The Political Power Of The First Lady English Literature Essay

What does it intend to be the First Lady of the United States? The First Lady is merely the President ‘s married woman. She does n’t run to be First Lady. Her background, instruction, topographic point of birth, or political point of view does non find whether she becomes First Lady. She is non paid, nor does she hold any existent political power. Despite these facts, there is an outlook or perceptual experience by the American people as to what a First Lady should be. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Michelle Obama have helped specify what it means to be the First Lady and an American.

America in the 1950s was eventually retrieving from twenty old ages of fiscal depression and war. People ‘s pocketbooks were acquiring larger, the lodging market was surging due to the “ babe roar, ” engineering was progressing quickly, and corporations were taking over the commercial universe. While work forces were off contending WWII, adult females had to make full their places in the workplace to maintain the state running. Unfortunately, when the war was over work forces took their occupations back, displacing about 2 million adult females back into the kitchen and wash suites ( Dalton ) . Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis came into the image on the coattails of this revolution. Bing merely in her 20s during this clip period, she was at the border of alteration in America.

Despite jobs in her household, or perchance due to them, Jackie was highly independent. She attended Vassar College, studied abroad in France, and so graduated from George Washington University with a grade in Gallic literature. Afterwards, she did non waver to take a occupation in order to back up herself. While she may hold come from money, her father spent most of it “ botching his girls ” and imbibing, while her female parent was busy seeking to keep her societal, blue poses ( Thomas ) . It ‘s no admiration she became so strong and independent.

In the limelight as First Lady of the United States, Jackie was in a place to go a function theoretical account for Americans, whether she meant to or non, because of her independent nature. She refused to acquire involved in political relations, holding no involvement in “ listening to all those deadening politicians, ” as she put it ( Thomas ) . Jackie kept with her ain involvements, which included history, the humanistic disciplines, amusement, and manner. Her love and regard for history is seeable in the dearly-won redevelopments to the White House. Many reliable pieces of art and trappingss from other historical Presidential epoch were brought in, turning the White House into a life museum. Additionally, the White House became “ the topographic point to be ” for anyone with any fame, particularly creative persons, instrumentalists, and authors. To exceed that off, she was a manner icon, utilizing her sense of manner to court the American people and foreign diplomats likewise.

Work force wanted to cognize Jackie, and adult females wanted to be her. Women all over the U.S. started copying her interior decorator Gallic expressions and signature toque chapeaus. She showed adult females that they need non be the typical homemaker, subservient to their hubbies. She was intelligent, educated, free-spirited, fashionable. Foreign diplomats from many different states fell in love with Jackie. On one province trip to Paris in 1961, she made such an feeling on the people that in terminal, John F. Kennedy said, “ I am the adult male who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris, and I have enjoyed it ” ( Thomas ) . Jackie did her prep before such province trips, whether she was moving as an embassador or go toing with the President. By analyzing the currents events, civilization, history, and even vesture manner, she was able to “ show regard for that state ‘s people through her words, actions, and closet ” ( “ The U.S. ” ) . In this manner she was able to derive a great sum of regard from many foreign states, non merely the for the President, but the American people as a whole.

Following in the footfalls of Jackie Kennedy, though 50 old ages subsequently, Michelle Obama is on the right way to go forthing a similar bequest. Her upbringing could non hold been more opposite to Jackie ‘s. Michelle grew up in a one-bedroom flat on the South Side of Chicago. She and her brother, Craig, made the life room their sleeping room, hanging a stopgap splitter for privateness. Her male parent worked a blue-collar occupation and her female parent stayed place to care for the kids. They did non hold an surplus of money, but they had strong household bonds. Both Michelle and Craig were taught early the benefits of a proper instruction and difficult work. Their parents supported their enterprises with love, and expressed a solid religion that Michelle and Craig could accomplish anything they set their heads to. Craig went to Princeton on a hoops scholarship, and Michelle followed him with loans and other assistance. After Princeton, Michelle graduated from Harvard Law and began a successful jurisprudence calling. This was rather an achievement for a adult female of her clip and background. However, alternatively of go oning on the way of prestigiousness, she has used her instruction and influence to give back to the community.

Now to the full ensconced in the White House, Michelle has non forgotten what her intent is. Becoming the First Lady has non stopped her from being a devoted female parent, coining herself “ Mom-in-Chief ” ( Savage ) . Most of what she does is in the name of her kids, and the hereafter of all kids. Michelle brought in pupils from a local simple school to assist works an organic garden on the White House South Lawn ; the pupils learned how to garden, about the importance of good nutrition, and it has set an illustration for other households. She ‘s taken on the serious issue of child fleshiness, and used her place as First Lady to put in gesture policies that will guarantee our kids have the best hereafter possible. Much like Jackie Kennedy, Michelle strives to raise her kids and usually as possible, given the extraordinary circumstance of being the girls of the President and life in the celebrated White House. Her girls still play in the back pace, do prep, store for new school apparels, and act as kids should. Politicss have no topographic point in the kids ‘s lives, but Michelle makes certain household clip is in copiousness ( “ A Conversation ” ) .

The most powerful and admirable thing about Michelle Obama is her ability to put an illustration for the American people through her actions and words. She does this by being honorable and true to herself and what she stands for, ne’er losing focal point despite the emphasis of being the First Lady and a working female parent. The manner Michelle presents herself in populace is non a facade to derive regard ; like her or non, what you see is what you get. Her pick of ( largely ) low-cost vesture, her earthy demeanour, and the issues she has decided to turn to do it look that she ‘s merely another American adult female seeking to do the universe a better topographic point – she merely happens to hold married a adult male that became the President. In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Michelle expresses her values as “ those life lessons that you learn turning up: work hard, dainty people with regard, tell the truth ” ( “ A Conversation ” ) . These are the values that she is learning America, and what do her such an inspirational function theoretical account.

Both Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy have left an unerasable grade on the American people. Kennedy revived the humanistic disciplines, history, and manner in burgeoning, post-war 50s and 60s. She showed adult females how to be graceful and fashionable, strong and independent. Even after the decease of John F. Kennedy, Jackie shocked the universe by running off to Greece with Aristotle Onassis for the interest of her ain and her kids ‘s privateness and protection ( Thomas ) . And once more, after Onassis passed off, Jackie took an redacting occupation back in New York even though she could hold retired with 1000000s of dollars. In a similar manner, Michelle Obama has begun to demo America what it means to be a strong, independent adult female of the early twenty-first century. In a clip of unneeded war and recession, Michelle is learning America the value of household, community, instruction, difficult work, and healthy life styles. What more could you inquire of the First Lady?