such a great novel should be integrated in the English schoolroom. This fresh tends to be really realistic as to how society can be, and immature grownups need to hold the chance to see different positions of the society they live in. Novels like these sometimes get excessively controversial because of the force or bad wonts they have ; nevertheless, people are frequently misguided as to how much more pupils can larn from them. Not merely do the writers introduce realistic and strong subjects, they besides bring a batch of intending to love, household, friendly relationship and other subjects that pupils can associate to.

Teachers should non bury to happen books that immature grownup can immediately link to and incorporate their ain jobs to the schoolroom. The pupils ‘ response can be enhanced easy with the instructor ‘s esthesia and motive in the schoolroom.

Brief Biography

S.E Hinton

Susan Eloise Hinton was born on July 22, 1948 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is an American novelist and film writer in immature grownup fiction and kids ‘s literature. She foremost began composing in grade school and her major inspiration was reading. Her first Hagiographas were about cowpunchers and Equus caballuss ; which led her to wish to hold a Equus caballus of all time since. While still in her teens, Hinton became a family name as the writer of The Outsiders, her first and most popular novel, set in the 1960 ‘s. The twelvemonth she began composing it was in 1965, when she was 16 old ages old. The book was inspired by two rival packs at her school. She desired to demo sympathy toward the Greasers by composing from their point of position. “ The Outsiders ” was published in 1967 and became the second-bestselling immature grownup novel in printing history. She changed her name to her initials so her novel would n’t be dismissed by male referees. She continued utilizing them to maintain her private and public lives separate. S.E. Hinton was, and still is, one of the most popular and best known authors of immature grownup fiction. Her books have been taught in some schools, and banned from others. Her novels changed the manner people look at immature grownup literature.

Her literary books are:

The Outsiders ( 1967, novel )

That Was Then, This Is Now ( 1971, novel )

Rumble Fish ( 1975, novel )

Tex ( 1979, novel )

Taming the Star Runner ( 1988, novel )

Big David, Little David ( 1995, image book )

The Puppy Sister ( 1995, chapter book )

Hawkes Harbor ( 2004, novel )

She was the first receiver of the Margaret Alexander Edwards Awards, which honors an writer for important and permanent part to Young Adult Literature. Most of her plants have received assortment of awards and awards, particularly The Outsiders, her most celebrated novel.

The Outsiders awards and awards:

New York Herald Tribune Best Teenage Books List, 1967

Chicago Tribune Book World Spring Book Festival Honor Book, 1967

Media and Methods Maxi Award, 1975

ALA Best Young Adult Books, 1975

Massachusetts Children ‘s Book Award, 1979

Summary of The Foreigners

Ponyboy is a child from the incorrect side of the paths whose parents were killed in a auto accident. He lives with his brothers, Darry, who works all the clip and is really overprotective of him, and Sodapop, who dropped out of school but is the closest to him. He, along with his friends, Johnny, Dally, Two-Bit, and his brothers are portion of a group of hapless teenage male childs called the wetbacks. They are ever beaten up by the Socs, which are the rich and privileged male childs. One dark, he gets place tardily after passing some clip and speaking with two Socs misss, and gets into a battle with his older brother, Darry, who hits him. Ponyboy is hurt and mad by this and runs to happen Johnny to acquire away from his house. Subsequently that dark, both of them acquire attacked by a group of Socs, and Ponyboy is about drowned to decease. Johnny, scared and seeking to support Ponyboy, stabs Bob, one of the Socs, and kills him. They run to happen Dally, their aggressive and troubled friend, and he gives him money, a gun and tells them to conceal in an abandoned church. Johnny and Ponyboy stay at that place for a few yearss. They change their hair and they read to each other. When Dally comes to happen them, he tells them that there is a ramble scheduled for the following twenty-four hours and that Cherry, one of the misss they met and Bob ‘s girlfriend, was traveling to attest that Bob was rummy and that the slaying was self defence.

