The Picture Of Dorian Gray Novel English Literature Essay

The novel ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray ‘ by Oscar Wilde revolves around certain sensitive issues that do non conform to the society ‘s norm. The book attracts crisp reactions from the populace but the writer seems non to repent for any of his misbehaviors. To him, being forthright and Frank is the manner to travel. Although he has used a defensive mechanism, the writer openly denies his purposes as otherwise seen by the society.

He uses characters that relay his intended message such as Basil Hallward, Lord Henry and Dorian Gray. Basil Hallward appears really guiltless when the novel begins. His purposes towards Dorian to stay immature and attractive are sooner than subsequently frustrated. He is portrayed as person non easy carried away by emotions while still immature. This with clip comes to an terminal and he ends up retrograde and unattractive. He subsequently parts his manner with Dorian as the two seem incompatible. Basil ‘s evil workss fuel their farewell ways. He says this of his image to Dorian “ the ground I will non exhibit this image is that I am afraid that I have shown in it the secret of my psyche ” ( Finlay and Wilde 6 ) .

In my sentiment, the same manner that Basil intends to retain Dorian ‘s juvenility is the same manner the writer Oscar Wilde intends to retain the attitude of the public towards his literary work, by adding six more chapters to his work after his image is tainted. His attempts bore him no fruits and he ends up defeated. Finally he ‘s is jailed. This clearly shows how it ‘s hard to undo what has already gone incorrect. Attempts to alter things bear nil in the terminal. The book is by far associated with homosexualism which contributes further to its rejection by the populace which places the writer in a different side with the authorization ( Wilde and Constance 31 ) .

Lord Henry is portrayed as person who is enlightened and through this he attempts to pull strings Dorian to his advantage. He takes the advantage of him being naA?ve and negotiations to Dorian every clip without an terminal in a command to expose him to his universe of thought. He farther gives Dorian a book that entails how he wanted his life to be like. On recognizing that this does non get away Basil ‘s eyes, he promises him that he has no bad purposes towards the vernal Dorian. He does this to guarantee that Basils Hallward does non come anyplace between him and Dorian, and so he someway succeeds. Having a broad scope of experience in his literary work from poesy to fairy narratives, the writer uses it to work miracles from the assorted characters in altering the head of the people towards them, something he does non pull off. The writer is besides at some point confused. He does n’t look to cognize what is good for the people. He ruins his calling and pays in a heartfelt way for that. Just like Dorian, he ends up losing everything.

Dorian is a fine-looking immature adult male who although naA?ve does non get away the public eyes. He ‘s used by the different characters to fulfill their demands. He ‘s easy convinced and attracted to Henry and that marks his terminal. He ‘s said to hate turning old. “ How sad it is! I shall turn old and low and awful. But this image will ever stay immature. It will ne’er be older than this peculiar twenty-four hours of June ” ( Finlay and Wilde 29 )

Dorian has an matter with an actress whom he subsequently wantonnesss. She ‘s so defeated that she “ Dorian Gray will do his married woman passionately adore her for six grounds and so all of a sudden become fascinated by person else. He would be a fantastic survey ” ( Wilde 84 ) . He seems to go forth nil to opportunity in guaranting he remains attractive. But he is said to be acquiring spoiled by twenty-four hours. “ You look precisely the same fantastic male child who, twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours, used to come down to my studio to sit for his image. But you were simple, natural and fond so. You were the most good animal in the whole universe. Now I do n’t cognize what has come of you ” ( Finlay and Wilde 122 ) .

In my sentiment, Dorian is a adult male of great experiences in all facets of his life. He deals with different characters otherwise. He pursues all what is available so as to stay immature and attractive. In the same facet, Oscar Wilde is portrayed as a adult male of experiences. He deals with short narratives, verse forms and fairy narratives in his line of responsibility. It is through this literary work that we understand him from diverse positions. He exposes himself explicitly, something that about ruins his calling.

Lord Henry is so an rational and easy manages to convert Dorian who is attracted to him so much. He manages to convert Basil that he had no bad purposes towards Dorian. In the same breath, the writer, after a immense public call decides to add six more chapters so as to alter their head on what seemed to be a thorny issue. This so is a bright thought ( Wilde and Constance 28 ) .

Dorian Gray is shown as a immature adult male who is open and confused at some point in life. He is first seen with Basil, subsequently moves in with Henry and eventually involves himself with a immature adult female who is said to be an actress. She subsequently commits suicide after Dorian wantonnesss her. He eventually ends up killing himself.

Oscar Wilde has managed to utilize different characters imaginatively to convey out his diverse personality. Basil Hallward is for case portrayed as immorality in all his ways. This consequences to him separating ways with Dorian. Academy award is said to be a homosexual and he ‘s subsequently put behind bars. In decision Oscar is in the same manner seeking to convert the public otherwise. He ‘s portrayed as excessively cunning when he tries to pull strings the populace to see something different in his artistic work.