When they return to the church, they see it ‘s on fire and there are childs trapped indoors. Without thought, Ponyboy runs to salvage them, Johnny and Dally following him. Ponyboy gets out O.K. , Dally burns his arm, but a firing piece of wood falls on Johnny interrupting his dorsum and combustion him severely. The three of them are declared heroes, but a juvenile test is scheduled for Johnny and Ponyboy. With the battle near, Ponyboy visits Dally and a deceasing Johnny at the infirmary and Dally says that they need to crush the Socs for Johnny. The Greasers and the Socs fight each other and the Greasers win. When Dally and Ponyboy go see Johnny to state him the intelligence, he tells Ponyboy non to “ remain gold ” , and dies. Dally gets overwhelmed and runs out, robbing a shop. When he calls the male childs to pick him up, the constabulary are already trailing him. When the wetbacks are geting, Dally takes out his unloaded gun and the constabulary shoot him. After this, Ponyboy gets really ill and is in denial of Johnny and Dally ‘s deceases. He pretends to himself and to everyone that he was the 1 that killed Bob. However, at the test, he is found inexperienced person. Subsequently on, Ponyboy finds a missive that Johnny wrote to him before he died in the book they read together, Gone with the Wind. In it, Johnny explains about why he wants Ponyboy to “ remain gold ” and how he thinks there are a batch of good things in the universe. He wanted to do certain Ponyboy told Dally about it. Ponyboy, so, decides to compose approximately life as a wetback for a category assignment for people to cognize what life as a wetback was approximately.

Evaluation Standards


Students might be interested in this novel because it can give them an penetration on how others feel, no affair what their background is. They can experience identified with it, because adolescents tend to be in the place in which they do n’t cognize who they are, or who the people around them are. Besides, it ‘s a fresh that talks approximately society every bit good, and they could understand better what happens because of the state of affairs today.


The novel has a really simple vocabulary for immature grownups. The characters frequently use words falsely because that ‘s the manner they are used to speak. However, even when they are n’t right spoken, it can do pupils understand and associate to the characters more. The context of the novel should be familiar to what pupils know of, which makes it easier for them to understand the novel. It is organized in a manner that pupils can grok and maintain being interested in reading more.


The novel has a known subject, particularly to immature grownups, who might hold been in the state of affairs, or might cognize person who was in it. The subjects about societal differences, condemnable inclinations, friendly relationship and household can be recognized by the pupils. Even if they have non experienced what the characters have personally, they can sympathise and grok it.

Political Appropriateness

The novel does n’t needfully advert any political state of affairss, but it does advert a batch about society and how the societal categories can be an influence in a batch of state of affairss in the vicinity. We can read about how people see rich and hapless male childs, and the bias they tend to hold without truly cognizing person.

Cultural Suitability

Not much cultural state of affairss are mentioned in the novel, which makes it better to show this novel in a immature grownup category. The state of affairss are really common in a batch of states, in which the hapless and the rich are separated or the condemnable state of affairss vary between immature childs.


The novel does non hold any images throughout the pages. Its missive size is non excessively large, but it is easy to read. The type of fount is clear to immature grownups and since it is good organized, the pupils will non happen it hard to go on with the reading.

Critical Theories

Moral/Intellectual – In the novel, Ponyboy goes through a batch entirely and with his brothers, one of them holding to make with their parents ‘ decease. Students might sympathise the characters in state of affairss like this, even if they do n’t needfully associate to them in a personal manner. Throughout the novel, we see a batch of alterations in Ponyboy, bias and love in which pupils might be able to better their apprehension of the universe and of themselves.

New Critical/Formalist – With this attack, pupils might be able to discourse and understand better the intent of the point of position of the novel and how it is developed throughout the narrative.

Economic determinist/Marxist – A batch of economic differences between groups of people are present in the novel. Money is a large influence and it is the factor that separates everyone.

Psychological/psychoanalytic – The behaviour of the characters can be understood if you look closely at their reactions and seek to grok their feelings towards each state of affairs. Students might be able to state the grounds behind the characters ‘ actions and determinations.

Reader-Response – Students might discourse what they perceive of the novel and how they can associate to them, whether it is personally or non. They can portion sentiments in the characters ‘ actions or feelings.

Name: ________________________ Date: _____________________

Title: _________________________ Section: ___________________

Mini Lesson: Word picture

Focus: Students should be able to depict character ‘s feelings and actions and explicate their ain personal standards for reacting to what they read.

Aims: After reading the novel The Outsiders and explicating what word picture is, the pupil will:

acknowledge the elements of word picture, and use those elements to the characters in the novel.

measure themselves and associate to characters

Definition – The literary term word picture is the development of the characters in the narrative into existent people. Most characters can be described in two ways: 1 ) physically, which includes the outside description ( visual aspect ) and 2 ) psychologically, which includes the inside description and personality ( ideas, feelings ) .


“ I have light light-brown, almost-red hair and greenish-grey eyes. ” ( p.1 ) – Physical trait

“ I love Soda more than I ‘ve of all time loved anyone, even Mom and Dad. He ‘s ever carefree and smile, while Darry ‘s difficult and house and seldom smiles at all. ” ( p.2 ) – Psychological trait

Instruction manuals:

Choose a character of the novel The Outsiders and give at least 3 physical and psychological traits.

Physical Psychological

1. 1.

2. 2.

3. 3.

Describe an event or minute of your life in which you face the same issues as that character. It could associate to you straight or indirectly, but make certain to bind it to your ain life.






Name: ________________________ Date: _____________________

Title: _________________________ Section: ___________________

Mini Lesson: Identity

Focus: Students should be able to place and explicate connexions between factors and the actions or determinations the characters make.

Aims: After the discoursing the definition of individuality, the pupil will:

acknowledge the factors that influence a individual ‘s individuality,

apply and associate the factors to the characters in the novel.

compare the factors that influence a character with their ain.

Definition – Identity is what makes person definable and recognizable, in footings of possessing a set of qualities or features that tell them apart from others.

Fictional characters in the novel are influenced by many factors in their lives, some which they can command, and some which they can non. Some factors which influence the characters ‘ individualities are:


Social position




Instruction manuals:

Explain how these factors influence the characters in the novel. Be specific to how they influence the characters.







Make a “ Wanted Ad ” for either Johnny or Ponyboy. Represent two different individualities for each of them: the individuality the Greasers see and the individuality the public sees. You can include stereotypes and judgements.

Name: ________________________ Date: _____________________

Title: _________________________ Section: ___________________

Mini Lesson: Journal Entry

Focus: Students should be able to utilize critical thought accomplishments to acquire beneath the surface of media in the novel and in society.

Aim: The pupil will be able to:

compose a newspaper article depicting an event of the novel.

Definition – A diary is a day-to-day record of events either for concern, for a newspaper, for private usage or for academic intents. Sometimes a diary is used a equivalent word for a magazine, but when it us for an educated audience it is normally called a professional magazine.

Instruction manuals:

In groups of 3 or 4 pupils, compose a short newspaper article from the point of position of a Greaser or a Soc. Create an attractive rubric about one of these two events:

Johnny ‘s stabbing Bob

Johnny and Ponyboy ‘s recue of the kids in the church















In your groups, province whether you are a Greaser or a Soc and show your article to the remainder of the category.

Name: ________________________ Date: _____________________

Title: _________________________ Section: ___________________

Mini Lesson: Subject in a Poem

Focus: Students should be able to construe and explicate the message of a verse form and how it relates to the novel.

Aims: The pupil will be able to:

infer the subject of the verse form introduced in the novel.

associate the subject of the verse form with the novel and how it ‘s reflected.

compare their reading of the verse form with Johnny ‘s reading.

Definition – A subject is the message or moral an writer portrays in his or her work. The message may be about life, society or human nature. Subjects frequently explore dateless and cosmopolitan thoughts and may be implied instead than stated explicitly.

Instruction manuals:

Read the undermentioned verse form, introduced antecedently in the novel The Outsiders.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

By: Robert Frost

Nature ‘s first viridity is gold,

Her hardest chromaticity to keep.

Her early foliage ‘s a flower ;

But merely so an hr.

Then leaf subsides to flick.

So Eden sank to heartache,

So morning goes down to twenty-four hours.

Nothing gold can remain.

What do you believe the subject of the verse form is? How does it associate to the narrative?




Johnny Tells Ponyboy in the missive: “ he meant you ‘re gilded when you ‘re a child ” . What do you believe this means? What is Johnny ‘s reading of the verse form? Do you have the same sentiment of the verse form?